Doing readings 3 at a time

  • People people,

    I dont mean to be rude or mean but i just need to say

    The title states i do 3 readings at a time, then because i had an overwhelming surge of questions i added it to 6 at a time, now there's 11 questions and to be honest i feel some of you either dont bother to read the details or have no respect at all.

    All questions will STOP coming in after this post and AFTER i finish with the above mentioned questions. ANY QUESTION after this post will be IGNORED

    Thank you for your cooperation


  • Dear Kushikumba,

    I apologise i didnt mean to be disrespectful ,next time i will pay proper attention to the details, i will totally understand if you cant do my reading .

    Many Blessings 2u Lilac

  • i also apologise for spelling your name wrong

  • Hi Kushikumba,

    Back on page 5, this is your post below, you asked me if there was anything I specifically wanted to ask....

    "I'm not certain but it doesnt look like there's anything wrong with your life at the moment, quite the opposite in fact. You're currently in a state of self-development and there is also clarity in how you want your life to end up. Is there anything you wish to specifically ask? I believe you are concerned about something in the distant future which explains your need for a reading."

    and to be honest I want to know about my spiritual development and the future where is it concerned, also about money...will we get the money we need soon.

    Love & light

    Thanks x

  • Hi Kushikumba: I have had a busy week - sorry I did not get back to you earlier. Thank you so much for the reading. The divorce is the important part. I never know what my husband is thinking. He was so adamandt about wanting the divorce. But he was also in a fantasy world

    regarding the finances. I think he is being comfortable in the house now and once having discovered how difficult the financing of two households can be and the toll that it takes on one's lifestyle, I have this feeling he is not going to be very pushy to continue the divorce unless he gets things his way (which is not going to happen). So I just wait and see what he does.

    I just din't not want to go through this financial hell again - even if I get the debts paid off before he moves out again. Thanks for giving me the heads up!!! TD

  • Devine

    You hope for the best but see nothing. You feel that there are forces acting against you and that anything you try to do doesnt show any results or in some cases backfires. Your demand isnt high though, you feel that you don't need much to turn your life around but there is no direction, you do not know which way is up or which choice is best be very careful as this might lead to a more difficult way of life. Sad to say your life will still go uphill for a long time,

  • Moonraiz

    From the looks of things you ARE moving albeit in the wrong direction, you feel that life is treating you unjustly and this brings a lot of negative energy inwards. Despite this i feel that you try to stay strong, sad to say this will be tested, a "storm" is on the horizon and it will bring with it pain and longing... all i can say is hope for the best and prepare for the worst

  • Light-en-dark

    Looks like your relationship is or is going to be a bit dull, no one is adding fuel to the fire here and it seems neither side is able to rekindle the excitement in the relationship, this would lead to emotional blockage, sometimes too much longing for what both parties want that the reality of things will be oblivious to you.

  • lilacrose

    Your husband wasn't always like this, it seems as though he is hiding something from you, something new has happened in his life and he feels compelled to keep you in the dark. Have you tried voicing out your concerns? It seems this new occurance in his life is taking up most of his attention and i fear it would stay in secret from you.

  • lildolphin

    I said events would affect you greatly this could be good or bad, And like i said before marriage is something i do not see. I honestly feel that you might not even make 3 years together, when i said you can move forward i meant you as an idividual. He is on a different path than you sadly

  • I just noticed

    Lildolphin and bunny have the exact same posts, so who's really who here?

  • Witchywomen

    Sorry to say but i didnt get anything for your finances, family however is a different matter

    I consulted the runes on this one and the runes of "Gift", "Harvest", "Fertility", "Growth", "initiation", Showed up with this i get the strongest feeling it could mean a new addition to the family. Either a wedding or one of your relatives will be expecting or is expecting

  • baby76

    You will lose something in your life soon, With its end comes a newer happy beginning, life opens up new doors to you and it looks like another individual will be there by your side. You have been waiting for this moment, hoping for it and when it comes, you know it has because it feels absolutely right

  • IIIona

    This is a short one

    Justice will be served, what was taken from you will be returned, however the issues with your counselor are only beginning. Expect more conflict with this person in the future

  • Heathenchild

    Looks like you both know the answer to your question

    Despite trying to keep the relationship going, its still slowly sinking. You no longer know where this is heading to and you feel that instead of getting better, the relationship will only become worse. He feels similar, the relationship isnt what he had hoped it would be and so the optimism he once had is no longer there, furthermore he sees that the driving force that got the two of you together in the first place is no longer there. I fear these two factors will lead to a very sad and painful future

  • Nickolbee

    Development is delayed, both spiritually and financially, the time has not yet come for your life to regain its former joy, might take a season or two

  • Dear Kushikamikiba,

    Youve hit the nail on the head when you said that he wasnt always like this, ive had a feeling for sometime that something is being hidden from me and it is taking up his attention ,whenever i try to talk to him he clams up on me i dont feel that he is having an affair as he is home alot , but i would like to get to the bottom of this none the less. Thankyou so much for taking the time to do a me reading i really appreaciate it and i apologise once again for jumping in on your thread .

    Love and whitelight 2u Lilac

  • ok i now declare this thread open again

  • Kushikamikiba,

    May I please have a reading for myself for the next six months. My dob is 11/5


  • Sportclip

    here's your reading

    month 1- ace of wands (r)

    seems pretty dull at best. I feel that projects or things you have put in effort to will not show any signs of results. Worst case you will be unable to make any new ventures in life for this month

    month 2- The moon (r)

    Things that were once in the dark will be revealed to you. Has anything been bugging you lately, anything that occupies your mind most of the time? it appears that this month will be a time when you can learn and discover hidden truths in your life

    month 3- 3 of wands

    Developments will begin to show early promise, they are starting to take form. That combined with the 2nd month's card points me to either a career slot you've always wanted or a person who likes you.

    month4- Temperance

    Balance is key here, two opposing forces in your life will clash and this is necessary the key for you is to be able to have them oppose yet not overcome.

    month5- High priestess

    Something of great importance will occur or will be made known to you at this month, right now however; it is hard to say anything with regards to its nature.

    month6- Knight of swords (r)

    Expect conflict, primarily involving difference in opinion. Likewise be wary of where you put emotion and logic in life.

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