Question for Aunt Buck

  • Aunt Buck can you do a reading for me please. You told me to start a new forum and you would answer me. Birthday 10/11/50, born 12:02 pm in Porterdale, GA. Thanks much.


  • Got it Toni. I need to finish up the List #3. I wanted to do that last night but got a negative poster on there and wanted to wait until Admin banned him again. :0) Will be working on today later on! Love and blessings!

  • Thank you Aunt Buck will be waiting for you patiently. Many thanks.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Toni - I have picked up the cards for you a couple different times but what I have come up with just isn't giving me any insights. So, tonight, I'm going to go with whatever comes through and hopefully something will make sense. :0)

    Card 1: Ten of Cups - Ten of Cups represents contentment, domestic bliss and satisfaction in all your endeavors. The is the card that represents everything that most people wish for. Harmony, a happy life, true love and companionship. It symbolizes abundance in a larger sense.

    Card 2: 6 of Swords: This card tells us that we are moving past our troubles and putting them behind you. It marks the time of a beginning after an upheaval. You have stablized yourself and are enjoying a new peace of mind. This is the calm after the storm - a period of smooth sailing with relatively few problems ahead.

    Hope this helps....let me know if it hits on anything for you! Love and blessings!

  • Thank you Aunt Buck, I appreciate it.


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