Doing readings 3 at a time

  • turtledust

    If you don't mind i think the more urgent issue would be the one regarding the divorce.

    you wanted to know what will happen in 12 months, here goes

    1st month- Clarity, your "would-be -ex-husband" will begin to make the final arrangements and things will be set into motion.

    2nd month- it will be hard to cope with what he's demanding, it looks very gloomy this time around

    3rd month- a compromise of sorts between both parties

    4th month- A new adventure will begin for you.

    I give it 4 months for the divorce to be settled.

    5th month- the hardships of the previous month will take its toll on you and you wont bounce back so easily

    6th month- you will begin to slowly regain what you have lost financially but mostly its from another person.

    7th month- A clean break, new beginning.

    In conclusion. about 7 months before you can be financially stable again

  • Angelwings

    Your health shows signs of a slow improvement as i see both 'movement' and 'stillness' at the same time movement is reversed so it shows slow progress even without stillness to slow it down even further. Between them comes a few hardships, probably a physician you trust very much will be unavailable in the future and you will be unsure of what will happen should you need to find someone else. The slow development also will test your own inner strength. Eventually however 'fertility' will take place and your health will improve within the next 12 months. Until then what happens in between is a test of endurance and trust.

  • Danr

    You might not make any new positive changes in your life, on the contrary it seems new conflicts will arise. You can however look to the things you already have 'fertility' and 'harvest' stand side by side however 'pain' and 'protection' are also close by 'clarity' is furthest away in the cast and so the details of your future remain a blur, it is not yet the time for you to see what the future holds for you

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  • mintgirl321

    It seems nothing is going your way, dreams are being ruined before you, your drive is weakening and your control over the aspects of your life is slipping. Sadly it doesnt end there, loss, betrayal and possibly a time wherein you must let go of the things you hold dear is also present in your future. Commitments will be lost and bonds you have formed may die out. Despite this however, the cards ask you to move forward, failures and misfortune are all part of the spiritual warrior's journey and defeat is something to learn from and not fear. Obstacles will come but you shall emerge with new life and a new found drive. Endure for the time being and try your best to defend those you hold dear.

  • taurusbaby22

    Thats a tough one. Thing is no one wants to be in prison but i must stand by my own principles, i cannot read for a third party as i find it unethical despite his position

  • Nickolbee

    I'm not certain but it doesnt look like there's anything wrong with your life at the moment, quite the opposite in fact. You're currently in a state of self-development and there is also clarity in how you want your life to end up. Is there anything you wish to specifically ask? I believe you are concerned about something in the distant future which explains your need for a reading.

  • Poetic

    You are the primary concern in your life now, self-development so to speak. It looks like a tough road because growth is not achieved for you the conventional way, or the way most people go through it. Unknown events will occur in your near future and progress will either be slowed or halted until you overcome each obstacle. The nature of each obstacle however is hidden as i feel that they are all linked.

  • Scorpioblonde

    Currently you feel something is missing in your relationship and it appears one party feels inferior to the other, conflict is always present and normally both parties fight over the last say in the argument. Am i right to say you guys were pretty ok in the past, it seems to be the reason why you keep seeing each other despite being on and off. looks to me like its time to stop moving about and keep still, reflect on this relationship. "is it worth it?" "what's causing the conflict?" etc. One thing i can say though is that its very unlikely the relationship will last.

  • Crazyrider

    You dont seem to be fully happy with being on the safe side, yet you are unsure on whether to switch to a more unpredictable way of life. One thing is that being where you are now, you are confident, you know how things work when you take the safe route but being unpredictable opens up more possibilities. On the negative being safe will lead to regrets of things you were unable to do while being unpredictable would have you making hasty and sometimes harmful choices in life. It looks to be a balancing act, dont lean to any 1 way of life, safe is good but you need to take risks every now and then, doing so would put you in a new path to your growth.

  • Decembergirl

    You were recently the recipient of heartbreak and i feel it was caused by an imbalance in the relationship. Since then however i feel that you have moved on and are now willing to take another shot at love. I see a time when you will be taken out of your comfort zone and certain things you want to do will not be so successful, also i see someone who is unsure of what he/she wants in life. it could be you or someone you will meet, i cant say for certain. Now is not the time to be out looking for love but rather a time to focus more on yourself. Any relationships started at this stage of your life would only lead to pain.

  • Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate your help and also the time you took to give me an answer.

  • Domini

    First of all Wow thats a lot. Thanks though for specifying exactly what you want, this way i dont need to make a spread that might not give you the answers you are looking for

    You're unsure about the places you applied for and i understand how you feel.

    Strengths i believe lean more towards being objective and logical at work, also you are able to bounce back from mishaps and also possible failures are of little challenge to you. Weakness however lies in your passion for doing your best, emotions dont get in the way but at times this makes you look cold and heartless, this will not fare well with co-workers and especially subordinates. My advice for you would be to rely less on what you have done and the confidence past victories may have given you, each day is new and the past does little to shape the future. Its time to count your blessings and start making progress in terms of both personal and professional aspects of your life. I would advise you though to keep looking as i feel not many of the places you applied to will show much enthusiasm in accepting you or in hiring anyone for that matter.


    Despite being hot and cold, it appears the relationship is more or less stable. You seem to be a person who doesnt care much of what others think or if this looks like a right match, emotions are dominant in your life however your drive may be in question here, as partners you both contribute by giving the other that much needed push to be a better person it looks like from time to time he doesnt see that in you. Future plans may be a cause for concern, i feel that you will not see eye to eye most of the time. There is a deception in the relationship but it is not him cheating, rather its all in your head, you see his shifts as a sign that he might be seeing someone else but it looks like this is nothing more than illusions caused by your desire to find out the "why" in his actions.

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  • Kush,

    Thank you sooooo much. I am going to keep looking for jobs and something I love. I know my best work is tomorrows work now. I will try to soften up a bit as well and I am already working on becoming a better person. Some how over the years I have become bitter, which was not me at all. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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  • HEllo Kushikamikiba

    Good evening I rewrote it over. I hope I made sense and that you understand what I was saying. When you have no rush. I know you are busy. ANd I just would like to say thank you

    so much. You are so awesome and a very nice person. ANd you know what you are talking about. Thanks again


    Ps. I rewrote it in the first post that I wrote too you. Have a wonderful day

  • LOL!!! Kush… yer right I’m looking for greener

    Pastures….and still looking! Woah….a gift…near

    Future! Kay if anything comes up I’ll keep ya posted.

    As always, thank you for the reading.

    Love and Blessings to you,


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