Hans pls...

  • dear Hans,

    always just when i think i'm getting better, i get worse. 😞

    i shld hate d guy fr wat i found out he's been doing. problem is i don't. i cant stand seeing him with someone else n i'm forced to every single day.

    can u tell me wat kind of a person he is (birthdate 2ndJan1985)? wat's d reason for playing with ppl's minds? how much of wat i noe of him is d real him?? was he hurt before? y am i so "stuck" on him n in dis situation?

    thk u

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  • dear tangerine7,

    I appreciate your understanding.

    It is not very motivating for me in answering questions if I have the impression, that the one who asks me to take my time for answering her questions takes herself the shortest time possible for writing down the questions. If one wants me to carefully answer her questions, she should be careful in writing down the questions too.

    And this concerns many here on this forum, so I took this post as an example to explain to you and many others here why I expect more carefulness in answering questions.

    But I am happy that you had understood me, tangerine7, even before I explained my objection.

    You must have observed that neurotic people always

    force others to be attentive towards them. They will do

    anything if they can get the attention. So don't give any attention, remain

    indifferent. Needs are to be

    fulfilled but no attention is given, no special

    attention; indifference is maintained.

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  • tangerine7,

    if you are saying the guy i know is one: no.

    You are continuously

    thinking by the side. While you are reading you

    are thinking -- many thoughts are going, rushing in and

    out. They are very very dangerous. Then whatsoever

    conclusion you arrive at through them will be your

    conclusion, will not be mine. But it feels good to

    throw the responsibility on others. You have become so

    disrespectful towards yourself that you always throw

    the responsibility on somebody else. You have forgotten

    that you are responsible to yourself. Only you. All

    that happens to you and all that is going to happen to

    you is going to happen through you. You are wholly and

    solely responsible for your life. Nobody else is the


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  • tangerine7,

    I have read a future story:

    Male Robot: 'Hello I64259.'

    Female Robot: 'You can call me I64 if you like. I'm

    sorry I'm a bit late but I was screwing on a new face.'

    Male Robot: 'That's A OK, I was a bit late too. I

    blew a sprocket.'

    Female Robot: 'How nasty!'

    Male Robot: 'Might have been worse... I thought my

    big end had gone. My own fault, though. I went out last

    night and got oiled.'

    Female Robot: 'Still you'd better go down to the

    garage for a check-up. You might have a dirty sparking

    plug. I've some trouble too... My employers programmed

    me to do the wages but I gave out the horse racing

    results... I've got a new operator now.'

    Male Robot: 'Was the other one sacked?'

    Female Robot: 'No, retired on his winnings. Hope it

    doesn't happen again.'

    Male Robot: 'I expect one of your woggles worked

    loose. And talking about woggles, what's this about

    your sister?

    Female Robot: 'We don't talk about her. She's eloped

    with a petrol pump.'

    Male Robot: 'That's the spirit. Not as bad as my

    brother, though. He fell in love with a robot with

    three eyes. We didn't have the heart to tell him it was

    a traffic light. Eventually she blew a fuse, and he did

    not know whether to stop or to go. Actually now we're

    alone, I've got a present for you.'

    Female Robot: 'It's wonderful; what is it?'

    Male Robot: 'I bought it at the geiger counter.'

    Female Robot: 'But what is it?'

    Male Robot: 'A geiger counter. It comes in useful if

    you go geiger hunting. They say it's made especially

    for girls. It's a girl geiger!'

    Female Robot: 'Qh you're so wonderful, so magnetic.'

    Male Robot: 'You're only saying that because you're

    attracted to me! Let's run away and get married.'

    Female Robot: 'But I've had my heart broken before.

    Look, you can see where it's been soldered.'

    Male Robot: 'But this time it will be different.'

    Female Robot: 'How do you know?'

    Male Robot: 'I can feel it in my transistors.'

    So they were joined together in welded bliss and

    lived mechanically ever after.

    This is a future story, but the past also and the

    present too. This is your story. This is the story of

    the ego, the mechanical robot-like thing that has

    overpowered you. You are not alive, or only so-so alive

    in a lukewarm way, because the ego does not allow you

    to be alive. It goes on pulling you towards the past.

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  • Dear tangerine7,

    you can be a poor woman, you can be very rich; you

    can be absolutely anonymous, you can be world-famous --

    it makes no difference at all. Unless the mind takes a

    turn and starts moving inwards, unless mind takes a

    totally new dimension and becomes meditation....

    Meditation is mind turning towards its own source.

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