Doing readings 3 at a time

  • Hey people, it's been some time since i last did any readings on this site, just saying i'm giving readings again to 3 people at a time.

    please go and see if there are 3 people before you and direct your question elsewhere until i have done those three. Thank you very much


  • O WOW! KushikamiKiba! What great timing! I've LOVED your name since I saw it!

    I could ask about many things--where to look for the abundance that's coming to me--more specifically--in this present moment that so much good energy's being sent my way--I GET the releasing of the old that's flying wild--I'm good with that & balanced--just which way to turn to catch the coming abundance & prosperity?

    And then there's LOVE--have a lot from "the world"--what about partner? I've been without one & would really LIKE to have an excellent one! Who? When? Do I already know him?

    But I think I will just let you choose "what does Rising Phoenix really need to know & hear about right now to assist her on her path?

    THANK you I am grateful!

  • I guess i am #2. I would like a general reading regarding the future of my personal life. Thanks!

  • wow 5 mins after i posted this and you showed up risingphoenix cooooooool

    btw like your name too. I'll get to your reading soon

  • wow 5 mins after i posted this and you showed up risingphoenix cooooooool

    btw like your name too. I'll get to your reading soon

  • 🙂 !!!! Thank you! Some things just flow in right time! Now time for me to work now--will check in later.

    So--as you have the time or the "feeling." Thank you!

  • mostly a time thing, i'm in a diff time zone, you head on off to work and i head to bed.


  • Hey Kushi can I be #3?? I'll e-mail you my info though!! thanks so much!!

  • Yay! Kush.

    Yer back. I was just checking out the latest discussion and here you are your thread jumping right at me. Could use a reading. If I'm qualified as your 3 people a day, count me in. DOB 11/4/74 I need a reading on my Finances/Career and if you can throw in Love greatly appreciate it.

    Love and Blessings to you,


  • I'll do risingphoenix's one first that way mariplantum's one counts as number 3

    For something so broad I wont be using tarot if you dont mind I would consult the runes.

    A gift waits for you, one you will not expect. Something good will happen in the near future and from what i can see it involves being still, transport and a new meeting. The blessings you're looking for might come at such a time. it could be one for yourself but then again the rune of the "gift" normally points out a person. Either way its pretty good and from what i can tell, it will happen at the very latest 6 weeks from now.

  • Hey happy havent heard from you in a long time. How are things?

    I'll get to the email as soon as i can

  •'s funny, as I"m reading through each post to see how many people are asking questions I missed being number three! hilarious. Anyway, kushikamikiba, this was very nice of you!!!!!

  • Hi Kushi... doing well thanks!! we need to catch up!! some new developments in my life (hope good ones)! Hope things are going well for you too 🙂

    Have a great sleep 🙂

  • I am finding myself so confused these days, I am confused and dazed. My life has been going down the wrong road for sometime, I am always looking to help others making it the focus of my days. Can you please give me a reading for guidence and direction.

  • KushiKamiKiba:

    Welcome back! I hope you are feeling better. I see you already have you three for today, so I was wondering if I could be #1 for tomorrow. You have always been very helpful to me in the past. If you could please let me know what you see for me for the next month or so for money, and relationships I would greatly appreciate it! Again... thank you for your generous offer and welcome back!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Kushi - I don't know how you are doing this - if I should post tomorrow or today.

    I would like to be #3 for July 29th. But if that means you get overwhelmed, let us know.

    My questions revolve around whether my financial state will be resolved within the next 12 months, whether I will be facing the finalization of the divorce my husband thought he wanted last year (which has caused the financial state I am in) and whether a friend of mine I rather like - who may be holding back due to the lag in my divorce, really likes me a lot and will come forth anytime in the next few months. That's rather complicated so focus on whatever you feel you are getting the clearest information on. thanks tons. TD

  • KushikamiKiba--I am GRATEFUL! MY THANKS.

    "Pretty good in 6 weeks at the latest" is HAPPY.

    I've been patient & keeping positive despite a lot of testing.

    Gift of a person would make me very happy too.

    Transport--makes sense..

    Being still...very interesting.

    On one of my online profiles there's a question in the "tell us about you" that says:

    People don't know I'm good at:

    My response?

    "Being still."

    I'll let you know how it happens.


  • People you can just keep posting, i'll do as many as i can in 1 day. 3 is normally my limit so you might have to wait a few times

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