Doing readings 3 at a time

  • Thank you for your reading! I'll let you know how it all pans out! 😄


  • hi kushi im new here,i am eager to know my future finances and dob,3/4/68 .your great help will be appreciated much.


  • Hi happybutlonely, wat I meant by stood up for fairness is that even in the future there is always thing happening around and injustice will always arise.. There u will stood up for those injustice time.. The way I say about thing from complicated turns into simple can be anything but mainly I felt that had to be with ur work stuff~ thanks for the feedback really appreciate it.. 😃 and hope u do find a good partner~~ 😃

  • Kushi,

    Thank You very much for the reading. It took me awhile to take it all in, and you know the saying "the truth hurts" and it does. But, the good news is I'm a strong person, and I think thats why god has put the hill in front of me. So, for now I'll just keep climbing and appreciate what good things I have in my life!

    Many blessings


  • notshytobme

    Its not that i was expecting an ulterior motive, just that its the 1st time someone just checked to see how i was doing, just surprised. thanks for your concern though

  • littlespark

    Looks to me that you'll be experiencing a bit of trouble in the near future. High chance that someone will walk into your life and perhaps go and pursue you in a romantic way, i cant say for sure. One thing i do know is that its going to be one of those "this is the guy" moments regardless of all the small details. I can tell you being with this person wont be the smartest choice but your emotions will lead you to the right choice. End of the day you'll see you did choose well

  • Hi Kushi!

    I had a reading with you on the other site a while back.... I enquired about the guy I care about and when things will develop with him.. I am still waiting, but the fact is I don't even see him nowadays so maybe that's why things haven't developed...

    I just would like to know what you pick on for me in my love life.... general or specifically to him...

    I need a change badly 🙂

    dob Jan 4, 1979...

    thanks and have a great day!

  • KushikamiKiba, wow what a name...if you are still doing readings I would love one, DOB 6th May 1972, the school term begins soon and I am worreid that this school is not the right one for my girls (silly mummy worries but it has been eating me for a while), and we want to move will we ever get this off the ground and actually move?. And anything else you feel I should know.


  • Hi KushikamiKiba,thanks so much. I really want to avoid trouble even in love.... Won't he be a good guy or a good match for me ?Is that why you are saying being with that person won't be a smart choice ?

    I just know I will follow my heart and trust my emotions.

  • I'll be gone for a few days everyone so just to keep things under control

    This thread is closed for 2 days. after which will be opened again Immediately

  • Hi Kushi,

    Would love a reading when you return and get caught up! DOB 9/30/50

    Wanting to know about my business and my love life! Thanks

  • Plutomoon

    Looks like the relationship was put on hold early on and this stopped the development i spoke of. Both of you are completely at a standstill here, you dont seem to be satisfied with the way things are now and he i believe has doubts about the relationship. This is despite the fact that you both see something in this relationship but it appears one side is too blind to see the fact that the other feels the same way. Efforts to try and solve this would only be wasted so my advice to you if you still want to pursue this relationship is ride the storm out. You cant do much now

  • Paddifluff

    Let me as you are you unable to move because of money or is it something else? From the looks of things you didnt quite anticipate the challenges that this specific move might bring and so you're now trying to get things going again. Its time i believe for you to try and dedicate some time and effort on new things that could help get you out of there. It will take a while however before you can really leave

  • rimgal

    Business doesnt look like its booming as of late. You seem to be making some pretty serious choices especially with the manpower. Did you fire anyone? or did anyone resign? Looks to me that what you're doing is stirring up some negative emotions from your peers and this i believe will force the business into a tight squeeze. Simply put you need to be just with whatever change you plan to make. balance out the pros and cons of the situation and be steadfast in your choice. This i believe will allow you to charge into new prospects and further development

  • Kushi it is because of money, my own fear of something new, the kids and school, well I will keep finding excuses to stall it. I have moved a lot and I need to settle especially with kids, but the place I am now is not the place I want to spend the rest of my life. What do you mean by new things? I am not sure which challenges you might be referring to, it could be the move we made here when I was very pregnant with my first child and let my hubby talk me in to this house which is more pain than pleasure and is a real challenge, as is the surroundings and the people. That would fit, 7 years on. So yes I am trying to get things going again to move on to a better environment. And do you pick up anything on the kids and school?

    Thanks for your time, as long as we get to move in the end I will be happy.

  • Paddi

    The kids might actually like this school overtime. Why not give it a shot. By trying new things i'm talking about alternative ways to make a buck. Invest in something, do a yard sale, whatever you think will help you because from what i saw where you are right now is something like quicksand, the longer you stay the harder it is for you to get out

  • So true, I love your picture.. It is really like quicksand.

  • Hi Kiba,

    I broke up with some guy. Is there future for us or is it over? What does he feel about me?

    I am Sagittarius, he is Taurus.


  • One more question. Will he contact me? Thanks.

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