River of rivers River Phoenix Cwb Calls LOL

  • Cwb a nutty pisces march 10 1972 born

    My q´s are among a few:

    Which man, charlie cancerian fireman( june 25 1941) or alden writer libra (oct 4 1937) is for me? ye ye i know of the diff in age LOL

    Relocation in the town i am now or different country?

    how if different country?

    Who helps me relocate?'

    What work / education will I be doing?

    Pregnancy, when

    Who is the dad`?

    Which man do i marry if i marry at all?'

    I say this because i have no prob not marrying if they aint interessted.

    Whats the deal with my oldest friend connor, aries born april 7 1962 Rome Italy?

    Will my back EVER be okay again?

    What mood is Alden in?

    What mood is Charlie in?

    A reader said within 14 days Charlie would come to me here in denmark, can i rely on this?

    Connor asked me yesterday to look into what he n i would be as if we desided to try it? we´re already great friends, trust oneanother.

    Will physiotherapy me the ticket to my back gets better, or is it a combo of physiotherapy chiro massage n excersizes?

    N last whatever else u see feel get that the spirits wants me to know

    Thanx so so so very very muuuuuccchhh River of rivers i owe u above n beyound


  • I have felt--ever since you first asked--that the ONE for you right now is the fireman.

    Different country...but not for a while. There's that you have to experience with the fireman.

    HE will not be the one to relocate with you.

    It will be another who will assist in that.

    You don't know him yet.

    You will continue to do light work--& income will come from that but in a way you didn't expect.

    I know that's cryptic--but that's what I'm getting.


    I'm not feeling one for this year.

    My sense is the one you relocate with will be the one--but that's not for a bit of time.

    So maybe you want to do a temporary relocation in your town!

    I don't know about marriage.

    I thought I'd never want to marry myself. Did once in my 20's but it was a convenience thing for us both & we knew it wouldn't be longer than temporary.

    I've always been too much of a free bird mySELF.

    No marriage does NOT mean no long term mate.

    I sense the one you have not met yet--& will relocate with WILL be the long-term one you need!

    Can't get anything about Conner.

    Is he lost at the moment?

    Some good ones are pretty lost at this moment in time. He will find his way back to you!

    That's just a knowing. Ahhh....hmmm...well I'll get to that.....

    Alden is feeling OLD. That's part of his crankiness. Not you.

    Don't know about Charlie--he IS coming. Can't say about the timing--I've never been one to get "in this many days or weeks" exact timing. More like this season or a few...

    There's something you two (you & the fireman( need to experience together for both of your evolution--feels like a past life thing to work out.

    Once you do--the love interest will wane--yet you will remain connected as friends.

    Your back? I answered that one in the Magnificent KushikimiKiba thread!

    YES it will. What you've been doing is not the approach. Chiropractic will help put the physical back in whack. Either Alexander technique or Feldenkreiss are what I feel for you--I immediately got those two--& I know of a LOT of "forms'--but those two coming tell me something happened & you got into the bad habit of favoring the injury so much in such a physically negative way--you are making it worse rather than better by holding yourself & using your body in a way less than efficient way! Those two will help you retrain to be better to your SELF.

    (and this is not a "knowing" or psychic thing--just a personal choice--as an old dancer LOVES massage: if you CAN afford regular massage...DO THAT! But get a good massage therapist who will not only use physical massage but loving touch with energy balancing!)

    Now Conner...is he going through some sort of transformation?

    because it hit me that maybe--just maybe--HE is the one you don't know yet!

    It may be that he will have to win you from the fireman.

    It wil be a side of Conner--who you THINK you know that will be revelation to you.

    Something will be very different about him.

    And it's not something he's been "hiding," it's something that was hidden from HIM

    and coming into it's time of BEING.

    Keep your mind open CWB--intuition tells me you are in for a few BIG surprises in the next few months. That's about as accurate time-wise I am feeling--if not before the official end of summer--in the very early part of the fall. I mean a few changes that will be SO unexpected--hang on to your hat!

    Hang in there & be strong. This testing we've all been going through is not done with us yet--but Captain says it's starting to lighten up & trickle in--& I feel that happening!

    Denmark is not done with you--nor you with Denmark.

    But you will be leaving there--yet not so soon that relocation to different digs might not be just the catalyst you need for the coming changes.

    Have fun with Charlie--this is going to be an awakening for both of you.

    Are you two planning to take a trip somewhere? If not--you should. This will be part of it.

    WOW--that went pretty fast! I was tired before I came on Tarot.com--brain felt a bit drained so I came to laugh! Did that & schmoozed my rooms--

    had no idea I'd be tapping into this realm----but NOW I feel very clear & energized.

    Thanks Sister!

    All WILL be WELL. And for Goddesses" SAKE STAY AS NUTTY AS YOU ARE!!!!


    River of Rivers of LOVE

  • Thank u so much

    Ill hafta ponder this n re read a few times before in sinks in. Im so grateful.

    cwb the best of all nuts LOL

  • Oooo.... I LOVE NUTS,......Almonds, cashews, brazil .... but have to say CWB, you are the best and sweetest nut I know my friend.... 🙂

    anyway, I really hope you don't mind me popping in on your thread but I just read you are Danish, how wonderful!!, my dearest friend is Danish too, He visits me very often, he was born in Ronde (sorry I don't have the correct Danish letters on my keyboard, I'm from UK) and now lives in Mariager, so BIG hugs from UK to you in Denmark...you live in a beautiful Country!! 🙂

  • Nah is ok healingways lol uk is also lovely , been there twice lol

    ahm am i wrong when i detect u also read people?

  • No,I only ever feel a little gut instincts, I'm really starting to practice listening to it though :), I just so admire the abilities of the wonderful people on here that do readings!....

    what part of UK did you visit? I'm in Nottingham, Robin Hood county...lol...about 300 mile from London...I could be wrong on that, I was never very good at judging distances...lol

  • I was 1st time in Bournemouth, Paris and London, 3 week language school. 2nd time in Glasgow n Edinbourough, plus a small town close to ferry city , dunno whats it called anymore lol, n that was a week studies trip connected to education.

  • 3 week langauge course was back in 1987, study week was in 1993

  • CWB--HealingWays is right--of all the nuts I love too--YOU are the sweetest!

  • Looks like you were at places miles away at either end of where I am, I'm somewhere in the middle...lol...you were closer to where my sister lives in France...lol..it sounds like you had a real fun time!! I have done a tour of Scotland a few years ago, went right up to the top, travelled up on the west coast and back down in the east coast, very different feel to it...I absolutely loved it!!...stunning lakes and mountains, and the rugged parts of Mull kyntyre, Inverness, Loch Lomond etc,.. Aaaah...wonderful memories, I cant wait for my circumstances to change and I can get go to Denmark to see my man friend in his homeland 🙂

  • Hi Rising

    Im torn between what my psychic sense tells me and what common sense pushes me to do.

    My psychic sense says relocation will come instead of education but my common sense, which i wish to whoop its arse, goes all its the wise thing to do ladi ya ya blarh!

    Education im signed on to styarts aug 31st 2010, but i feel changes moving suddenly at lightning speed and that i wont even get to start but by then am i making my home elsewhere, different country house state u name it. its excites me

    many are happy for me on education and some to the sense that i feel trapped n nausious. in past when people did this i was submitted to inhuman conditions both workwise as well as psychological psychiatric wise.

    Plz psychics, readers plz tellme what you see fell get. Im a pisces march 10 1972 born.


  • Make no firm decisions and be ready for things to change a few times between now & the end of August!

    Not saying this just for you--but for MANY of us!!!

    Changes are really starting to fly fast & furious & whatever happens--YOUR changes will not only be based on you as an individual--your changes & decisions will be based on one you've been waiting for.

    I have a sense this particular education you've signed up for will be either started & interrupted or not started at all.

    But your education in a whole other realm is about to begin!

    Education is always GOOOOD:-)

    Hold on to you crown Queen Macademia & get ready--remember to identify & release/trash/burn whatever you now KNOW must go before the New Moon coming, & to identify what must be INITIATED between the New Moon & Merc changing direction mid-month! From the middle of August to the middle of September's gonna be a HUGE cleaning house--getting rid of ALL THAT DOES NOT BELONG & COME WITH for the NEW LIVES BEGINNING MID-SEPTEMBER WHEN






    BREATHE, & get thee into that private room of Lapis & Gold.

    If you wanto borrow my Tigers & Panthers for the powere of the PURRING to help CALM & BALANCE YOU, YOU ARE WELCOME--JUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIDBITS


  • I had to ask bc i hate to spend money when it aint necessary.

    can a mountain lion brown bear n eagle work too??? they are all housebroken lol

  • Ahh CWB--the Genie does it all for LOVE! Just for the pleasure of being around all of us who serve the world with LOVE. Your mountain lion will purr just fine I'm sure...but the bear & eagle? Do THEY PURR?

    Of COURSE you'll be well-tended by your own & may feel better--mine ARE kind of wild--you do get though, I wouldn't offer mine to just ANY nut? So if yours are hibernating or hunting or soaring somewhere & you feel the need & mine are there--feel free. They're pretty Charming too:-)

  • thehehe thanx ....................................... i wonder what my personal fireman is up to. my all time present guide sends me images, not sure if its her or him

    they r kinda .................. wacky lol

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