How to Win the Love of a Pisces Man Back??

  • Just wondering, is there anything that a Libra girl could do to get a Pisces man back?

    He asked for time to himself to figure things out, and yet he keeps coming around… We hung out one night, and I continued to give him his space, and 3 days later, he asks if I’m mad at him! Its like he wants to talk to me and see me, and possibly pursue a relationship again, but wont make the move to do it. We broke up because I accused him of cheating on me. He feels that I dont trust him and that I’m not ready for a relationship…so I’ll admit its true, but I’ve learned alot about myself in the past two months, for sure…and I’m willing to work out things.

    I have a lot of feelings for him, and was just curious if they liked to be chased? Every other guy I’ve dated has cut ties after a breakup, and that was that. Not this Pisces though. I’m trying to understand a little better!

    I was thinking of maybe writing him a letter/card and giving it to him at work…idk, might be stupid and make me look too needy though?

    Please provide ANY suggestions. For those who have dealt with a Pisces man, and have gotten them back again, DEFINITELY help if you’re willing!


  • Hi

    As i read the heaDline of ur request was i hearing:

    " how would u woo urself?" if u aint familiar with the word woo its also know as courting.

    So instead of asking all those questions ask "what do i want if it was reversed? how do i prefer being wooed / courted? "

    Once u know, u do it toward him. In love relationship courting are the genders ALIKE. Bioth FEAR rejection. if something lack in ur life, its up to u to change it. u cannot expect anyone else to, bc non is mind readers.

    best of luck


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