Doing readings 3 at a time

  • Good Morning KushiKamiKiba

    Thank You so much yes I know I will still have some problems with this lady for about another seven months. Because I won't be finishing school till March 2011. But I think that everything is ok now with that part of school. But now I was wondering can you please tell me what you see for me in the next three months. I guess everything. My dob is July 12 1961

    Thank You somuch

  • lllona

    expect a change in your social life for the 1st month, it appears you'll need to spend more time thinking rather than feeling and i assume it involves school. The 2nd month shows loss of some sort, lost friendship perhaps or a lost chance at friendship finally the 3rd month shows you totally different, more passionate and driven

  • Good Morning KushikamiKiba

    I do apologize I really meant to ask do you see me doing any traveling in the months of Sept and October. That was what I meant to ask. I have a question when You say a lost chance at friendship do you mean maybe somebody I meet and we could have been friends but won't be. Just a little confused on that one.

    Thanks again and have a wonderful day.


  • Good Morning Kushikamikiba,

    When it is my turn, please tell me what's ahead for me in Love 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing from You!

    Many Thanks and Blessing to You for doing this!

    December Girl

  • Thank you so much for the additional clarification!!

    Yes, I was Bunny, but switched to Lildolphin more from the name standpoint than anything. When I check my horoscope through Tarot , it automatically logged me in , and I didn't realize it when I first replied, and I figured I should re post !!

    Thank You


  • Don't really know where you are in your readings! But I can wait in line for sure, you are generous to be doing this!

    My DOB is 8/7/1985

    Finishing school this coming year, so excited! Need to be the best. Need to stop things from holding me back. Can you give me a look into the future for May 2011? And again on August 2011? Thanks so so sooo much!

  • lllona thats what i meant.

    and you asked me about the next 3 months, not about travel,

  • Hi KushikaniKiba,

    thinks im no. 3 in line.

    25 aug 2010 - turning 40 in a couple of weeks!! ahhh. I hated turning 30 too!

    Anyway will I relocate back to Oz? Presently trying but lots of holdups and expense.

    Relationship - what do see there?

    Thanks a million, will look forward to it.

    Kind Regards


  • Thanks Kushikamikiba! I think thats about right x

  • Hi Kushikamikiba,

    You are very generous offering readings... Im not sure where the line is at the minute (its very confusing!) But whenever you get to me could you do a general reading for the next 3 - 6 months for me??

    My DOB is 5 June 1984 in Ireland.

    Thanks in advance!

    Daisy! xx

  • Thankyou Kushikamikiba,

    I can't wait to see what your reading means, it will be fun to find out. I will let you know.

    Thanks again

    Baby 76

  • Kushikamikiba,Thanks so much for offering to help!

    Ive been in a hard place for a while now and im starting to feel better but im not seeing much actions yet.Will u let me know how will things be money wise for me cause i have so much going on...moving,new baby,kids...THANKS SO MUCH!

    DOB 11-8-81 MI

  • Hi. I'm just needing a love reading for me for the next year or so. where is my love life going? I dont' have anyone significant in my life right now and I'm trying to keep open. please let me know when you can. i'm not sure where I stand in the order of people...thanks so much for doing what you do! my DOB is 11/2/83

  • Kushikimba I'm back, are my tests over for now? How are you? Fine i hope! dob 11/20/65

    Thanks! Have a wonderful day!

  • Dear Kushikamikiba,

    Thank you for your reading. You have a real gift and are wise beyond your years.

    Love and Light 🙂

    December Girl

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello,

    I believe i would be your 3rd request for today.

    My question is : Will there be a move out of state for me and my husband this fall with a new job for him? He has been sending out resumes since Feb 2010 to warm states, however I told him to start sending some out to my home state of Indiana and he has sent one so far. His birthday 4-17-52. He is employed at this time.

  • Hi. Is it still possible to get a reading? Thank you.

  • I guess I should go ahead and post my question in case. I would like a reading on the potential of a love relationship with someone I have a date with coming up on the 21st of this month. My DOB is: 01/13/57. Thank you!

  • Decembergirl

    You seem to be ok where you are in love, did you just get into a relationship?

    There will be tension building up in your near future, quite possibly coming from family either yours or his. I see a lot of "under the table" work being done against your love life. Sacrifice and compromise is a must, you wont be able to beat the forces against you so your only option is to adapt and to work a way around this tension. To do so would give you the freedom you need to grow, unhindered.

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