Doing readings 3 at a time

  • Woman922,

    WAY TO GO!!!!!! I am glad you found the strength and courage to stand up for yourself. This guy is a complete moron! If he is "trying" to save his marriage what was he doing cattin' around to begin with? I just love these idiots that think women are stupid <eyeroll>. Just keep telling yourself that if he will run around on his wife he doesn't respect the committment of marriage and he would have eventually done it to you. Stay strong! The hurt and disappointment will pass. I have a saying in life.....when things don't go right I just tell myself.....and this too shall pass! Keep your chin up. My prayers are with you.</eyeroll>

  • Hello Kush,

    Thanks for the reading.MY house is at brink of foreclosure.Does this mean I would lose my house.i lost my daughter in may 2009 and i kind of feel like i am letting my daughter down because she was proud of this home.I am still lost.

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  • Hi KushikamiKiba. Hello, thank you so much for your time. I am hoping you can help me. My girlfriend broke up with me in the beginning of July and I still talk to her on a regular basis, I was wondering do you see us getting back together or am I holding on to a false hope? Will I find love soon? Thanks again.

  • Hi!

    I would love to have a reading! What do you see concerning my business and my long distance relationship? Will I be able to keep my home and my business and will my relationship florish... Thanks

  • Ok

    Thread again temporarily closed, because i hate making people wait too long. so i'll fix these 2 pages 1st then open the thread again. thanks people

  • Probablyflashy

    From what i can see, despite not being in a relationship you are hopeful. You simply move on and prepare yourself for the next possible prince charming however i take it your demands for them are quite high, in a way you can be too careful, and your emotions tend to get the better of you at times. Am I right to say trust has always been an issue with previous relationships?

  • Cuppiecakes

    You both are saying there's a connection but i believe this is a false feeling. Deep down inside you are losing hope in the relationship and he is getting more rash, the problem lies with him. In an effort to save the relationship he does "kamikaze-like" moves that damages the relationship. To stay with him i feel would only ruin things between the two of you.

  • Susan

    Regarding your man and the rest of your life, it looks to me that things are not at a standstill like most people but rather they're all topsy turvy. Guidance is needed yes but more importantly its clarity. there are still things being kept away from you and it takes time for them to reveal themselves.

  • peg360

    The problem doesnt lie with you but with them i believe, I see a lot of deception and hidden works in the family, I also see that some members of your husband's family doesnt want to share things with people NOT from the immediate group. In a way you cant do anything about it. Your husband however can. He has influence, he has some say in the matter.

  • Lostinthesouth

    True these are dark days for you and the need to break away from this frozen state of your being is indirectly pointing what could be destructive energies elsewhere not helping in your life. "Day" and "harvest" are both in the cast and so i believe that now times of darkness will try to consume you, however in time, i believe after 2 seasons, the sun will shine on you once more.

  • anahmcneil

    You both are still side by side in life but looking in different directions. You are afraid of losing her and so you take things more carefully. She however feels that its best not to carry on. From the looks of things. If you patch things up you will be quite happy for a while, but eventually, one will have to move on

  • Rimgal

    Currently it appears the business isnt all good. I also see people planning against it or rather against you. Looks to me that these people are ones involved with the business itself and that in a way I feel like they intend to build the business to destroy it later. Be careful who you trust.

    For your relationship, Everything seems to be secure, despite a few problems here and there. I do see a drastic change, i'm not sure but maybe that distance will close with time

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  • Hi KushikamiKiba. Thank you for taking the time out for a reading. I must say that I am a little puzzled. What destructive energies are you referring to? Also, how long is two seasons? I am sorry, I don't mean to ask more of you but this reading really has me even more concerned and confused.

    Thanks again.

  • two seasons Lostinthesouth is roughly half a year, the destructive energies come from within you, but with control these destructive energies can become constructive

  • Thanks Kushi...

    I run my business by myself (it's like a B&B) out of my home.. I am trying to refinance to get my ex off the mortgage so is it the bank I am up-against?? Do you see that I will be able to keep my home/business?

    Relationship is going great... we do have plans after the first of the year to be together...

  • Kushi-

    Yes, I do get overemotional and trust has always been an issue. You are right on the money. So...I guess to fix it, I've got to stop being scared of being hurt and

    Thank you very much!

  • My husband is also hiding these things hidden from me I found this info out just you see any land involved

  • Jenna

    Looks to me you're looking for a clean break, somewhere along the lines of what you used to do for a living with a few changes. There will be a lot of problems coming your way before something good happens with regards to your career. Desperation might cause you to make the wrong choices and thus ruin what little security you may have. this results in having to work doubly as hard against greater odds that can break you easily. emotional and mental stress will hit you at once and it appears there's nothing left but to take every hit and become stronger as they come, I see no way to prevent the bulk of the damage

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