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  • Sporty, I often visualize the night sky in meditation as a sort of Universal image. I am really looking forward to the days to come. Yes I have had a lot of requests from people regarding their future. But spirit wants everyone to go out and make their future work and achieve their goals, rather than simply sitting around musing on what the future will bring. The future is what you make it (as you have found out yourself at work).

    Happy New Year!

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    I have 2 things I wonder about with people wanting to know about their futre: One is that they are testing the person they are asking from and or they are lost like I was and they just want a picture of anything that will give them hope, so basically they want an answer from someone that everything will be fine or maybe they are one of the people who have to be told. t beieve. either way they don't understand that no matter what anyone tells them they have the choice to make it happen or change it. sorry I am ranbling and sound confusing, I just got home from job number 2 and thought I would check in with you. Now I am going to bed, I will check back in with you this weekend,

  • No, you are making a good point. 🙂

  • And no genuine psychic can tell you that the rest of your life is going to be Easy Street. There will of course be high and low points but true happiness, growth, and strength comes from dealing with and overcoming your problems, not avoiding trouble.

  • Dear TheCaptain?

    How are you doing? It has been awhile. I am very busy in a good way, so even thought I am working a lot and my health and marriage is sufferubg a little, I do not want to complain about it specifically I want to rejoice in the good things that are happending and do not want to pay attention to the bad or sad things happening in my life right now, which seem minor to me campared to what I have through the last years? How is your mom doing?

  • Mym mother is taking better care of her health and I have stopped nagging her. 🙂

    How happy are you, Sporty, and what can you do to be happier?

  • Dear: TheCaptain:

    This is my monthly check in. I am so glad to hear that your mom is doing better and it sounds like you are doing better because of this. It is funny that you ask me this last question. I thought I would be much happier going to work and I am in a way, but in another way I am not.

    You have me thinking about this question now so I am not going to answer as I do not know the answer.

    What have you been up to lately?

  • I am just trying to adjust to all the earth changes lately - lots of minor physical symptoms like dizziness and tiredness. But all will be well. I hope you find the answer to that question.

  • Dear The Captain:

    Are you feeling any better? No I have not found the answer to the problem. Any plans for your upcoming birthday? I miss chatting with you. I will try to catch you up on my life this weekend. Is your mom still on the same track? Have a great day!

  • Oh yes I am much better now - probably better and stronger than I have ever been. I hope to spend my birthday quietly without fuss, but I fear my family may have other plans. Sigh!

    Yes my mother is still very set in her ways but I accept that she wants and chooses to be that way.

    So you still don't know whether you are completely happy or not, Sporty? Do you have any unfulfilled dreams or things you want to do?

  • Dear TheCaptain" First of all I will be greeting you on your birthday in my prayers, thoughts and wishes foir you, but in case I miss you on that day, I hope you have a great day!! I will be sending you a birthday present, it will be a silent thought or wish for you. So I hope you will receive it, I will check with you. I don;t expect you to know what it is, but hopefully the spirits will guide me so that you get what it is that you need to receive. Right now I am seeing a yellow and black butterfly flying around your ear like it is trying to tell you something and it seems to be very happy and giddy, must be because of the happiness for your birthday. Have a great day.

    Could I be a pain and ask for a birthday reading for myself for the next year from you? If so can I have it on my birthday (8th) so I have a gift to be excited about? I have tried really hard to searcch for myself the answers and what I feel. I also did not want to ask you as you helped me so much through the 3 years I did not work. Thank you for this. It would be nice to hear if I am right, close or off from my own thoughts. In reply to your question, no I am not happy. Just trying to go through the motions so people think I am. I think that I keep trying to live one day at a time hoping that tomorrow I would be happier. I love my job but I am having helath issues that make it hard, I don;t have a car for me to do anything I want, I don;t see my family much and my relationship is struggleing badly. I probably spend to much time by myself and I have too much trouble getting good sleep. I try to stay positive, but some days that is truly a hard job. for the most part, I have a house, a job and I can pay some bills, so life is better that what it was, it is just different problems with different stress, Getting older should be eaiser, I thought, however, it seems to be harder. I did not mean to, but I am sorry for the book I just wrote you. I did not proff read this so I hope you get the meaning if I spelled anything wrong. Take care Captain.

  • Sporty48, this coming year I feel like you are going to win the lottery - either literally or figuratively speaking. You will feel as though as all your dreams have come true. There will be a new lightness in your step and you will be looking up at the sky instead of down at the ground. A load will be lifted from your shoulders. I feel new love will come into your life - an uplifting spiritual awareness will come over you and you will see love all around. I feel there is going to be some sort of revelatory experience or epiphany that will bring this all about, within the next three months. But you are already moving towards it and should be feeling the first bloom of new hope quite soon. This feels like you are becoming an entirely new person with a new attitude and perspective on life. Love is the key here.

    Thanks for my gift - I'll be watching for it. And you have a happy birthday too!

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    I had another bad day with my husband today. I don't know what is going on for sure, but I have my hunches. Everyone has said that he loves me and will there for me to the end and I felt they were right, until lately. We are losing our relationship. Can you give me any insight as to what is going on? Also can you tell me why it is that every year the week before my birthday is so bad and challenging, is there something I am suppose to learn or do that I am not? It is just so hard to enjoy the special day when so much bad happens before it, but I try as I want to stay positive and not let the negativity get to me. Can you give me any insight to help me out? Thank You My Friend.

  • Sporty, the lesson here is to ask yourself why you put up with the things that don't make you happy.

  • Dear Captain:

    Thank You, I could never say no growing up and I still have this problem. I will have to figure it out, soon. Thank You again. Sorry to bother you. I cannot say it enough times, Thank You and I really do hope you have the best birthday. Would it be really wierd if you were sitting outside and a butterfly came by you?

  • That sounds like a lovely image and it is a sunny day here.

  • And you are never a bother, only a joy.

  • Thank you dear CAptain for your encouraging words. Did you hava a good birthday? Did anyting such as a butterfly come by you and leave you a message or give you a touch such as a kiss?

  • I got a present that was wrapped in paper adorned with butterflies.

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    Wow, I just got chills, Thank you for sharing this with me. Now I am impressed, as this is the first time that I ever told anyone anything that something actually happened, or the first time that anyone shared the information with me. Maybe they thought I had a screw lose. Thanks for making my day end in a great way.

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