Saturn/ Ruler of Capricorn

  • Each and every Capricorn, is indeed different, as with each and every one of us. At the time of Birth, as with the Place, a picture was taken of each us. This is why, no (two) persons, under the same sign, are alike. Useing the sign of "Capricorn," as a example, checking the placement of Saturn, on the snapshot, or Chart, shows us how these energies are channeled. Saturn, the Great Teacher, Disciplinarian , and Karmic Bearer, is esential for growth. My Saturn is in Virgo, and the (Ninth) sector of my chart. Indicates, seriousness in matters relateing to religion and higher mind matters. At certain points in my life, these disciplines were used, as servicable energies to others.(Saturn rules the second on my Chart)

  • So you're going through a Saturn return right has it been for you? My rising sign is Leo so when Saturn was in Leo a few years ago I went through a pretty good ego cleansing. Have you found this time to be useful? I have Saturn in the 9th House in Aries...a tough placement, although years of study have helped me make the most of it.

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