Doing readings 3 at a time

  • Sportclip

    Am i right to say you're in a bad position at the moment? There's a storm in your life that you are trying hard to fight. Something that involves something or someone you care for, you wish to protect. It looks to be a tough journey, long and arduous. Joy will come slowly at its own pace. In a way you are called to stand strong and think outside the limitations given to you

  • Mariplantum

    Looks to me you're not exactly where you want to be. either youre unemployed or your job sucks and you're looking for greener pastures. From the looks of things you will recieve a gift in the near future, one that will be shown plainly to you, (like a new career path) and in a way it will be something completely out of your comfort zone, your strength as a person will be tested if you choose to take this gift

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  • Hey there KushikamiKiba ~

    Hope you are having a blessed day 🙂 Haven't had the opportunity to correspond with you yet, but love the name! Does it have a meaning? Just curious, yep that would be me, curious! Lol! If I understood your post, you said to keep posting and you will get to them when you can? No worries, I may be curious but I'm also a very patient person. Let's see, if you are doing 3 readings a day, then Angelwings86 would be #1 for Friday 7/30 or the 3rd day of your readings, whatever day would be good for you as you do have to take time for yourself and rest 🙂 I would like to request to be #2 for your 3rd day of readings if that would be okay?

    So let's see what you get for me in my life...wherever your intuition and the guides lead you would be fine. Oh, of course I have questions in mind and sometimes I do ask a specific question, but I try to go more with what messages the guides/angels are trying to get me to hear. I've been working on learning to have faith in trusting my "gut" feelings on things but sometimes I'm just not sure what is intuition and what is my ego leading me, if that makes sense? Anyway, anything you can tell me in regards to relationship, career or just in general for my life would be great.

    Thanks so much and may you be blessed many times for your generosity 🙂

  • Hey Kushikamikiba

    I would really appreciate a reading from you. REALLY need guidance right now, was close to giving up a few days ago...

    My DOB 3 september 1989

    initials LG

    Would just like to know what is happening right now and what will be happening in the future =(

    Please be honest, I don't mind brutal honesty lol. Sigh

    Thank you so much!

  • Thanks Kush you are right. I hope I understand you correctly and you mean the journey will end well.

  • Kush

    Thanks for the offer my question is will my friend get out of prison anytime soon his dob is 8/30/1983? His name is Angel Quintana. Thank you so much in advance

  • Good Morning KushikamiKiba

    HEllo Kushikamikiba I meant too tell you before I really really like like your name. You know you gave me a answer back and I answer you about the questions you ask me. So when you get a chance can you look at the answers I gave you to the questions you gave me.

    When you get a chance see you are very busy.

    Thanks so much Blackladydiver

  • Morning KushikamiKiba! I do believe I'm no 1 this morning 🙂 Hope you're keeping well and would love a reading regarding the near future or whatever you feel... My date of birth is the 03/05/75 and my initials are NR. If you need any more info let me know! Thanks again! Blessings.

  • Welcome back, when ever you are ready for the next three, please include me and may the Universe repay and reward you greatly! 11/20/65!

  • Hi Kushi, did u get my e-mail?? Sorry to bug you 🙂


  • Hopefully I am #3 this morning. I really need some love life guidance. My DOB is 11/1/53 and his is 6/27/53. We seem to be off & on a lot but can't stop seeing each other. Thank you so much!

  • I would like a reading please!

  • I'm way past 3 I know but I need to know. Do I stay with the safe and comfortable or do I go to the new and unpredictable?

  • Good Morning Kushikamikiba !

    What's ahead for me in Love???

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    Love and Light,

    December Girl

  • Hello Kush,

    With all respect, I wold love for you to do a reading for me.

    My birth date is 02/11/1978. I am currently in a temp job which ends (or should I say ends for me) on 7/30/10. I have sent out my resume, but have not heard anything back yet. This leaves me a week to find a job and I am scared. I would like to know:

    • What are my strengths and weaknesses in a job?

    -What factors are holding me back from progressing and what can I do to bring about a better change?

    • What guidance or advice can you give me now on how to handle this current issues in my career?

    • What is the best step or course of action to take right now to ensure smooth working relations and environment?

    • What more can I offer or what aspect of me needs to be drawn out so that I can have more opportunities to shine, instead of shy away?

    • Will I get one of the jobs I have applied for soon?

    In my relationship. I am with a man who I love very much, but he is not easy to read and runs hot and cold. His date of birth is 09/20/1972. I know all the horoscopes say that we don't go together, but I see he loves me and I love him, but because of the hot and cold I wonder if we are going to last. I wanted to know:

    • How am I as a partner?

    • What am I good at with him and what are my weak points with him?

    • What is the current status of our relationship and what can I do now to avoid any sort of falling out in the near future?

    • Is any form of evaluation necessary right now?

    • Are there any underlying issues which should be addressed right away?

    • What are the best steps or course of action to take right now to strengthen the relationship I have with him?

    • what more can I offer or what aspect of me need to be expressed more for the good of thee relationship?

    • Is he cheating? Or is he in the near future? Or is this just in my head?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me

  • ok i now declare everyone to STOP posting for a while. i now need to do all these questions first then i can get started with new ones

  • Debmay

    I get the feeling that you feel unappreciated, looks like nothing you're doing is being noticed or isnt given as much credit as it should, you feel like despite your constant determination to help out nothing is happening in their lives. It looks like it was a good idea at the beginning but now you're having doubts, From the looks of things your will to help others is a good path but may lead to self destruction. I'm not saying you should be cold and heartless but maybe its time your daily focus is not to help others but to help yourself.

  • renzosluv

    Financially it looks like you've gotten some pretty stable income or that you're not so worried about your finances. Then again i could be wrong, looks like you're in or will be in a very tight budget, possibly caused by financial loss. and in a way there is no easy way to get through those times although it would help to loosen that grip on your finances.

    In love i get the feeling you feel attracted to someone. Are you pursuing this person? or are you the one being chased? You might be in store for a little work out of your comfort zone. This person has very unique tastes in a partner and i feel that initial approaches would not be appreciated. One thing however is to stand firm and be both yielding but assertive with how you go about the relationship.

  • Dmick

    It looks like you're pretty happy where you are when it comes to your career. You know which direction you're going, you see promise in what you are doing and you see a great deal of happiness in your path. One thing you need to look out for are colleagues and those under you, People from higher up or on the same status as you may wish to feed you illusions of joy that they will then exploit leaving you on the ground, likewise subordinates or bosses may test your ability under pressure and there is a high chance you will falter. Advice is to find your ally, alone you will fall but with the support of another(someone you have a strong emotional bond with) It looks as if you will make it through all the crap they will throw your way

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