AuntBuck Reading if you do not mind!

  • Hello Auntbuck, I want to thank you in advance for your time. In a previous thread I posted needing some insight in my photography business I have just began....will I grow within in this field......b ut as I lay here restless these past few nights, Im not sure if its my business thats been on my mind or the fact I will find peace in my life. If you do not mind could you please give me a reading?

  • I will be happy to give you a reading. I need to finish the list first and a couple other requests. Hopefully I will be able to do this in the next day or so. Love and blessings!

  • Thank you AuntBuck!

  • Sorry it has taken me so long....weird couple of weeks I've been going through. Thank you for your patience!

    Blissful 77 - Reading regarding business/finding peace

    I pulled 4 cards for you.

    Card 1: Queen of Swords - The Queen represents a single or independent woman. She has authority and power. In some instances, this card may indicate someone who has endured emotional loss and separation as a result of divorce or death. She is strong willed and has the ability to cope with her loss. This can also represent someone who is going through a difficult experience which will open new vista's for positive growth. This is especially true if an Ace appears in the reading also.

    Card 2: Reversed 3 of Penacles - The 3 tells us that we may lack the confidence or ambition to sttrike out and change things for the better. Get going - thought without action is useless.

    Card 3: 2 of Swords - This card represents a situation in which you feel it is impossible to move forward. You are having a hard time figuring it out because you cannot use logic or intellect. You must rely on blind faith and trust the universe.

    Card 4: Ace of Pentacles - The Ace is an extremely positive card predicting success for new enterprise you are starting. The Ace is a strong indication that prosperity is comeing to you. Be open to receive the benefits it promises.

    I think that this reading is telling you that you need to trust the universe and have faith. You cannot think your way out of this. You feel like you are stuck but you just need to get up and move and trust and everything will work out for you. As far as your business, I'd say you will have a very successful business. Hope this and blessings!

  • Aunt Buck! Thank you so much for really helped me! I apologize for the delayed response in thanking you as I have stepped forward and putting my heart into this passion of mine. Just a little side note which touched me recently, I had gotten a reqest to use my photography and helping the families at Texas children to capture special moments of their children suffering and give them some happy moments to hold on to....I feel like I found a purpose to use my talent and help others...just wanted to share its been heavy on my heart. Thanks again!

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