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  • Hi Sporty, As the years progress I believe it'll probably be beneficial to be your own boss. I'm not speaking just to you. I would ask the work force unemployment office if they can help you re-train. Look at your area. That might give you some clues also. Don't hang this burden totally on yourself. I would be surprised if the economy did recover. It's been mismanaged and we've had that war. If your experiencing a teenager right now, you have a full plate. Spend some time with your daughter to smell the roses, so to speak. In the long run, family matters the most. I have been doing tarot the last seveal days and would like to do a reading for you. Maybe would help in some way.

  • Hi Sporty, You view this situation as one of the worst and indeed it may be. Examine your own feelings and try to see the positive. Your reading is calling you to be creative in your approach. My own feelings is somehow your daughter may be able to help. You will have to let go of past in order to move ahead. Did you travel in your past. Shows you may have been resistant to change--will have to change to move forward. Person who is in your life who figures predominantly. May have to give-up totally previous way of life. You have always felt restricted. Need to think about this. In other words, somebody is a weight on you forcing you to not be able to grow. Your future is in your own hands. I feel you need to seek help spiritually and only in that way will you feel a sense of re-assurance. You will receive reassurance spiritually. I can't help you in that department. It's much needed. It's almost like something almost sinister going on. I don't feel you are the cause but if you don't act will take ahold of you. The ten of swords is in your final outcome. Correct what is wrong now or maybe you are already experiencing what is wrong and you need to correct it.

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  • Sporty you said "For example, I really felt like something was going to happen, even though it was not what I really wanted to happen, but it did not happen." Of course it didn't happen because deep down you were willing it NOT to happen. You didn't want it to happen. Your gut was right in telling you that it was possible but your willpower cancelled it out. Your gut feelings are always right. You just have to align your instincts and your willpower and wishes so that you are all aiming for the same goal.

    And, even when things don't manifest on a physical material level, there is always change going on inside of you.

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    We did not get the bid on the janitorial, which I did not think we would, but I do think they will offer it back to us in the future. I just feel a connection to the place for whatever reason. I am still going through a tough time and I think I know who it is that is holding me back along with myself. Only I can fix this so we will see what I can do in the future. I am so greatful that you are back and that you are ok. Did you get a chance to do some writings? Don't give up on the writing, as I do not feel that it will go anywhere in this life time, but it will serve a purpose. I am not pyschic so please do not pay attention to my ramblings, but I do feel that you need to continue writing. God Bless You and Yours.,

  • Thanks Sporty and good luck to you! You do have the inner strength to get through this. Just be completely honest with yourself about your situation and what you want.

  • Hello Dear TheCaptain,

    How are you? Are you still writing? Nothing good or bad to report to you on my life, everything seems to be at a stand still. I am still applying for jobs and getting interviews, but no job yet. It will happen when the time is right and I will be where I am suppose to be for this time period. Just patiently waiting. Your message on 2011 was a good one and I think it is what some of us needed to hear, faith in ourselves. Thank you and take care.

  • Things will start to move in february, Sporty, just you hang on. Life will get easier but if it doesn't, you may need to get rid of anything that is holding you back, including any possessions, attitudes, habits, and people that are of no further use to you.

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    I just heard on the news about really bad weather in Austraila besides all the flooding. Are you in a safe location? I just started thinking about you when I heard this. I hope that you are safe and doing ok. I will pray for you and Austraila. God Be With You.

  • Thanks Sporty, all my family in Queensland were safe from the floods and I myself am well and good. I can see now why spirit didn't grant my wish of retiring to Queensland - the place I wanted to move to is now all under water.

  • So how are things with you?

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    I checked on you the day after I wrote you and was relieved to see that you were not in any danger. Thank You to the higher powers for your safety. I am sure I do not have to answer your question as you already know the answer. I don't know what it is I have to get rid of or let go of. Ok, I take that back, I think I do know, but am finding it really hard to do away with, so I keep asking myself if I am right and what now or what next. Too long of a stroy and if I write down all the negativity I feel as if I would be re-inforcing it and I do not what to give it justification. I really am trying to concentrate on positivity and this is really a hard task at tiems, but I am really am trying, so thank you for asking. That is sweet of you. I have went to the afirmations a couple of times that you guided me to and know that it is time to re-visit it again . Thank you for this as it does help. If I do not talk to you before, Happy Valentines Day and I know in my heart that I have a friendship love for you and your kindness. Happy Valentines Day!

  • Sporty48, I had a sudden image of you flash into my mind as I read your post. I saw you furiously digging a bigger and wider space in the same old hole in the ground. You weren't getting anywhere, just going deeper and expanding into the old hole.

    Maybe it's time to start a new hole in a different space or attitude?

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    You were right about February being the month for me, I got a job today. I did not get the job I applied for, but they offered me a job that they do not have a decription or job title for as of yet. They also offered me the job starting at $8.75 an hour which is not good wages here, but I know that I will move up in wages pretty fast and that it will not be great, but decent. I fell really good about this job and that it is the next step to get me where I am suppose to be. The other amazing thing is that you told me earlier that you seen me with children or elderly and this is a day care center. I was not sure you were right at the time, but I kept my options open and you are right. I start on Tuesday, now we need to share the bottle of champagne. I would send you one, but it is not the same as sharing it with you. I would like to meet with you in my mind at an approximate same time this weekend. I feel that we could share this with our energy, are you game? Thank You so much for helping me through a low time in my life and a hared time.

    On another note I am trying to change my hole. I have always told my kids that they could do anything they put their mind to and never lived this myself. I am trying to put this into action and get rid of my doubts and low self esteem. I thought for awhile you were talking about my husband and kid, even if it is, I know that I still need to work on me. I could go on and on, so thank you.

  • All I can say is - WOOHOO for you! 🙂 You worked for this and stayed positive so you deserve this. I feel this will be more than just financially rewarding for you.

    I am ready to share energies right now.

  • Go Sporty!

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    The positive energy flow is going back and forth like ribbons. I see mavue and very blue in the shape of ribbon bow. Amazing as it is, there seems to be fireworkds going off around the ribbons with just a little noise, very festive. Let me know if anyone ever doubts you, as there is always people out there testing and doubting, I will vouch for you. I hope you write a book on the test and trials of peoples readings. My time with you was not overnight, but with paitience, attitue, change, persistance, focus and perserverance the end result came forth. I am the truth and the light for your success story and mine of course, but I give most of the credit to you and GOD. I am looking forward to this opportunity and not scared like I thought I would be. You take care and keep helping people, you are an angel, one of the chosen ones.

  • Sporty, you did all the work, I just gave you a nudge or two.

  • And we are ALL angels.

  • Dear TheCaptain.

    The congratulations was very short as well as the job. I worked 2 days and they sent me home. My FBI backgtound check did not clear and I cannot work there until it does. I just got a note yesterday that I have 2 issues on my record from 1982 and 1991. I called the state office but they could not tell me anything except that I have to figure it out on my own and send the info back to them. I have not a clue what it could be.If I guess on something and it is not right they will send it back to me. I don't know what to do. This last 2 years has been hell for me and I keep telling myslef I can beat this, but than I get hit with blows such as this. How can I have so much bad luck and so many problems? I started working with chalkra healing this last week and I am having a hard time with this, I am very blocked. I don't know what to do and on top of all this now my unemployment stopped this week, I only get 37 dollars, what is a person to do. I must have did something really bad to someone in a past life, because I am not getting any breaks life. I am going to go to bed and cry. I just needed to talk to someone, Goodnight or good morning to you.

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