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  • Laeitiali

    This breakup i believe was caused by forces out of either party's control, just that it was ended because it was getting out of track. He i believe is in distress, he saw a future in the relationship and he isnt someone who will give this up easily. When he feels that the tension has mellowed down he'll contact you in an effort to win you back. This will stop any likelihood of you moving on in life. It would be like falling in love again, there will be however lack of trust as the previous break up will always be considered. It doesnt look so good if you choose to try the relationship again

  • thanks Kushi!

    That makes so much sense...yet I am wondering does he really not know that I have feelings for him? This is not the first time someone has said this to me but I really never gave much thought to it...

    I did contact him few months ago, but it was more to help him with his issues, I didn't say anything about my feelings, so maybe he didn't understand that I had feelings for him? I am pretty shy and careful with him, even though you say I can't do much to solve this right now, i wonder if things could still change ( I haven't seen him for a long time, more than 6 weeks at that time I was distant myself (pretending not to care), so maybe things can change next time if I change my own approach)?

    Cause I really can't sit and wait for him to open up his eyes.... I think I will change my own behaviour towards him to show my feelings, as I have been pretty closed towards him and distant, so i can't blame him for not knowing... 🙂

    I know he has doubts about our future or he would have taken action longtime ago, he is a man who has lost faith in love...getting disaapointed time and time again and getting hurt... I know this...

    I am soo scared but I have to somehow open his eyes to possibilities...

    thanks again Kush! Loved your insight and it has confirmed what I know to be true and what I have been told by others (paid and unpaid psychics from Tarot) have true gift at this.. wow!



  • ahh Kushi...I just posted an answer to you, and it just vanished 😞 Hate when that happens...

    But I wanted to thank you sooo much for your insight... very very true and makes a lot of sense...

    So he doesn't know I have feelings for him... I have heard this before, but never gave much thought to it... but its true I have also been pretty distant and always act like I don't care, its my shyness, plus he makes me soo nervous, so I act distant and cold... I need to change my approach too towards him, even though you say any efforts will not solve this right now... Am gonna ry and try and tru until it gives results...'cause I can't really wait for him to open his eyes, I need to do something to move this forward....

    Yes he has doubts about me and this relationship, he is a man that has been disappointed in love, so he doesn't trust that I can give him what he needs... so I need to try open his eyes to possibilities....I understand...

    you have true gift Kushi! What you have said has confirmed a lot of what I intuitively know to be the truth and what I have been told before both by paid and unpaid psychic advisers here on Tarot...

    thanks a lot !


  • sorry i posted 2 similar responses, I thought my first one vanished... my computer is slow

  • Thanks Kiba.

    I tried to win him back, but unsuccessful. Maybe he needs more time and I think he is scared of love and relationship. What do you think? How do you mean, that it doesnt look so good if I choose to try the relationship again. Why?

  • laetitiali

    The thing is i feel that this relationship is one of those "just wont work" relationships. getting back together could just as easily lead to the same problem

  • Kushikamikiba Please help, burning need to know! First Good morning and how are you? Fine I hope. Was W with the Pam last night? Don't know if you can pick this up, liars and cheaters. Should we split? his dob is 04/10/62 ? Inquiring minds what to know. Please, thanks and have a wonderful days.

  • Is this a new forum? Shows last forum in July, this is August, I would like to ask for a reading if currently available.

  • Poetic

    Bad news... They look like they have a very close relationship. I cant say for certain if they met last night but i can tell you their feelings for each other are mutual. They can both be completely open with each other, trust is strong and from the looks of things you're the only one out of the loop. The cards tell me its time to possibly end the relationship.

  • Hi KushikamiKiba, would you be able to tell why being with this person won't be a smart choice please if possible . I'm on pg 17.Thanks.

  • littlespark

    in a way i guess you can say he'll be bringing totally nothing on the table, as far as guys are concerned there are much better choices out there, But like i said, trust your emotions. Even if its a total failure of a guy, your emotions will point you to the right path

  • Chicki54

    Just ask away. this thread's still pretty active

  • Greetings KushikamiKiba,

    If this topic is still open I would so greatly appreciate a reading from you. My birthdate is July 31, 1965 and I am involved with a guy whose birthdate is April 14, 1968. My question is how do you see this relationship this someone I may be with for a long time...does he really care deeply for me or should I be a bit on guard with my feelings?

    Any insights would be so greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks so much KushikamiKiba, do you mean financially or in terms of a career , he is a total failure ? I am not someone who judges people by their social status , but a financially secure guy is important . However I will trust my emotions.

  • Littlespark

    I really should make my metaphors less extreme huh, he's not a total failure per se but he might not be the best choice (logically chosen)

  • torgirl44

    Looks like the relationship is pretty good so far. Both parties giving it their all to make it work out. I dont see a point in you asking if you should keep your defenses up because i think they're all down, he right now is handling quite a number of things, possibly contemplating a long term relationship with you. Commitment is what your hoping for and thats where you see this relationship going, he sees things in a more practical way anticipating possible obstacles. In the end it appears that there will be rough days ahead, on the bright side it wont be forever and the 2 of you can quite possibly have a happy life

  • He is too much of a coward to admit it, he told me it was over. I told him I set you free go and God Bless you, life goes on. Thanks! I love the truth and it is what it is maybe he is afraid to let go. Thanks and God Bless!

  • Wow is all I can say. You are very gifted indeed. You're right about my defenses being all down right now...I try to hold back my feelings/emotions until I'm comfortable he's on the same page as I am but it's very hard for me to do that.

    If you wouldn't mind, can you tell me what you mean by saying he sees things in a more practical way?

    Do you get the feeling that he cares deeply for me?

    Thanks again. I appreciate it so very much.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Kushikamikiba,

    Have been mulling over your reading. I guess your probably right about the move to oz, money is tight, but hope we go eventually. Just dont want to live in limbo, just want to get there and start living.

    In regards to my marriage. My husbands is struggling to cope with financial disappointment, resulting in him withdrawing and concealing financial debts from me, which Im finding out about bit by bit, which is freaking me out. Ive never owed anyone anything, and cant believe the mess he has created. Ive offered to help and support him to face it, but he wont face it. It has rocked me as I need security and stability. We have young children! I worry where we will end up. Will we stay together?

    I think we need to sort out the finances and marriage before we consider moving.

    thanks for your input.


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