Turning 40 ahh where to from here?

  • In a blink of an eye, all of a sudden Im turning 40. Ive had a few challenging years and am hoping 40 spells a new start? Has all this turmoil been about my spiritual awakening? Trying to make sense of it all. I stumbled across a meditation class, and went to it not knowing what it was all about, and its the one thing in the week I get excited about. Totally lovely people, who think and feel on a deep level like myself. My relationship is challenging which is un-nerving me.

    Ive had knocking dream where Ive jumped out of the bed. Ive had a kettle turning on and off. total strangers tell me private business. Is this all leading up to something?

    Is turning 40 going to be a good thing?

    Anybody have a min to do a mini reading for a birthday girl, 25/8/70.

    thanks a million.


  • Hi

    All the razz of turning 40 is a blast. The wise say the 40ties is the NEW 30ties. So do not fret but embrace it. Consider not what u miss but what u have accomplished.

    in case u no know it, take 2 pieces of paper on one u write down all successes n positive accomplishements and here i mean every tiny detail.

    on the other u can pit down all u didnt make. Ill bet ya that ur positive list will fill a whol SLEW of books.

    i myself is 2 years from it n i cant wait. I find 40 to be "FINALLY AN ADULT IN ALL N EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD!"

    happy 40th

  • Hi CharmedWitchBente,

    Thanks for your reply, I will definitely have a go at the lists. I do believe Im a level headed person so dont think I have strayed to far off course. Im just looking at turning 40 as shutting the door on my recent run of bad luck, and a new beginning. I for once, am letting things happen of their own accord, as I have always pushed myself and had my life planned out. Maybe I needed a break to refocus on the future.

    What is it about turning a decade? I remember turning 30 and being mortified!!!! .... not so this time, would just like to feel more grounded and know where Im going.

    Out walking for the next few weeks, so I look my best on the big day!!! ha ha.

    thanks for your good wishes.


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