Could Someone Give Me A Reading Please?

  • I am a Scorpio with a moon in Sagittarius and an Aries ascendant. Lost my job 2 years ago and have only been able to find temporary positions since. I am very discouraged and sinking into depression. I get interviews, even get to the final 2 or 3 candidates, but I can't seem to "close the deal". My birth date is 11/13/47. Is this it for me? Am I going to have to just settle for retirement? My health is being affected as well as my overall attitude toward life. I've always been lucky in getting positions. Has my luck run out?

  • I really feel for you as my husband has gone through the same. it's our age that is setting you apart from those young and eager 20 something. health insurance costs less too. the older you are, the harder it is. not impossible, just will take longer and that is frustrating.

    we never had an issue with finding work, and have always thought of us being fortunate to find work. this time.. for all the effort, time, energy that he has put in looking for work, he would have found a job long long ago.

    there are not enough jobs, and employers are cherry picking..

    good luck with your job search. Sunny

  • Thanks Sunny. It's a shame that older people aren't recognized for the value they can bring to a job.

  • I agree that older workers are wiser, and certainly can provide experience. what you should be aware of as well, is that HR companies often overlook this for a variety of reasons. many have cut down on salary and are not willing to pay what an experienced worker would bring to the company.

    a lot has changed for sure.

    my feeling for you.. is that you will find work again. it will come through one of your temp jobs, so keep doing that eventually it will fall into place.. feels around fall to winter of this year.

    stay true to you, and work with hobbies to help you stay grounded. Sunny

  • Thanks so much. I certainly hope so. It's hard not to worry though.

  • hi sunny, my name is sue. i recently went thru a divorce from a marraige of 31 yrs. my birthdate is june 7th 1959 . i lost my job due to the economy 5 mos after, i lost my home 1 yr after and im raising my 2 yr old granddaughter nobody seems to want but me . do yo see anything good for us , a job , a good man that will love me an my grandaughter and be good to us ?

  • Moonmom, I know it's hard not to worry, been there and done that. I really do believe the economy will produced more jobs by this fall to winter... it will just take off. right now, it's struggling still, but recovering. it's slow.. it's like the caterpillar struggling to transform to a butterfly. that is how it feels right now. it's struggling to break free and grow. why I say that? it's the CEO's, hiring managers, are all afraid to open the doors to fill hundreds of positions. it's like they are waiting for a grand sign. someone has to be willing to break the negative cycle, and begin the movement forward once again.

  • Hi Susan,

    I am so sorry to hear of your situation. God bless you and your granddaughter! my guide says it will change for you 2 very soon. it maybe a couple more months. as for a job, I am seeing a move that comes with a job. are you thinking of moving to be near a friend or a relative? I do see a hand reaching out to you, and I feel this is a temporary setback, although a big one at that.

    I do feel you are having a hard time asking someone for help. pride is not all that great ok? swallow your pride and call that person you want to communicate with. I am seeing open hearts, and there are people that do want to help you.

    If I pick up something else, I will let you know.. in the meantime, make that call.

    you do qualify for food stamps, and state assistance which means income and since you are caring for your granddaughter.

    Blessings Sunny

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