Confused about my sign.

  • I was on wikipedia the other day,and I looked up Gemini and stuff.It said..

    "Duration (Tropical, Western) 21 May – 21 June (2010, UTC)

    Duration (Sidereal, Hindu)[1] 14 June – 7 July (2010, UTC) "

    So I got all confused.And I decided to look up Taurus...

    "Duration (Tropical, Western) 20 April – 21 May (2010, UTC)

    Duration (Sidereal, Hindu)[1] 14 May – 7 June (2010, UTC) "

    What does this mean?Im supposed to be a Gemini...but Im also a Taurus..?

    Are my moon and rising sign different now too?:

  • HOLY FREAKY! I stumbled across something like that, too, when looking up Virgo stuff and was going to post this exact same question. Apparently Hindu Astrology and Western Astrology are extremely different, but I am in the EXACT same boat too...I'm super confused

  • This post is deleted!

  • D; Im born on May 27th,

    This sucks.I spent like...all my life telling myself I was a Gemini.Then I see that page and everything....It says Im supposed to be a the heck?:

    Now I don't know if my moon and rising are different too.:

  • Im Virgo....and now apparently a Leo.

    Like I know there are websites with Hindu Astrology/ i only read my "Leo" when I visit their websites.

    I wish someone more qualified can answer this 😞

  • Aww yeah..Same here.: I really don't know anything about Hindu astrology.D:

    Its just getting me even more confused.._.

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