Doing readings 3 at a time

  • Sherryblossom

    It appears to me you have feelings for this person but dont know if you should move forward or retreat. He however is totally oblivious to that probably because he has his attention elsewhere. It appears to me that deep down inside neither of you really want a relationship together. You're friendship i feel is enough for the both of you to be happy. Going into a relationship would only cause conflict all over, possibly separation and even deception if you choose to push through

  • Hi Kush! hope you're ok! did you happen to see my reposted questions to you on pg. 20? please let me know when you have a chance to look at them. thanks so much! I appreciate it!

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  • Scorp

    The change i was talking about might not even be a who, so dont jump straight into conclusions. I dont know the natura of these choices, just that they are inevitable. No matter how i look at it your wyrd shows trials for your heart.

  • KushikamiKiba, would you be able to help me? I'm lost and confused!!

    My birthdate is Jan. 15, 1976 , My husband Nov. 11,1977.

    Thank you.

  • Woman922

    There's no enthusiasm and no drive in this relationship, I feel its because he doesnt feel he can commit to you. He retreated to the one person he could turn to, his wife. I see her as a very driven and motivational person and i feel that he is taking strength from her, he is secure with her. The 3 cards that show "advice" "point of change" and "outcome" all show moving on in a certain way.

    Its time i believe to let him go, you are stuck in a tug of war and he's the one being pulled, to make things worse it appears he's only leaning on his wife's side, he wont be able to commit to you like that. Your near future will have a burden upon you, leaving him will be tough but i believe it must be done

  • cuppiecakes

    Whats the problem?

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  • Woman922-

    I know i don't have much business in giving a reading, but maybe just some plain ol' advice can help you- Tell him to leave you alone.

    It sounds like he's just pulling your strings, whether he realizes it or not. You are going to have to stand on your own, and gain the strength from within yourself to tell him to stop. This will be a great build of character to you in the end, as it's not fair to you to put yourself through the confusion, or to keep you hanging around just for his own satisfaction: A true lover will never leave you high and dry, much less confused about where you stand. Where you stand now is in the position of "The Other Woman." There is never a need to be so desperate that you give away your dignity. Don't do this to yourself. A great movie for you would be "The Holiday." It's a romantic comedy, you will enjoy it! But it surely holds a great message for you, and you can always look to your friends/family for strength! good luck, and may your inner goddess prevail!


    Thank you for your advice! You gave me some inner-confidence. I will try that and see where I can go from here. 🙂 See you around!

  • Woman 922-

    Plus, imagine how you will feel, waiting around for him, and he decides that his marriage works. How long will you wait? Doesn't your life need to move forward as well? How dare he tell you to wait around and see. You are just his back up plan, dammn girl, if I were your friend I would be kicking his a$$. He makes me so angry! He's such a flake, he won't treat you any better! Don't you dare cry another tear for a man that would do that to you. Sweetheart, you gotta pick up yourself and RUN from that man. Every Hour you spend waiting, being miserable, is a Hour of your life waisted. Imagine the joy and peace you could have if you just found the strength to walk away.

    Sorry. I got mad.

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  • yup yup i agree with leo.

  • If you aren't too swamped, could I get a reading? I'm curious about what's on the romantic horizon for me. (or even what's blocking me...I am, after all, the only constant in my failed relationships).

    Thank you very much for being so generous with us. ❤

  • I am considering filing for a divorce from my husband of 6yrs (we've been together for 15yrs). He has been having an affair, I wanted to try to work things out, he said he wanted to, but I don't know? This would be the 2nd time in the 6 yrs we've been married.

    There is still a magical connection between us, that's the only way I can describe it. It is the feeling that we were meant to be, I feel it deep down inside. I can't explain it, but I just know it! He says he feels the same??

    I was just wondering what you see? Should I file or try to work things out?

    Thank You.

  • hopefully i'm in the 3 because i'm running out of options. my names susan, i was born on the 25th of march 1966. i need to know about finances, health & love, i'm getting mixed messages from a man right now. also i need guidance for finding spiritual counselling so i can let go of my past & the people involved. thankyou so much

  • many thanks for the reading, sounds pretty right as the last few months have been a living hell, not sure what you mean by the sacrifice i need to make, but at this stage i'm pretty much open to anything. thankyou again for the reading and giving me your time.

  • Hi thanks for the free reading 4/24/56 I need a free reading my husband and his family has been hiding a lot of things from me over the past 5 years over his mother passing this is tearing our marriage apart after 32 years of marriage please help

  • Hi KushikamiKiba. Let me start out by saying thank you for your time today. I know it takes a great deal of your time to help everyone. Unfortunately I am in need of some answers as well. The last several years of my life have been in disarray. My last relationship ended with him marrying someone that he dated for only 6 weeks. What was once my best friend has now become someone I don't even know. He destroyed my heart.

    I lost my job earlier this year and have been desparately seeking employment but nothing has come through yet.

    It has been a really rough year and I would like to know when things will get better. Will I find the true love of my life? Will I go back to work soon? Will I be ok financially? I need to find some peace amongst all this turmoil. I am hoping answers to my questions will help me.

    Thank you in advance for your insight!

  • I forgot to include my dob....051166

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