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  • Hello Captain:

    How is life treating you? Are you writing anything lately?

    Cheers, have a good weekend. Happy Holiday

  • No I haven't had time to write for a while. It seems more important to help people.

    You have a good weekend too, Sporty, and do some things that you like to do.

  • Dear TheCaptain<

    Can you tell me whai I am doing wrong to bring so much bad stuff into my life? Is it lessons I am suppose to learn, is it karma or something in my past life? I don't understand everything that is going on, but I wish did. Does this prooblematic time have anything to do with the moon? don;t know whar ro do,. but I am at my high stress point.Thank You.

  • Sporty, I feel like deep down you expect things to always go wrong for you - or at least for you not to do as well as other people. You have to believe you deserve success and happiness as much as anyone else.

  • Daer TheCaptain: That is exactly what I have been doing is telling myself that I am a good person, that I deserve bdetter, that I know what I am doing and than boom, I got a big slap at work and every since last Friday it has bween bad and now I am second guessing myself, maybe I ambeing tested to see how I would feel and how I would think after this, whatever it is it was bad. I went home crying last night, did not sleep well, they brought the girl back in that I replaced and no very much went right today even thjought I brought everything home and tried to get it organized and ready for her. he quarter of a million dollars that I made a mistake on did not set very good with the bosses and they did not talk to me today so I feel as though I am walking on a think line right now.My husband picked me up complaining and bitching, not very supportive and I thought it would be better to get away from work. Oh boy, so many negative people lately, not sure how I attractive them to me, but I do. I am tired tonight, once the mom picks up the grandkids, I going to go to rest with some meditative music and try to calm myself,

    Is your mom doing ok? Do you have a good relationship with your mom right now or is strained? Have a good night.

  • Whenever something that seems to be bad happens to you, try to see that there are other reasons why this occurred. Maybe the people you work for needed a big business wakeup call and you were the agent of that warning. Don't just automatically assume it was your fault. There are kazillions of reasons why seemingly bad experiences things happen, even that they may benefit you in some way. And if you are surrounded by negative people, all the more reason for you to be positive or else take them out of your life. Do you tell your husband that he brings you down sometimes and that you need a supportive partner for the times when you feel bad?

    If you expect bad things to happen, they will. The same goes for good experiences...

    And my mum and I are uncomfortable with each other but we do live in peace for the most part. Thanks for asking!

  • DearTheCaptainL

    I hope everything is well with you. My health has been going through some hard times, but hopefully it will all get better, I mean after all you can only lose so many teeth before you have no more to lose. I am really worried about my daughter. I know that they have there own lessons to learn, but I am guessing wrong at when to back out and when to help. I was told when she waS younger that she had a very dark cloud around her and that I would need to surround her with white light constantly. I thought that she had gotten better, but now I am not sure. Can you tell me if there is anything I need to be doing for her or am I doing the right thing now. I am so confused. She tried to kill herself and her daughter two weeks ago. I think that she is hanging around the wrong people and that she is doing drugs. She was diagnosed at the hopsital as bi-polar and some other things I cannot remember, but I am afraid for her and her children. Not sure whether to be there to help with the piece or to let things fall as they are. thank You for your help.

  • I am surprised the authorities didn't remove her children if she is suicidal and tried to kill them. It sounds like she needs a complete break from stress and life. This is one unhappy person. Drugs are an escape. Does she ever say why she is so miserable?

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    She works as a security officer for Wal-Mart so when the cops were called the other night, they knew her and told her to go home, which she did. She went to the hospital that same week with a firend ans she was diagnosed withn bipolar and I think acute aniexty aggression. She is the mother of my 8 years grandson that is in the mental home out of town. I am very worried about my daughter, but I do know that we all have our own lessons, I am more concerned about her children right now. She never wanted any and she has 3, but the 12 year old is a superstar in sports so she is not too bad with him, but I find that she is really mean at times to the other two, especially to the little girl. She has been investigated before, but does everything the childrens services want her to do and they do not see this mean side of her. She is not like this all the time, but boy when she is mean, we all know it. I know that I get on her bad side when I tell her that what she says to the little one is uncalled for and that she is a little child, but I cannot bear to hear her belittle her and put her down. I spoke up to her twice ion 2 weeks, but I would do this for any child that I felt wasn't being treated right. No she has not said why she is miserable, I am sure it has a lot to do with kids, work, not enough money, living in a dumpy place and so on. She has always been an unhappy child since she was about 6, when her step-dad left me, that she loved dearly. Well I got to head to bed for work, thanks for letting me talk about this. Have a great day tomorrow Captain!

  • So is she being treated for the bi-polar and anxiety? That might improve things.

  • Could your daughter be struggling with her sexuality? I am getting that kind of vibe, that she may not be sure which 'side' she is on.

  • And have a read of my post on "Universal Spiritual Laws" - it may give you some of the answers you are looking for in life.

  • Dear TheCaptasin:

    I don't know why but I had a hard time finding this, but I did, so I will read it. Thank you for the help. I lost my job today, not sure if it is good or bad or if I need -don't know what I was thinking, too sad to think. Have a great day.

  • If you lost your job, it was because you didn't like it enough or, if you believe you deserve good things, another better job is coming to you. But Sporty, I fear that you still don't believe good things can happen to you. tell me if you deep down didn't expect to hold on to that job. Your thoughts create your world.

  • Hello Dear Captain:

    How are you doing? I see you are busy, I think busier than normal,but busy is good. Anyway I am doing good I think. Lots of paperwork this week, I got set up with a government program that will evaluate me with my heath issues so that I can maybe I can get them fixed and get on with life in a good way. I have also checked out books about finding funding for a new business. I think the angels are pushing me to start my own business. I am not sure what business but am leaning towards the mom and pop grocery store. At least the not knowing is not stopping me from being in a good mood and positive about life. I feel different this time and good about things. My youngest daughter's birthday is today and you are going to chuckle, but I named her Angela after a friend in school because she as so pretty, now I think of it as after the angels, but she is far from being like one. As her mother I hope for her to meet someone for her to share her life with even though I know it will take her time away from me. I will make this wish on the stars tonight. Well I have chatted to much and kept you away from hleping someone else it was nice chatting with you my friend, until next time, God Bless!

  • Sporty, I always enjoy hearing from you and you are never a bother. I am so glad to hear you are being positive. This will have such a great effect on your life. Good luck with the business angle (I just typed angel and corrected it but maybe I should have left it) - I do feel you will have your own shop of some kind (maybe herbs and natural products?) soon.

  • Dear Captain:

    I have missed you. We had a bad storm that took out my phone and computer, the company kept sending me bills but never made it out to fix and I got them to credit my bill and fix my tools. Anyway, I have been staying part of the time in another city with my brother and his family and than I come home. My daughter tried to kill herself and the cops were at my house and I asked them to ask the hopital to hold her for the night, they did and a therapist came to see her and the next day she was in lock down for a week in the mental facility. Yes she has been diagnosed, so this explains more why she does not get along well with her son, but anyway she lost the the kids and they are with my sister. As sad as it was for me because I wanted them I knew they would be better with her. I also hoped I was giving her a little joy raising kids as she never had any of her own and wanted some, plus my health is not very good and I do not think it is fair that the kids think they need to take care of me and I get to talk to them whenever I want, so it is ok. Both of my daughters both need a spanking and a good talking to, but the will not listen to me and they need to learn their own lessons, I am having surgery Dec 28 on my knee replacement on my left knee, Just wish I could get the right leg to quit having severe pains from my kneee to my foot. I am getting treatment for my fibromyalga and it seems to be helping. My brother want me to move to his city and live with them until I can get back on my own, to do his books and help with the house. I want to but dont want to, I think the family is trying to split me and get me away from the stress in my life, my husband and girls. How is your life, are you writing and books or journaling yet? Did you miss me, stupid question, sorry to ask.. Is your mom doing ok? Well I better go as I spent too much time catching you up with some of the things in my life. God Bless You and may he give you what you may need in your life at this time.

  • Sporty, I have been wondering how you are going. Lots happening, eh? Maybe you do need to be removed from all the stress in your life for a little while. A break could be just what you need. It sounds like you are trying to bear too many other people's problems.

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