Doing readings 3 at a time

  • Ahh ok, got ya.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Kushikamikiba,

    Thank you for your response. It makes a lot of sense to me, I felt he had a bond with his 'friend' but I wasn't sure if it was a romantic bond. From your response, it leads me to believe that it has the potential to be a romantic bond once again as opposed to just a friendship because of what they have been through together in the past.

  • Just thought I would ask if you are still doing 3 a day today 🙂 , I want to file for divorce on the 17th of this month (September 2010), is this a favorable day for me ?

  • I'm worried because my husband was abusive towards my daughter and myself, i need to have the courage to say what needs to be said to show what happened to us. my husband is a very good con man, very charming. My birthday is 7/31/78. His is 7/18/75.

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  • Hi, I think I am the lucky three for today. Though am not feeling too lucky in life 😞 My life just seems to have turned upside down since I met this guy. I was in a steady secure relationship and then meet this guy whom i have known for the past three years but never met. It was instant attraction and I suddenly knew that i was not leading a life that i wanted to and brole of my relationship of 6 years. Now what i want to know is if i made the right decision by breaking up and if there is future between me and the new guy, if he feels anything for me or if there is a chance to.

    My DOB - 19.02.1982

    the guy's DOB - 29.11.1982

    my ex-fiance;s DOB - 25.09.1979

    Also if you can do a general reading about my future that would be great. Thank you so much for your time, God bless.

  • Swat4u

    Despite having been in a fruitful relationship it appears deep down you felt incomplete. This guy you're interested in now looks like someone who can give you that missing feeling. He seems to be a good person to seek help from, he always knows the right things to say and do whereas your ex seems hell bent of keeping things to himself, either way both these men will bring some form of negativity in your life, be it deception or imbalance in life. On the up side however, your ex seems to be someone who can be trusted with responsibility, possibly he knows this and so he hogs all the responsibilities in a relationship for fear that it might not come out right if he's not in charge. The other guy however i believe is the perfect person to help you move on from things in your past that haunt you, showing you brighter things in the days ahead. Whether or not you made the right choice is up to you to decide, did you follow your heart fully and without doubt when you chose the other man?

  • Thank you so much for your response. And you have done the perfect analysis, in terms of my previous relatiopnship because my ex was so used to taking responsibilities that I just became an extension of him and needed to find my individuality again and the guy I liked acted like the catalyst to break it up, even though he has never encouraged me to do so. And that is what is causing some impalance in my life right now, because of my feelings for him i am not able to accept him as a friend and I am imagining a future with him. Does he (Ankit - DOB 29.11.1982) have any feelings for me which might materialise to love some point of time, Or is it prudent for me to move on? though it will be difficult for me to do that because of my emotional turmoil. With regards to my ex, i have no intention of going back as i feel that i have made the right decision.

    It was never a questiuon of choice between the two guys, because he (the new guy) never made any promises about the future and apart from a deep belief in myheart that he will love me one day there was no other foundation on which i based my decision. And no, when i made the decision to leave my ex i had no doubts and when I chose Ankit i had no doubts about my feelings for him. I have already made the choice and there is no going back but if you could help me a little with regards to his feelings that would be great.

    Thank you once again for your time.

  • Then in that case swat you made the right choice

  • Hi KushikamiKiba...just stopping by to send you some LOVE!!!!

  • Thank you so much. God bless.

  • Hey Rising

    Havent heard from you in a LOOOONG time, how are things?

  • Hello Kushi,

    I'm wondering what you see for me for the next few months. My DOB is 12/29/58.

    I would love to change jobs but there are few jobs available at the level I have attained. Also, I have been involved with someone on and off for 2 years and it's been a difficult but rewarding relationship.

    Thank you for offering your services to the community.



  • Hi Weezie12298, Actually it is not a reading but I might be able to give u some clue on his behalf.. As a Capricorn yourself, I would say as a earth sign itself, u are consider a very stagnant person when come to work or relationship.. Also u are a person who is hardworking and at times u are stubborn.. And as for ur ruling planet Saturn u often tend to be more careful when u do things as karma come very fast.. This is something which I would say it is hard for u to escape.. As a earth sign I am wondering if ur guy is it an earth sign too.. Cause when having another earth sign partner u might feel bored and most importantly u need to consider wat is the best outcome for u.. As for your work u might need to find something that is not so monotonous.. Hope this helps..

  • Thank you Mikyo. You are right, I'm a stagnant person, hardworking and a little stubborn. And yes, my work is monotonous, but it pays me well.

    Thanks again for your insights.

  • Hey Donna ( Womman922) I find it a little funky that, after a month or so, I come back here to find that you are struggling once again! Coincidence? I dunno! 🙂

    Didn't you watch that movie I recommended? "The Holiday," with Cameron Diaz. But it's the story of the other actress (can't remember name) that you will directly connect to.

    Oh and listen to "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri every day until the message sinks in.

    (I do that when I break up with guys and I have to find a way to get over them, gotta find a new way of thinking. )

    Girl, you found your guts once, you can do it again. Sounds like he is the kind of guy that has to have too many dishes in his hands. He will never be fully content with his wife, and he will never be fully content with just you either, if he ever chose to leave her. He is trying to live both worlds of being married and bachelor, which, we all know, can't be done without some brainwashing of the women involved (e.g. polygamy) or some intense lying...oh i mean, "convincing."

    What are you doing? Waiting around for him? Why are you talking with him. The guy's a SOB. Change your phone number, your email address,any sort of contact you have with him. Put his email address in your "SPAM" list. And if he shows up on your doorstep, tell him to get lost or you'll call the police for harassment! It won't be easy because he will no doubt be impressed by your strength, and will try to use this against you to target your weakness: The fact you actually care about him. Get rid of this weakness. You gotta stop caring about him

    You gotta stop caring about him

    You gotta stop caring about him

    You gotta stop caring about him.

    He may say or actually leave his wife at this point, but just remember that he enjoys the chase, and he only wants what he can't have. Once he has you, (you won't ever have him) do you really think he will treat you any better than he does his current wife? And do you think that he will treat you any different than he has been already? Don't disillusion yourself! You guys are old enough to know that Old habits don't change. Who does he think he is!!!

    No matter how sorry he is, no matter what he says or does, the man is a poison! Keep your dignity, you don't need to be crying over someone like that. I know it's not easy sweetheart, but you don't have to be this way. You make your own choices and dictate your own future, as well as your current happiness. Doesn't sound like you've allowed yourself control of your own life in these areas lately.

    Practice independent visualizations.

    Imagine how beautiful you are.

    Imagine how intelligent you are.

    Imagine how feminine, sexy and wonderful you are.

    Imagine how incredible you are and most importantly

    imagine how independent and strong you are.

    Hmmm! Sounds to me like you don't need him!

    This will make you stronger and put you on a path to meeting a guy that will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. You are too caught up in what you think about this guy, about what he makes you feel right now. All he makes you feel right now is tormented, only because you allow him this power over you. He's not the only person on the planet, and you are not looking to what you could be having in your life if you simply let go of this poison that he is. If you keep THAT at the front of your mind, imagine how easy you can step over scum like him.

    really girl, get the movie,

    get the song,

    get your freedom!

    Best wishes, sweetheart.

  • yeah the sexy is supposed to be s_xy with an E 😉 apparently you are not allowed to say sexy here! Ha ha.

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  • Hey girl I know it's not easy. It's hard to deal with heartbreak. Well, it sound like you know what you need to do! Good luck and my you be blessed with the strength you need.

  • Looks to me my thread has pretty much run its course. oh well

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