Doing readings 3 at a time

  • Hi KushiKamiKiba, you did a reading for me on page 15, and I responded with a few questions on pg. 16. I will copy/paste them below. please help me if you can. thank you again! I truly appreciate it!

    KushiKamiKiba's Reading: "Despite being a very open person it seems you have not fully broken through the past. Was there a relationship in the past that felt to you like a gift from heaven? The most perfect relationship you ever had was shattered and despite this, you still hold on to those memories. In terms of love developments will be slow, and bad choices will be made. Another problem with love will be that change for the better is on the way, but something about it will make you reject it. "

    ScorpVirgo's Questions/Comments:

    1. There was a past relationship that ended back in February. he made a very deep impact in my life, and no matter how hard I try, cannot forget him. I felt such a deep connection with him that I can't get over it. I'm trying to date another couple of other guys lately, but I keep thinking about him. I don't know how to get past it...

    2. How do I make sure that these bad choices aren't made? could you maybe go into detail so i can avoid these choices? I dont want to get hurt even further than I already am. I feel so fragile, and I feel like I'll end up making such a fool of myself that I wont trust anyone if I get hurt more.

    3. Is there anyway to know when this new change for the better will come? how can I make sure not to reject it? how do I know who it is?

    thank you again, I just need some guidance right now. I'm so lost....

  • Oh my what a future I have to look forward to!!! Seems like it can never be simple! 😉

    Thank you for the reading, I am glad for it, and i will try to be prepared for it!!! Thank you darling!

  • I tried to tell myself to just be satisfied with your reading, and just wait for the future because I have confidence in myself, and you are so generous to be doing this, but I have one burning question- if you can answer it I will be grateful!

    Do I generally make the right choices? Or is my pain caused by personal mistakes, stubbornness or selfishness? (Which suggests that I am also causing pain to others)

    Or is there an external negative influence on my life? How do I pinpoint it and remove it from me?

    Thank you soo soo much.

  • Many Greetings KushikamiKiba...I am not sure you are still giving readings but I am truly at a point of desperation in my love life. I am a leo (8/10/1959) and my boyfriend a cancer (7/1/1962). Can you please offer some insight on whether this match is a good one...we are considering marriage (have been for over a year now)....however I'm not too sure about our future...

    Blessings be upon you and thank you!

  • LeoLover and Leobella

    Sorry but i wont be able to attend to your questions now, i'll be away for quite some time and i'll get back to you on your readings in about 3-5 days.


    Once again i need to temporarily close this thread, the readings will resume on 22 august if i have the time and if not 24 august. Thank you

  • Your response is greatly appreciated KushikamiKiba. I pray your time away is blessed.

  • Hello My Dear Kush--

    just read that you'll be away for a few days...after leaving you a note on the Magnificent thread...thought I'd pop in here to lert you. Isn't is amazing how these things work? Merc stoppiing & going retro today--then the aspects coming on the 22nd & the 24th....

    Have a good rest and a good trip and I'll see you on the Magnificent thread when its right!


  • Thanks!!!

  • Leolover

    To be frank with you i dont believe you need my help with your question, a situation like that normally just needs you to sit down and reflect. As for the negative energy, i have my ways of dealing with such intrusions. Simply connecting the negative end on your side and driving it down to the earth as deep as possible, this method is called grounding, its a very basic form of psychic defense along with shielding. The energy in the earth is so concentrated it will send a powerful force along the line and "shock" the negative worker

  • Leobella

    It looks to me that youre asking for an astrology reading. Not my forte but i do know another who might be able to help you. Mikyo, problem is she seldom replies. I honestly wouldnt be able to know if you guys are a good match.

  • hi, if you're still available i would love a readind, i have had a very stressful year so far, including a marriage split, ill health and financial struggles, do you see things improving for me anytime soon, i would be very grateful for anything you can tell me. i was born on august 31st 1967 in hamilton ontario canada, i now live in edinburgh, uk. look forward to hearing from you if at all possible.

  • Kush,

    Whenever you have time i would like to see if you could tell me if you see anything happening between me and a guy i just met. My inicials are cmm and dob is may 17,1987 and his inicials are ljrn and his dob is november 28,1981. Thank you in advance

  • Hello Kushi, if you're still doing these, I'd love some input on my love life in the future. If you don't mind. My DOB is 12.11.1988

  • Ikerr09

    Looks to me that life was pretty good to you in the past but recently what was familiar and comfortable changed for the worst. I see whatever security you have in your life weakening, relationships with people may fail and you will experience a sense of being overworked and overburdened. There is a chance to free yourself from this however it requires great commitment and also sacrifice, a sacrifice you may not be willing to take

  • Taurusbaby22

    Right now the relationship i feel is not so lovey dovey. You just met and so both of you are still "testing" out the waters. you do however, both see promise in the future. You see potential in this relatinship whereas he sees nothing wrong with it. he sees no reason to change how it is.

  • Kush,

    Thanks once again for your insight.

  • Youngwisdom

    Either a past relationship didnt go well or a possible relationship didnt take off. Either way you dont have much in terms of love for the moment. You have a goal in mind but it clashes with other priorities around you. Sacrifices must be made and you need to move on in life. Take this moment to work on yourself to be better

  • Hello Kush,

    How are u doing.Whenever u have chance I would appreciate a reading.I have some financial decisions to make and i dont know what to do.I would like to know about my career and finance and house and health.I was unemployed for 6 months and I have a temporary job at present.

  • Hello Kush,

    If you don't mind and have the time I would love some insight on my love life. Is there anything happening between me and a man i've been friends with for a couple yrs? My DOB is 9-8-76. His DOB is 12-27-60. Thank you.

  • Gemmini

    Looks to me like you're making plans for the better but it seems that the requirements to make these plans happen are too great. Life will not be kind to you at this point of your life. Security you have already once established may weaken and the need to return to what was comfortable can be tempting but impossible. I see dying hope and a time of retreat. In your distant future however i see first the same problem manifesting, but around this time your drive and energy will once again be used and that will help you pull through

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