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  • This is just a bump in the road, not a detour. You need to ask someone in the know about this problem. Do you have access to some free legal advice where you are? Or can you access your records online? I don't believe they can't give you some idea about what is involved so if you have to speak to someone higher up in the state office, then do so. Fight this challenge, don't collapse into it. You have reserves of strength you have never even used or called on.

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    Already working on this, I called the governors advocacy this morning and am waiting to hear back from them. I called my daughter to see if she remembers anything and she reminded me that the one years is the year she delivered a full birth child that was not alive. I am thinking that her and I had a fight and she probably called them and since she was only 14 and 15 at the time this all makes since because she did not get her way. Thank you for your imput. Can you answer me this? Is lots of people having many challenges such as me, or do we just think we are being picked on as all we can see is what is going on in our own lives and not that of others. I guess I am just trying to figure out if I am normal and going through normal hard times, if a person could call this normal as that is a whole different subject. Please remember that I do not expect an answer from you every time I chat. I just need to chat to get it off my chest so that I can figure out what to do next, but I do thank you. I do not want to sound ungrateful. I wish I had a friend like you here close by. Have a good day or night.

  • No Sporty, it's not just you - everyone is facing their own particular challenges. You are not being picked upon, in fact you have all sorts of help and support available from your guides and angels.

    Good for you for fighting back. Your daughter may have to write to explain what she did back then and why.

    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    Now I am going to ask you a question I hope you can answer. Do you know the name of my spirit guides or angels that are with me the most lately, that I can call on by name for help or thanks? Will the spiritual chalkra healing help me? I think it will over time, but not as quickly as I would like it to, like now. Mainly because I am trying to do it and not really sure I am doing it right or correctly.

    I don't know why I have been feeling this lately so I guess I better listen to myself, but I am being told to write. I don't know why or what for, so I looked up some writing websites for short articles and it seemed so overwhelming that I gave up and left the website. It keeps sticking on my mind and this is one thing you brought up before so I will have to do some more searching.

    Thank You

  • Sporty, I do believe in angels and guides but I also think they mustn't be relied on to do the things we need to - and can do -for ourselves. I think they are there for moral support and reassurance but I think we all have the answers inside ourselves when we need them. Leaning too much on angels or chakra balancing or whatever can become a way of putting off doing what we know we must do - take action. It's really only in doing what we fear that we find our inner strength and courage.

    If you want to know more about your angels and guides, ask 'missbethsangels' on this forum.

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    I really thought that my next life path was to work with the children or elderly, now I am not so sure. I am confused again. I feel like I am going around in circles like a wash machine, that never finishes cleaning and never stops, just keeps repeating.

    Anyway the Kid Center sent me a certified letter that they had to let me go since my FBI background check did not clear. So now no job and no unemployment. The positive side of everything is that I am still babysitting grandkids and getting paid by the daughter and the state to do so, the negative side of this is that it is not enought to pay rent and utilities. Some were turned off and I got them taken care of, got signed up for government help with food, got help with the heat from a government agency, used what was left of my money to pay the water, the church helped us with half of the rent and told my husband that they could use him to do some tile work next week on their house. I only have to come up with the other half of the rent and the next month is almost here to start all over. Wow, I am excited that I got through this much and tired at the same time just talking about it.

    I called people to find out what was on my background check and both cases from 1982 and 1991 were on my oldest daughter. I wrote a 5 page letter to them explaining what I though it was about and now I am just waiting to here back from them. I knew that the child place was not going to wait for me so I started applying at other jobs, but now I am worried and scared and just to mention sad. I will get through this bad period eventually and I know I will, but it still does not take the saddness or scary feeling away from the moment I am living now. I am trying to keep happy, my chin up and keep moving forward, it is just hard at times.

    I hope everything is going good for you! Take Care

  • Write the Kid centre and ask for a second chance - show how passionate you are about working for them. Ask them if you can work for free until your background check is cleared. Explain what is on your past record and tell them that the FBI is looking into it. Get your daughter to write to the FBI recanting her former complaints. Don't give up just when you are so close to success.

  • Dear TheCaptain.

    I did talk to the lady and she said that she made a mistake and has learned from this, she cannot let me work there at all, even as a volunteer, without having a cleared FBI background check. She said that she was very sorry and hoped that I would not have bad feelings toward her, which I do not, but that they had to hire someone qucikly since she is only the board president and that they could not wait for me as it might take several months for me to get my record cleared up, I sent the FBI investigator a 5 page letter a week ago last Friday, so now I am just waiting to see if that worked or if I need to do something else, in the mean time I am not giving up, but moving forward, I put in a few applications last week,

    On a fun note, which I am sure you get tired of people asking questions and talking to you about negative events in life, I took your advice and started writing my event that I felt strongly about in poetry and submitted it. I did not win the daily contest and they made me feel like a great writer as they said they liked it and were going to submit it in the big contest. I have done this before and it is a sales pitch to get you to buy a book they put your poetry in, but it is still cool. Bottom line is that I feel inclined to write more so I think I will. I am going to share it here with you.

    Working Fool

    I once was loyal, dedicated and great.

    I worked every day, sometimes quite late.

    No holidays for me and the weekends were scarce.

    I thought to impress those who could care less.

    Working fool I am as I worked for praise.

    No raises or promotions to come my way.

    Only more headaches and work came my way.

    As nothing changed for the better until my last day.

    What a working fool, believe me I paid.

    Fool to work so long for them.

    21 years to find they were not my friend.

    Fool to think I could gain a great spot.

    When all I got was the door to the parking lot.

    Working fool I am to the very end.

    Don't be a fool and work for the man.

    I thought you might enjoy this since you like to write too. Have a good day!

  • Write to the Kid centre and ask the manager to keep you in mind if the person they had to hire so quickly doesn't work out or another position comes up, as you will have your clearance check soon. I just feel it is worth keeping in touch with this place. And it's good for you to learn not to give up too quickly on your hopes and dreams.

    Good for your writing - the poem was great! Keep up the belief and good work...:)

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    You were right, the FBI background check came in the mail today and with my 5 page letter I was cleared. To late for the Kid Center job and I did talk to her, but not too late for the next adventure. I have been interviewing for jobs, about 1 a week right now, which is good. The same story for all of them, is that I am over qualified and they do not want to take a chance on me as they are afraid that I would leave. I talked to the manager at a employment agency today and she agreed with me that I need to set my sites higher and to not try for the less qualified jobs. I have a job interview for Monday for the indian tribe and another possibility in the workds for a statee job. I have not given up, I keep trying. I just got done with some bookwork for 2008 for the government and Tuesday I am going to start on 2009. I also am trying to get some of my bills in line to get cleared up, I am working on a fraud case with the state agains the guy I paid to refinance my house and a lswsuit againt the bank for not working with us on the case. The news has said that this is called robo signing against Bank of A and so I am going to try this. These are issues I had in the works and never finished so I am trying to complete them. I feel like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders today finishing the one task. I am trying to work on the advice you have given me. Thank you for this and the help you keep giving me. I also recieved a mail notice that my poem was chosen for a contest and I could pay for the book it is being printed in. I have done this before and it is a way for them to make money off of the people, but it still gelt good.

    By the way, my grandson came home 2 weeks ago from the mental house, (they call it a safe house)/ I am sure glad to have him back, but boy is it challenging and stressful with him and my daughter. What have you been up to?

  • All I can say is - WOW! Sporty, how strong you have become. Yes it will be a confidence booster to see your work in print so it's not a waste of money. If you keep trying, you never fail.

    I have been making breakthroughs in my attitudes too, such as my money beliefs.

  • Dear sporty48,

    Not to jump in on your thread with Captain, but I wondered if you have thought of going into business for yourself?

    I am in touch with your angels, and I just asked them about your life's purpose and am told something else altogether! They say you have good intuition, but you are not using it. Instead, you are following what others have told you, and that you need to reconnect with your body as you are receiving accurate messages all the time.

    They say that your head is full of all kinds of negative thinking patterns, and that you need to focus on reprogramming your self-talk to be full of positive, loving thoughts for yourself first and foremost, and then for others who come into your circle. A quick suggestion for undoing the past negativity is to ask Archangel Michael to come in and cancel the effects of your negativity...that you were not intending it to have such ramifications on your well being. Your angels say to think of it as hitting a delete key on your keyboard. Then start anew.

    Lastly, in terms of your life purpose, they suggest that you begin reading and studying about an entirely new career...because they say you are psychic in your own right, and have a flair (meaning a natural born gift) to speak with those who are departed loved ones. That this is your life purpose -- and that in pursuing it, either as a hobby or career, you will feel soul-fulfilled.

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Thank you dear TheCaptain:

    I am sure that I am conveying a strong me, when really inside I am not. I am just trying to not let this bad time in my life get me down and to try to forge ahead, even though as you know, it is very hard for me. I am trying, one day at a time. Thank you for the vote of confidence.

    Are you journaling your thoughts down on the money issue? I feel like you are suppose to, I think this is because of the days when your enery is weak or low, you can go to the notes and get the energy from this that you need to get you through or get you going. Just a thought.

  • Dear missbethangels,

    Please do not feel bad about jumping in, this is not a private thread. I welcome and am open to suggestions/ Yes I know I am psychic in someway as I can feel things for other people or know that something is going to happen and when I am right, I get goosebumps. However, I cannot seem to build this up to where I feel confident in doing. I certainly cannot feel anthing for myself, especially lately and I am sure it is from the negativity in my life. I am trying to forge forward and keep my chin up, but it is hard at times. Thank you too for the vote of confidence for boosting my ego up. I will get back to you in a couple of days as I would like to chat with you more about the angels and my negativity, if this is ok with you. Please thank the angels for me.Thanks so much and God Bless.

  • That's a good idea about journaling my thoughts, Sporty.

    And how would you know how to 'act' strong if you really weren't deep down inside? It's only your human side that gets scared, your God side is all-wise and all-powerful. Call on it when you feel weak or troubled.

  • Anytime sporty48! You may want to start a new thread if you want to for your questions on angel and your negativity.

    Angel blessings!

    Miss beth

  • Dear TheCaptain,

    How is life treating you? Did you ever get a chance to start journaling? Nothing happening to me that I care to talk about. My husband got a part-time job, 10 hours a week for our church that pays $400.00 a month and I am back to doing child care for all 3 grandkids until they find a place to care for the special care of Jake, that is trained in dealing with him or until the daughter moves or until I find a job. I hope the universe is being good to you for your time and effort in helping so many people. God Bless!

  • Yes I do journal.

    I am about to move from where I have been living for a long time so a new start is about to happen for me, which will be good. I will also be able to give more time to my writing as I am taking early retirement. Mainstream working was never my forte anyway - I hate commuting, being part of the rat race, and getting up before I want to.

  • Dar TheCaptain,

    Good for you, how exciting, I think I will share the bottle of champagne with you for luck and prosperity. Will you stay in touch with your friends here? I hope so as I really enjoy communicating with you, you are always the positive charge that I need from a good friend and I know that you have lots of friends here besides me. Good luck moving!

  • Yes I will definitely stay in touch with this forum. I have made good friends here such as yourself. I may however be off for a few days during the actual move.

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