Doing readings 3 at a time

  • Hello Kiba,

    Now that you've resurrected this thread smiling could you give me a reading? Anything that comes to you. Thanks.

  • Hello KushikamiKiba,glad to see you back :)Would also love a reading please? Not doing too well emotionally..Thanks.

  • not that i resurrected it. i was just remembered it still existed

  • It was just a figure of speech. I haven't seen you online in awhile and I was away for awhile too.

  • Notshy, You know me I tend to take a while to answer readings, so whats the news now>

  • Hello Kushikamikiba!

    If you are doing readings still, could you please give me a reading; in regard to what can I expect, for the months of November and December.

    April 21, 1973

    Thank You 🙂

  • Kushikamikiba:

    I have never had the pleasure of experiencing a reading. The issue foremost on my mind concerns a younger woman that I have been seeing for a couple of months. Being that I'm a cancerian male, it is ironic that she is the one to retreat and is afraid of commitment. I guess it's not entirely puzzling considering she's a gemeni, but I have never so openly or fearlessly persued a woman as I have this one and have never experienced such mutually enthralling enchantment when locked into the mesmerizing gaze of another. At times, it's like the whole universe takes pause, and the passage of time itself stops when we're engaged in even the most trivial of conversations, and she too has come to this conclusion herself without even the slightest provocation from me. My birthday is 06-25-80 and hers in 05-23-88. If you are still doing readings, any insight would be of invaluable help!


  • Hey spark

    In your love life you seem like you're tied up in a way. You feel you're making a lot of effort to make your situation brighter but to no avail. You always seem to be the odd one out. And you fear this feeling will linger. Love needs sacrifice and it must be equal. you and your partner must be in this together, in love there is no middle ground, either you're up high or youre eating dirt.

  • Hi KushikamiKiba, thanks so much for your reply even if you didn't intend to resurrect the thread 😉 I feel indeed tied up in my love life without much hope for the future ...I'm the odd one because nothing ever works out in my love life and I'm scared this will always be the case.No one in my life but your advice is helpful .

  • Pilot, didnt i already give you a reading on what to expect for this whole year? Did something change?

  • Crazycrustacean

    I'm pretty stunned by your post, it was less question and more poetry. I like it anyway.

    I feel as though your pursuit will be in vain. Right now you already have doubts on whether or not she will respond and although you're determined, you see that the advantage is not on your side. She doesnt have such a strong emotional bond with you that she does not want to commit. Its not a case of you not doing anything good enough, its simply that she does not have the same feelings as you do. Pursuing this will only lead to great disappointments

  • Hi KushikamiKiba

    I would love to ask for a reading if you are still offering them. DOB 26th Feb 1972. Just whatever you can pick up would be wonderful

    Love and light


  • Talisa

    How's work. from what i can see you're in a very rough situation wherein you are required to handle more responsibilities than you are able to. Probably your skill is also not enough. In a way people have thrown the tough stuff your way. Am i right to say you're not really voicing this out to others? Try turning to those people who you trust and feel a strong connection with. Otherwise you're bound to suffer in silence for a long time

  • Dear Kushikamikiba,

    I would appreciate a general reading. My dob is 3/17/58.

    Thank you!

  • Lifer. Whats the reading about

  • Hey KushiKamiKiba (try saying that 5 times fast...)

    Would you mind giving me a reading on where I can go or what I can do to find the kind of man I want/need?


  • dear Kushikamikiba,

    could you maybe have a look and see what's on my horison regarding LOVE LIFE. I am busy going through a divorce so not sure if you will pick up something, would sure appreciate some good news though. 🙂

    Thanks, fan

  • MariaRia

    There seems to be not much problem with where you are now. Your current location and state in life show a lot of possible matches. Maybe you just arent sure who's for real and who's not. It's probably wise to stop looking elsewhere and keep to where you know. The relationships you have now arent brought to their fullest and Maybe you should stop looking to the future and look back. You're not ready to move to the future yet

  • LOL - let me just say I am not wanting to dive into another relationship right now. I just would like to know if there is something good to look forward to KWIM?

  • Fan Mikyo and I will be doing a customized double reading for you

    You're getting quite a bit of support with regards to the divorce, do you think this person you're splitting up with was not good enough for you? Or did this person do something to warrant this act. We're leaning more on the idea that you may have found others more worth it. There will be major conflicts in the case, probably wont go to your favor and this may cause some emotional stress. The bright side is that it might not cause permanent damage. We're not sure but either the divorce or the recovery from the emotional pain we mentioned would end quickly for you and you'll be able to face the world again without all these negative emotions.

    You may find possible partners in the future but the thing is the divorce will in a way give you a new perspective and you may not be willing to venture out and explore these possibilities. You need to break through that mentality and learn to take the risk again. Being unable to break it will lead to your life into a downward spiral that will slowly consume you. So as we said you'll need to be able to take those risks again...

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