PLEASE!! Captain may I have a reading?

  • Captain,

    I would really appreciate your insights in a reading for me. I read your Blog in regards to Readings Etiquette and how much indepth information the recipient is actually ready to hear or wants to hear (sometimes the truth hurts).

    I am looking for indepth and the truth so PLEASE don't hold back.

    I am a Capi (Sun sign) and Scorpio (Ascendant)

    In hopes of hearing/reading from you!

    Thank you in advance!


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  • In what areas of your life are you seeking answers?

  • Nothing really specifically ~ except would love to hear/read your insights about me ~ changes for me have been coming non-stop ~ I am not sure where to go from here, seems I am in this holding pad.

    Can you help me, wouldvery much appreciate it?!


  • If you want an in-depth reading, you need to give me more specific answers. Is it your career, love life, home life, financial affairs - where are you having difficulty and why? Where have your changes been occurring?

  • I am sorry Captain for been so vague.

    Honestly, I think all of the above because I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM! I am just drifting like a leaf in the wind. I feel out of place, even as far back as my childhood. I don’t feel any kind of attachment to family, not even my own daughter from the day she was born

    I feel tired and frustrated that “I haven’t gotten it yet”, missing something I need to understand/learn to feel satisfaction, free and content. I wonder if there is hope for the future but feel a little doubtful. Deep inside I seem to associate with fear and self doubt. I want to be free, content and at peace. I am angry because I don’t know ‘WHAT” is holding me back, bonded not allowing to believe in myself!? It feels like everything as I ones knew/learned is not as is. Experience a great “Aha Moment” and then the “Void” I am in the VOID ~ letting it go the career, love life, home life, financial affairs.

    I keep swimming but not sure I am getting anywhere. It has been said I have ambition, determined and could achieve whatever I put my mind to and here is the void or holding bin ~ my insides don’t match the outside. Complex, wrong and must be so much harder to live like that.

    No idea if any of this makes sense ~ just downloading right now!

    Thank you!


  • ME, I really feel you are trying to be your own person in your own right and have your own personality and individuality rather than being lumped in as just someone's mother, or someone's mate, or someone's friend, etc. What you are experiencing is a struggle for identity, for ego affirmation. You can be self-sacrificing and overly generous to the point where you have nothing left for yourself. You must learn when and where to say NO. You also tend to take yourself a bit too seriously at times and need to lighten up and have some fun in your life. Self-pity and feelings of hopelessness plague you but they don't help you. If you can cultivate your social skills and contacts and the ability to share with others on a personal level, it will in turn nurture your ability to share with the world.

    You have great thoughtfulness, fine analytical ability, and a wonderful sense of humour that no doubt makes you popular and admired and I am sure many people turn to you for advice. But don't allow anyone to become overly dependent on you or you will feel stifled. Pull back if anyone in your life is leaning too heavily on you for support - they need to be able to stand on their own feet. Don't underestimate the value of your important role in other people's lives.

  • At the moment, you are going through a very sensitive and restless time in your life, a time when you are shedding (or should be) any relationships, possessions, attitudes and beliefs, or circumstances that are not serving you or are outdated and useless. It's also a good time for expressing your creativity now so write, paint, dance, act or whatever way you express yourself best. August is a time for you to look after yourself and satisfy your own needs, needs that you may not even know exist. You need to find out who you are, apart from other people. You need to find your role as a person, rather than as a mother, daughter, lover or friend. Start now!

  • I don't know where to start to find out who I am. And you are right, have detached from relationships/family was tired to feel like the Odd One Out just because I had different opinion which they thought was stupid. Sorting through and bagging up clothes/household items, whatever it may be and take to donation center.

    I just don't know HOW to find ME!!??

  • ME, start by asking other people who they think you are. Feedback is very important - I am always amazed at what other people tell me about myself that i wasn't aware of.

  • WOW ~ now this task could be (let me change that to WILL BE) intense considering I will need to make contact with some relationships (family members) that I detached from ...... on the other hand detached from them cuz they referred to me as been " a bit strange, unique, eccentric, weird, etc."! Well duh, because I didn't conform to their stuff, stopped pretending to "just to keep the peace" and my thoughts were shot down, stupid, nonsense, ect.

    I will get info and lets see what the entire collection looks like.

    BTW: You nailed it ~ saying NO, not really in my vocabulary. Really need to adopt that because it has left me empty-handed.

    Lighten up - Cynical me, as I've been told ~ Need to work on that

    Self-pity - Pathetic and not empowering ~ Pity Party is cancelled

    Thanks so much for sharing your insights and time with me, very much appreciated!


  • Ahem, (cough) I did also mention your strengths so don't forget them, ME. 🙂

  • Yes you addressed them ~ ahm (something caught in my throat) we (I) hear/read the compliments but seem to downplay them ~ also the opposite of embracing it therefore empowering one self ~ another thing to add to the list "Things I need to work on"

    ..... and here is where the frustration sets in again ~ been aware of the positive, empowering things I can do, no fear of working hard for what I want yet ........ no clue, no goal, no idea how to best utilize them to fulfill my higher self. Like a wind up toy constantly bumping into a wall unable to get to the other side no matter what new things it learned or is armed with!!

    Will I EVER Get It?

  • ME, you have spent many past lives as a warrior which gave you a strong survival urge and a "me vs. them" sort of mentality. It's all you know. You lost touch with the ability to work with others and to love in past lifetimes. Now you yearn to be with others, to love them and to feel loved, but you don't know how. You are always on your guard to survive.

    But this is not a warrior lifetime - no one is out to destroy you or take things away from you. You can use your warrior knowledge to help others fight their battles. In helping others, you win. This lifetime is about partnership for you. You brought with you a no-nonsense discipline and love of order from your past lives in the military and don't realise that other people have trouble enduring the same punishments and deprivation as you are able to. You need to understand that others don't possess the same ability to handle sacrifice and restraint as you - and this can undermine your relationships. Other people are not like you - you are made of far sturdier and sterner stuff than most. Not many people have the capacity for taking constructive action under conditions of strict personal discipline and deprivation as you do. You possess great strength, courage, intense effort, 100% goal-focused high energy, a hero mentality, and a willingness to take personal risks.

    Because of your positive attributes, you would make an excellent counsellor, diplomat and peacemaker. You would also excel in the fields of beauty and art and your ability to uplift, energize and bring confidence to your audience would make you a great entertainer or public speaker. Teaching, writing, acting, music, politics, leading trainings, travel-associated work or any job that allows you to explore many facets of experience and meet lots of different people, or that really really appeals to you will suit. Your lives as a warrior have given you independence and leadership qualities that can help establish justice for others in any capacity. Putting others first in this life, teaching them fairness, and helping them find balance and harmony will give you the sense of inner satisfaction and completion that you seek.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I feel that the feedback from others - as long as it is constructive and not just judgmental - will be of the most use to you. It will tell you how different is the way you feel inside to how you are perceived. If people perceive you differently to how you feel you are, it may be that you need to show your real self to others more often without fear of rejection or disapproval.

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