Life Cycle Tarot - Meaning?

  • Hi Anyone for feedback on this... All feedbacks welcome.

    Love and Blessings - Mari

    Topic in mind – Money

    Self undoing – ace of wands

    Higher power – knight of swords

    Far Future – ace of coins

    Recent Past – Queen of Wands

    Self – Three of Cups

    Near Future – Two of swords

    Roots – Two of wands

    Situation – The world

    Lesson – King of Swords

  • mariplatnum,

    Topic in mind – Money:

    Self undoing – ace of wands: you only seem to have an overview.

    Higher power – knight of swords: it is the one, that will make it, against your mind.

    Far Future – ace of coins: be ready then for the gift of existence.

    Recent Past – Queen of Wands: you were identified with your desires.

    Self – Three of Cups: your belief is caused by patterns in your soul.

    Near Future – Two of swords: indecisiveness.

    Roots – Two of wands: you would have to reveal your innermost, but hectic is your drug.

    Situation – The world: you are in harmony with your world.

    Lesson – King of Swords: you need your energy to protect yourself.

    And the moment you are not afraid of the unknown the

    unknown immediately knocks on your door. If you are

    afraid then it does not disturb you. But it is

    foolish to use freedom in that negative way. Use

    freedom in a positive way, use freedom to receive the

    unknown guest, use freedom to create trust and love and


  • Hi Hans,

    Thank you for the feedback! True I have an overview of my money situation. I am indecisive about continuing with the business I am in but had invested a lot in it and actually have everything (finances) riding on it. I don't know about having harmony with it but I have accepted that I am in this situation its just a matter of finding a solution for it. Energy I do need cause it is tiring.

    I've been afraid about my situation. I don't know what will happen to us when I do am force to just close it. (Likely homeless and on welfare - which I don't want to happen) this must be your "foolish freedom" thing? If not, please explain a little more about the "foolish freedom" in a negative way . I don't think I've been foolish lately nor have I had any freedom to do anything lately since my situation has kept me restricted in many ways for awhile.

    Looking forward to your reply.


  • mariplatnum,

    this must be your "foolish freedom" thing? yes.

    please explain a little more about the "foolish freedom" in a negative way: use your freedom to live in the here and now in a playful way.

    Mari, people are very afraid of growing, for a certain

    reason, because growth brings new problems, and they

    have to find solutions for those new problems. If you

    remain ungrown-up, your problems remain old and you

    know the solutions. It is cheaper, safer, more secure.

    You have a few problems and you already know the

    answers. But then there is no exultation; one simply

    lives a routine, dull and dead life.

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