Blmoon.........Would you lend your wonderful insight to my dilemma???

  • Hey Blmoon!

    I am new and I am VERY interested in getting a reading from You, since I've read you are pretty wonderful!!!!!! I am going through some drama and just need things explained, etc.!!

    MY DOB is March 18, 1960, 5:39 am in Paducah, KY. His DOB is July 7, 1973 in Brazil, I do not know the time, I apologize!

    We met in Florida, I was on vacation, he lives there. We danced a few different nights, had a great time! I felt like I had been hit by a bolt of lightning when I met him!! I felt like I had met him for a reason (soulmate?) . Anyway, he made plans with me to see me, (he lives 18 hrs away, but travels occasionally , close to me) but now I haven't heard from him in about 3 months!!

    Do we have a future together? Marriage??

    Will I see him soon? Will he call me? Why doesn't he call?

    Anyway, I am having a reaaaallly hard time here, and I would greatly appreciate any insight that you can give me!!!

    Thank you so much!!


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  • I read your post and took awhile to decide because really pick up it won't matter what anyone says as you will shop till you hear the right answer because you are not driven at all by logic. This need you must fill is self destructive on all levels--sorry to be blunt but you need a good splash of cold water. You are determined to go the hard way. You will get the wisdom eventually but at a high painfull price. Keep feeding your empty place with un realistic fantasy and I see a train wreck. This man you fill your head with is no way the man you imagine and sparks fly for many reasons--not just good ones. Attractions are not all soulmate material. Attractions are sometimes nothing more than the energy we put out coming back. Crave from the wounded ego and you'll attract the heat of a wolf. You play a dangerouse game--be careful as you could lose something or someone else who you cannot apreciate right now. You seek love in an addicting kind of way. I see real love is yours but something keeps you blind from it. I see you also underestimate the power of someone who really does love you and you could create a violent ending scene pitting one man against another. Please take a break from this situation and spend loving time with yourself. You can change this path of selfdestruction. You deserve to be loved--it is already yours--choose love. This fantasy man is not love. Blessings

  • WOW......Hmmmm.................... I am afraid that I don't understand why you say that I will keep searching until I get the "right" answer???!!! I have been read by 2 psychics, and a Tarot Reader, and they all say the same, which is, this man is the man for me, etc., but he is respectful of the fact that I am still married, and therefore, will not contact me yet, but that I will be with him in the future (within 2 years). I came to these forums, like everyone else it seems, to get insight, reaffirmation, etc., and it does seem that by reading the many different forums, that it is definitely offered here!! I was told that you were very good, therefore, I wished to be read by you to see what you "get " on this situation as well. My husband has spent many years doing as he pleases, with multiple affairs, etc. In the last 4 he has gone out of his way to be particularly nasty to me and our son. (My husband may very well love me, but has a very peculiar way of showing it then!!)

    So what kind of person is the Cancer Man? You are saying that he is not a good person? Is he a womanizer?

    I have not seen him, or talked to him in 3 months.

    I suspect it is because I am married. (My husband met him and was with us all 3 nights of dancing).

    So, why is my Fantasy Man not love??? Does he contact me again?? (I know, I should stay away, but I would still like to know if he contacts me, etc................................

    He is 18 hours away, so there is no danger of me running to him!!

    Thank you,


  • If so many others already gave you the go ahead why did you keep asking? Sorry but you are unsure for a reason and I have no desire to cause you any bad feelings--please disregard my answer and trust whatever you feel right with. I am not in any way implying this man is bad. I just do not think you know him as well as you imagine. I make no judgement on marriage or going outside marriage--I am as human as you and love happens. The issues with your husband will follow you and what I'm saying is you must solve your part in that first before seeking another mate. I do not mean that it is any way your fault but his disrespect for you is a symptom of your own lack of self love. Your husband does love you but does not love himself either--you are together in a toxic way to help each other or self destruct. You are not your higher selves but each mirrors an issue that needs healing. That's why it hardly ever works to just run to another man without really understanding your part in the failing of the current relationship. You must find your way out of victim mode--you and your husband are stuck in that cycle. He has trust issues and feels a disconnect--he can't feel anything unless it's over the top so he searches just like you outside himself for some magic fix--it is all meaningless or he would have left. Neither of you are completely vulnerable with each other so you both long for more. You keep one eye open and you both keep score. You both share in your predicament. You are both selfdestructive and feel unworthy of love. You asked for my true impression and this is it--I know it is more complicated than you expected.Again please just ignore my impression if it is way off base. I am not always right but I do say what I see. I hope I'm wrong. I truelly wish you the best. Also, I pick up that your husband knows about this man.

  • Oh, he knows about him. He was there for the dancing , etc. I have not seen this man since April. My husband may think that I have contact, but I haven't, which is the strange part. I do not doubt what you see, simply wanting to know if the "other man" is a decent man, for future reference. I am not bailing on my marriage yet, but My husband continues to be Mr Flirt, etc.!!!! I really do not know the other man very well at all, which is why I am searching for some insight to him, and a possible future relationship. I am covering my bases. My husband has threatened to divorce me for the last 4 years, and I am the Faithful one in this relationship!! I felt fireworks, lightning, etc. with this guy while dancing (my husband does not dance and encourages me to dance with others, he is there, watching). I thought it could be because this man is my soulmate, etc., plus the things he discussed, it was as if he knew it too, that we were to be together, if not now, in the future!! I just need any and all insight to this, since I have, really, no other way of knowing much of anything. I have not heard from him in 3 months, although I hope that I do. I don't know why he stopped calling and I hope that he will, and I would love to know why he stopped calling in the first place!!! Birthdate wise, we seem to be an excellent match, but I know that one can never be sure! I do so appreciate everything that you have told me!! I asked for you to tell me Like it is!!! Which is what I was looking for.

    Do you see why he stopped calling and if he calls me again, and if so when???? I just need to know!!! (For now I am keeping the homefront stable for my 16 year old son)

    Thank you so much, Blmoon. You are the best!


  • Your husband had a hand in the other man's decision--which is why I warned not to underestimate him. He may act like he doesn't care but he is lying to himself. It is cruel but his intentions in being cruel to you is his way of controlling you. He so deeply believes he doesn't deserve you. He does not show you his most vulnerable self--he has deep trust issues. He is so insecure. If he had more self esteem he would not need to controll you. He may act like he doesn't care but if he really did think for a moment you would go with another man he would explode with very passionate violence. He may threaten divorce but that is only to keep you off kilter and his way of acting like he can't be hurt by you. This other man did the honorable thing and your husband did have words with him--it was very brief but he made his point and I doubt he will ever reveal that. A part of you must have felt something like that happened. The only reason your husband has not raised h ell over it is he really is terrified you will leave him. But he is feeling the pressure and in responce picks at you more. I wish I could explain in perfect words how much of how he treats you is also reflective of how you feel about yourself.. He really does know what a powerful treasure you are but is so fearfull that you will know that and surely dump his unworthy self. So he chips away at you with abuse and uncertainty. Both of you are starved for true expressions of love. He is very wrong for cheating and you deserve better. Yet you are still together. I feel there is a very strong karmic tie between you both. I know it's not what you want to hear but you will find the love your seeking only after you can be happy with yourself and treat yourself with unconditional love. Once you are strong with yourself his cruelty will no longer serve him and he will soften. He IS abusive and you need to find education on that subject--how you play into the victim role. Instead of fixating on another man to distract you from the real issues in your life use this time to heal your wounded self that still gathers pain. Your husband uses emotions to control you--he knows your fears. If you can not see yourself going for counseling visit the library or any big bookstore--you can read for free on one of their comfy couches--and pray for your guarding angel to help you find the books that will enlighten you to see the pattern between you and your husband. Find books dealing with issues of abuse and relationships. You will be surprised to see how not so personal his behaviour really is and from a detached place you will learn tools to change your reactions and then he will change. You can only change yourself and if he loves you enough he will follow. If not--at least you will be in a better place to attract a new man who will not repeat the past. That's why it's best you not try to find another man in hopes of changing your life because the hard truth is if you are a woman who has been in an abusive relationship it is no accident and you must heal first the wounds you carry from childhood that have brought you there--- or you will just keep attracting abusive relationships. This is not all about your husband being bad--it's about why you are in this relationship. You must fix yourself first. Blessings-you can do this!

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I read this thread and I felt so deeply, because it looks like an answer to my situation. your answers are lectures that I save in my e-mail draft to read them over and over. thank you!!

    my situation is so the same, with some differences in details.

    Lildolphin07 excuse me if writing in this thread bothers you. But our situations are so the same and I thought keep writing on the same topic would help us all.

    Blmoon, the answer you gave to Lildolphin07 is something I am realising on my own for my self. but I might be wrong. your insights are very much needed and appreciated.

    I have come to some conclusions, but I can't embrace them yet, and relax on it, since the things are still developing and I am still in love with this other man, which made me believe that he likes me too, even he fought my attitude and straightforwardness to show his macho side. he keeps coming back and then leaves helpless, to come back again latter. but he waits if I have any thing to say. I am very empathic, and see things in my dream before they happen, and they do happen most of the times. very symbolic dreams indeed.

    because circumstances don't favour us, nothing is happening. it feels like a plastic thread that is being stretch for a long time and it doesn't break, on the contrary more you stretch, thicker it gets, and less are the chances to break, and keeps you waiting for that moment, which is not coming. More and more I feel is never gone come. I love him. he keeps coming and going desperately, even though is very guarding not to show it. he is in a relationship. I believe is a long time relationship. but he keep coming back just like to see if have I moved on or not yet. I see him confused. then gets proud angry. I have been stubborn and not move any thing since he told me he has a girlfriend, when I demanded him to tell me if so. he was totally unhappy of that. became aggressive and then disappeared for a while.

    i ate iron till pain with my self last year. But now I am feeling better. I feel much stronger. I am even ready to face the real break which is not showing yet. he keeps coming. and I feel him so much looks like he is begging for a relationship while both of us are cheating. but he doesn't say a thing. leaves angry, proud and then comes back again. now is also much more guarding and shady.

    Yes love happens and I don't want to ignore it. it happens for a reason too. it happened with this man when I realised my husband has been abusing me for so very looooong. 16 years. I am at my late 30s now.

    I dared asking this man out, in a crises moment which i know is my big fault. I refused, as soon as he said he has a girlfriend. he was angry at me, but he came back latter. and I drooped him one more time out of my sadness that nothing can happened at this point and his aggressive behaviour in the begging.

    it was love at first sight. I can't describe it. never happened to me before. I used to be the happiest ever for the rest of those days then... until I asked him out, when all fell down hill.

    the last 2 years i have gone through such a transformation that I can't myself believe it would have been without the suffer I have been through.

    And now I know my pain has started since in my childhood. I didn't know until late.

    I believe i lived in abusive environments. and I didn't know or accept better. only now I know, and in fact I am thank full to God to have such a strong spirit to come to this understanding that make me see and feel that I should be only happy today after all this. I have it all. I have no reason to suffer any more. I can't suffer more. I can just have better. 🙂

    still there are hard times of depression when I see that nothing is moving with my marriage. I want divorce but is not happening. My husband wouldn't let go, and I am not that strong yet.

    my husband is trying the best to prove the man he is due to be long time ago. but he is doing it because I asked divorce form him telling him that I never loved him, and I want to love too!! I never told him I love him , cause I never felt it.

    he is a long time cheater, manipulative and liar too.

    So now I am struggling if would it be possible I ever love my husband if he changes for real ? it looks to me like magic should happened to love him in this life since I never did. he is willing to change and express himself strongly but I don't have proofs yet. I am disappointed form him over and over again. and he is telling me that he has problems which he accept them and tells me that he needs professional help.

    but he has become good in words only. nothing else.

    i have only bad memories, and he is changing because he fears me leaving, and he is insecure. he keep telling me that he would never live without me, and bla bla bla--which I used to fool myself long time ago, but not any more.

    On the other side I have these deep feeling for this guy that is not leaving me alone either. but he is in a relationship.

    I wish he would leave me for good, if he is in a good place already.

    ...still when he comes around for me, like today, I feel love that I can't replace it with any other thing yet. it keeps me tense happy and waiting. but I am not obsessed any more as I was at some point last year that i felt really infatuated.

    Please your insights are very valuable to me. whatever you can add is going to help in my path.

    Love and Blessings to you!!


  • Oh, Thank you for all of that, very wise, words!!

    Soooo...............does this man contact me again and when???? Is he in my future??? (I know, I have read and re-read what you said, and will probably read it several more times!!!) I understand everything that you have said to me because it all makes perfect sense!

    However, I still want to know if he contacts me and when??? Is he in my future?? (This doesn't necessarily mean that I will run for him, but I just want to know!!!!!

    Thank you so much for everything!!! Look forward to your response!!


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    wish you the best and wait cause Blmoon gets back to you eventually!!!


  • Thank you tacur,

    Please i need your advice Blmoon. I feel so stagnated a times.

    I know you are busy so I am going to wait. Thank you so much!

  • OK, BlMoon, I have read and re read what you said!! It isn't that I am "unsure for a reason" and that is why I keep asking. The psychics, Tarot readers, they both did say that we will be together, married, etc. (This is in the future) They do have him nailed dead on, such as physical characteristics, his habits, etc. I truly feel deep down that we are both old souls, intended to be together, but since I don't have that much experience trusting my instincts, I am looking to see if someone else sees it too!

    My Questions that I was asking, are, ............................................

    Does he call me again and when????

    Are we together in the future, as a couple?

    Do we eventually get married?????

    I do understand that if I am not happy, etc., I won't be happy with anyone. But, simililarly, I have been happy, and it is only the husbands actions in the last 4 years that have caused such a break in this family. His treatment of me and our son has not been fair, or right, or good. It is not physical abuse, it is emotional and verbal abuse. I think under these circumstances that it is fair to say that I am fine, my happiness has been dowsed with his actions. Instead of reacting, I simply wish him well each day and hope for the best.!! I am afraid that I will not be OK financially if I were to leave today, but I don't know. Perhaps I should ask that question as well!! If I would be financially secure without my husband?? I think about this constantly, and pray and meditate for answers that will keep me on my path. Also, I ask if this man is to my better good and my higher life path, and the answer is always yes!! I know what instinct is telling me, but I also need someone elses insight! I am not sure about my instinct as I have not had to totally trust it in a relationship issue for a long time (although, I did follow it on current husband, and it was pretty good for many years!)


    Does this Cancer man call me again and if so when???

    Are we together in the future, as a couple ??????

    Are we married in the future??????

    Do you see me in the future with him?

    If you would be so kind to tell me what you get on us in the future, I would truly appreciate it! (It does not mean that I will run from my house!)

    Thank you so much for your time, as I know how valuable it is!!!


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