Doing readings 3 at a time

  • 13 readings in one sitting, thats pretty far off from the 3 i planned to do PER DAY wow.

  • Wow!...thats a lot in one sitting...We all appreciate you! Take it easy!

    Love and Blessings,


  • Alenabrz

    You seem to be a little tied up, at the moment, you're not really given much freedom with regards to how your future is, I feel that this will eventually lead to you panicking and making hasty choices that wont help you at all, advice is simple, trust your gut and seek counsel from people around you, what they say might not make sense but i feel that they would be able to help in the long run

  • KushikamiKiba when you have the time and energy to do me a reading, Id really just love a general one, maybe a relationship one as well!

    take as much time as you need to, i do not mind waiting 🙂 You need some energy to save for (YOU) and thats important. birthday November 9th 1991 12:10pm, Plymouth, Uk Remember i can wait, so have some me time. 🙂

    Lots of love

    RebeccaAnn! 🙂

  • Rebecca here's your reading

    Love - you seem to be quite happy where you are and it looks to me that your current lovelife is what you would call "perfect". Problems may arise in the future that will confuse you or will put you in a very tight corner. It is not a position to go about it alone but it might not end beautifully either way, some things simply wont work

    School/career - You feel uneasy, your journey is not yet complete. College? You might face scenarios wherein you are vulnerable and the security you have built for yourself may come crashing down, you will be hurt emotionally but you must know how to bounce back and instead of feeling (which many people do when they are in such a state) focus and get a clear head.

    Health - something troubling you? It looks like some past medical condition will reappear in your future, maybe something from your childhood.

  • You are the primary concern in your life now, self-development so to speak. It looks like a tough road because growth is not achieved for you the conventional way, or the way most people go through it. Unknown events will occur in your near future and progress will either be slowed or halted until you overcome each obstacle. The nature of each obstacle however is hidden as i feel that they are all linked.

    Kushikambiki, YOU ARE THE BOMB! Ok, I'm kinda scared in a way, my life is a story of "Overcoming Obstacles." Enough already. I know we are always tested by the Universe and I have never gotten ANYTHING EASY! Why? I don't know why, I even said to God the other day Enough already! I guess thats why we are here.

    I hope it's not too painful, a lot of Death around me lately too. Please tell me if you can nobody in my family is going to die is it?

    I'm sending you vibes of Peace, Love and Light and Prosperity for your Immediate future. The Universe will Bless you Abundantly for your "Good Works." Love, C.C.

  • My Faith will have to sustain me.

  • Its hard to tell where the numbers are. but if you have time I would love a reading. birthday 7-14-69. I am making big changes in my life encluding a new bf his birthday 10-31-78. anything you get on career or love would be wonderful!

    thank you

    hugs and loves

  • 6des9

    Your relationship right now seems to be going smoothly, both parties are open to new experiences and to the things the other likes to do, the relationship is strengthening fast and it shows a lot of promise, you begin to see the fruits of all this work you put into it. A problem might come in the form of travel, distance will be made between the two of you and in that time both are more vulnerable. Such a time trust is key, simply live the relationship as if the distance means nothing/

  • Okay KushikamiKiba thank you, i am currently not in a relationship at the moment, but hopefully will be getting Into one soon, i would love to be in a relationship certainly i guess im looking for the right person.

    Mmm college one sounds like something might happen, starting a new college do not know what to expect as well as new courses, with new people.

    Health problem, i use to have asthma sure as h.e..l..l that do not come bak iv had too much trouble with that in the past hospital all the time, Any way i can stop it from coming back to me because i have herd that asthma can come back sometimes, i grown out of it for now. I also have a whole in my heart, nothing serious doesnt cause me any problems. it use to give me Pulpitations of sorts but nothing major.

    Yeah going into a new college will proberbly make me feel extremely vulnerable and i will be trying desperatley hard to fit in, like i had with my old college. people there before excepted me.

    If this health problem re-occurs i do not think i could handle inhalers again they were rubbish and always made me worse mum rarely let me use them. i use to take alot of alovera drink the stuff from the plant helped me alot wonder if i should go back to drinking that stuff! 🙂

    But yeah pretty much on track with all of that.

    RebeccaAnn X

  • Ok People I'll be unavailable for 2-3 days as work requires me to stay in for that amount of time,

    You can keep posting however when the questions reach 6 please direct your questions elsewhere, or wait until i return, whenever i see questions i have a hard time not giving the readings so please if you guys would be so kind, do not post anything beyond the next 6 questions.

    Thank you very much

  • KushiKamiKiba:

    Thank you for your insight. I greatly appreciate it. As far as I know I'm not being pursued by anyone, and the only person I'm even slightly attracted to is from a relationship that ended badly a few months ago with no real hope of us even being friends any longer, so I'm looking forward to seeing if anyone steps up to the plate and surprises me! :}

    Thank you for your insight on my finances. Your right on regarding things being tight and no let up soon. I work as a state employee that is going through no pay raises, and furloughs for at least another year. I'll be sooo glad when that stops!! Your are so great for offering your services to us like this. You rock!!! THANKS AGAIN!!! :}}

  • Thanks again!

  • i need to know if my boss is talking to my boyfriend behind my back and if it is true how can i uncover the truth? to have real proof

  • Can I get a reading when you get back? Just wondering what (if any) financial changes are coming up in the near future? My dob is 12-23-79


  • Thank you thank you thank you!! We already live 3hours apart and I am going 2 hours the other way to school soon:( You were right on!! Thanks you for your time and for sharing you gift with us;) hugs and loves

  • Hi,

    I think this is #3. Thanks for your time & energy on my behalf.

    Wondering when its the right time to move & am I on the right path

    with my relationship with S? My DOB: 3/4/59

  • Hi KushiKamiKiba,

    Yes you're dead right I am in a process of self development and things aren't bad in my life at the moment but I suppose what I'm really asking is how is my spiritual development progressing and am I blocking it in any way...that you can see. I don't want to block it...hope this makes some sense to you. Thanks. Just in case you need it again my date of birth is 3/5/75 and initials are NR x

  • sky4angels

    You seem to be very optimistic about your finances but you feel like things are not going as planned. You gambled quite a bit when you invested believing its the right way to go but now it seems you are having second thoughts. Despite trying to regain what you have given, your money will not come back. Expect some financial difficulty and also a warning, do not just desperately invest to try to regain what you lost, then again do not keep what little money you have to yourself.

  • Amused

    Quite frankly i dont think you really need this. all the cards point that you feel it is the right way to go and that moving forward is the right path. Do you doubt your instincts?

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