Love Spread - Need help please

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm a newbie to the tarot world and to this forum. I'm so glad I've found here. I try to do readings by myself from time to time. But I am a total beginner and this time I am so desperate I'd really love it if you could read my spread., which I did about two hours ago.

    Last Sunday, I met this guy who I really felt connected in an instant. Ok, to give some background, I was out with my family sitting at a cafe on a pier. There was this guy sitting at the opposite table. He was really cute. Alone. Deep in thought. It was obvious that he had a major problem, he was shaking his feet, fidgeting his fingers, staring at the sea for hours and then he called his dad suddenly - I was close enough to hear a little, don't get me wrong I didn't mean to listen but that was a public conversation šŸ™‚ - so he told his dad that he was really confused about something but I couldn't hear what, I assumed it would be about work too - he said there was work the following day and he was getting prepared for that. Whatever his dad told him didn't seem to relieve him though. Anyway, then in time he started looking at me, I mean really looking at me, we were exchanging glances every now and then. But his problem -whatever it was- was still hovering over him. He tried to eat something but couldn't finish his food etc. But all this time we were exchanging glances too. Then, I went to the restroom. When I came back he was gone. Disppointed I told my mom that we should go. On our way to the car, I happened to look back and saw him! He was walking back to the cafe... suddenly I changed my mind and I made something up about seeing one of my old friends and wanting to say hi to him, and rushed back. I was determined to meet him! When I went to the cafe, however, he wasn't there. Again disappointed, I started heading back and there he was. Walking towards me, his head down, deep in thought and he didn't see me. He didn't see me at all till I got closer and I stopped and said hi! He suddenly smiled, suprised to see me and said hi. He looked really happy to see me in fact, and asked me if I lived around. After some very small talk, I mean we didn't say much to each other really - I didn't want to make my mom and cousin wait longer - he asked me my phone number. Tapped it into his phone, learned my name. I asked his name. and we shook hands and I left! Weird, right? Anyway, since then he hasn't called. I started feeling that he was never going to call me back. That problem he has could be work related or girlfriend related, I don't know but it looked like it was something huge. However, it looked like he liked me too - though I shouldn't expect much I know. I even think maybe he got my number wrong - pushed a wrong key or something and maybe I'll never see him again. Well, sorry for writing this long but I just had to - to give the basics of the situation, sorry again if I got into too much detail. But I'm not normally like this - I really like someone so rarely and I really liked this guy.

    So today I had a lovers spread with a Rider - Waite deck. Here are the results. I tried to draw conclusions but I really need more professional ideas on this.

    Present Situation - six of swords

    My World - five of swords

    His world - ten of swords

    Nature of issues - eight of wands

    Obstacles - page of pentacles

    Lessons and Signs - seven of pentacles

    My hopes, fears and desires - the world

    His hopes, fears and desires - the empress

    Challenges - king of cups

    Outcome - three of wands

    I'll be grateful if you gave me your insights. Thanks for taking time to read!

  • Oh, btw, I don't need a thorough explanation for each card - though that would be great, lol, I'd really appreciate that - but I don't want to take much of anyboyd's time. Giving me an overall view would be just as awesome.

    Do you think he'll call me? Or was mine the wrong timing? šŸ˜•

  • Present Situation - six of swords a Test or a challenge has been presented. since he has not contacted you, now it's up to you, but how can you go about it? you can't so you have to wait this out. he may or may not contact you.

    My World - five of swords you feel defeated, and at a loss. you feel a hopelessness on the chance of him contacting you. accept this defeat, and let this go. nothing here for you to do.

    His world - ten of swords He has a lot going on in his world, and it's causing him emotional and spiritual pain. I am feeling it's about his health, and is worrying about his work as well.

    Nature of issues - eight of wands is about action, and being able to implement them. lining everything up to make something happen, but it's not working. timing appears to be off.

    Obstacles - page of pentacles pages are about messages being delivered or received. you could be right, that he did not enter your phone # correctly. maybe that is a blessings in disguise.

    Lessons and Signs - seven of pentacles this is about learning patience, and be resilient in the face of your setbacks. so what? find another cute boy LOL

    My hopes, fears and desires - the world you are looking to complete your world with someone whom you can share with.

    His hopes, fears and desires - the empress He is worrying about his Mother. a female and someone who is important to him is the one he is very worried and concerned over.

    Challenges - king of cups Learn to work on your empathy and understanding. learn patience, and just because someone did not contact you or follow thru, does not mean it;s always about you.

    Outcome - three of wands I feel you will hear from him, but looks to be another few weeks or so.

    one caution... this does look to be sexual in nature. It's too soon to see how deep this will go if it ever takes off.

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  • MsSunny,

    Thank you sooo much for your detailed and insightful answers. I know that I should be patient, but I have been lonely for a very long time - because I've chosen to be - and I don't know, something happened that Sunday. I don't chase boys like that - and even saying hi to him was a huge thing for me. You're right it might not about me at all - the timing was obviously bad and he has a lot going on but I just wish to meet him once, so that I could be free. So you think I'll hear from him, sooner or later? That gives me hope. However, you think it's sexual in nature because we don't really know each other? Or you saw it in the cards? God, yeah, we don't know each other at all, in fact.

    Btw, "Find another cute boy!" - good advice, lol.

    Thank you a lot again.

  • I beleive their is an good physical attraction, and enough to want to pursue it further. yes, I do feel he will call you, but looks when things settle down for him. just has a lot on his mind, and has not had the time to think about it. like life just took over for now. other people are on his mind .

    remember you are the one that said he is too cute. so his good looks is what got your attention. but that is typical. it's the chemistry and the attraction that will determine whether it's strong enough to continue.

    all you can do now, is hope for the best, let it go, and yes, there is a good chance of a future date.

    if it's meant to be, something more will develop... if not, then it's not good for you.

  • I do want to add that overall spread, I look for what is missing or absent. there are no cups in your current situation, and cups represents the emotions or the heart of the matter. but there is a King of cups which is a court card. This is not an emotional issue for either of you, and at this point, looks to be an infatuation.

    king of cups is someone who does not display their feelings, but rather keep those feelings hidden and until it's shows more promise. in other words you may want to keep your feelings closer to y our heart for now, and not wear them on your sleeve.

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  • giggle.. I don't know why, but I woke up really early this morning. I figured it's best to just get up then to lay there pondering as to why I a woke so early ( 4 am) I decided to turn on my computer and check things out here.

    for some reason I started thinking of a time when I was 14 years old and had a heartfelt crush on a cute boy (can't remember his name and just as well) LOL after being let down that my cute boyfriend stood me up for a date at the ice skating park. he was happily skating with another girl! and skated right by me smiling. I thought I should kick his teeth out with my ice skate blades on.

    pfft, I chose to just leave, but boy I was really hurt, and cried all the way home. the whole 13 blocks and all. by the time I got home, my mom was there to provide support. gave me a big hug, and whispered in my ear *there are plenty of other fish in the sea.. now go fishing! *

    I laughed, felt better, and I moved on. not easy to take rejection, and I have been rejected many times too!

    after many heartbreaks, I finally found my frog, turned him into my prince charming, and I can look back now, and say I have no regrets. :)) it was all worth it. sigh...

  • thanks watergirl.. you are awesome too!

  • Infatuation - that's the word, yes. I've been totally smitten by him but of course he's probably not feeling as strongly as I do. When I really like someone, lol, I tend to get obssessed because such strong attraction happens rarely. But your prediction that he'll call makes me feel hopeful, but on the other hand, I've kind of given up too. However, I was so sure that he would call this week, sooner or later. Call me stupid, lol, but I'm even thinking of going to the same place same time this Sunday in case I see him again. But what am i gonna do if I see him - ask him why he haasn't called yet? Silly idea I know... but what if he tapped my number wrong? Those what ifs are killing me.

    About your experience with that boy Ms. Sunny, I totally get you. Rejection - especially for the first time hurts like hell - and your mom was totally right - "there is plenty of fish" in the sea and you finally found your own prince, which is great! But I'm at this age when most of my friends are married with children too and I feel like my options are narrowing down day by day. Hopeless much? Do I sound desperate enough? lol I'm kind of fed up with this loneliness - looking for the right person - I've been going on dates from time to time since my last serious relationship (which was years ago btw) but no favorable results just yet. Too picky, unfortunately. So I just wanted to get to know this guy - just see him again and find out myself if he is worth all this or if he is just a jerk šŸ˜‰

    So I was thinking whether I should do another spread. If it is too soon. Or should I just leave it at that? How long should it take to do another spread? I don't wanna overdo it, I know it's not recommended with tarot. But I still can't help but wonder šŸ˜‰

    waterlady, please, ditto to that! MsSunny is totally awesome! Thanks once again MsSunny, you are a gem.

  • lol, you know what?? I was thinking you may want to go back that place, but bring a friend with you just in case he does not show up there. page of pentacles do represent messages.. all pages do. but the pentacles is slow moving, so it may be few weeks before you 2 get to see each other again. whether it's this week or later, yes, I feel you will get your chance.

    I understand the age thingy. I did not get married until I was 27. I have a daughter 30 still single, and a son 28 engaged to a 29 year old.

    and it's good you were being spontaneous and you took a bold move. now it's up to him..

    if you do see him at the restaurant, acknowledging him would be great, but let him make the manly move of the thrill of the chase.

  • lol, MsSunny, you have great intuitions šŸ™‚ I'm actually making up stories in my mind like " hemight have got my number wrong but because does not know how to reach me he goes back to the same place, hoping to find me, since he couldn't call me and he thinks that I felt something was wrong so I also went back hoping to find him again" lol (Now that I read this again, it sounds like the twister 'he was looking back to see if she was looking back to see

    if he was looking back at her" šŸ˜„ ) Ah we women always fall into the trap of assuming men are like us, right? We love to make up scenarios.

    Though, he knows I live quite far from that place. He lives relatively closer but still far. I assumed he was there to empty his head, get some fresh sea air... I'm not sure if he is a regular there. Nor am I. So if we see each other there - he'll know I came back for him šŸ™‚

    Oh and let me tell you, I made my last bold move like this with an ex boyfriend of mine. I used to see him around campus and thought we were aware of each other but it turned out that he wasn't aware of me at all! Anyway, one day i saw him on the bus and as we got off, I pulled up all my courage and very spontaneously tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and I said 'hi, would you like to go to the theater with me this Sunday?' He thought it was a camera joke!! lol I really had two spare theater tickets with me, i was going to go with a friend but she had something else come up last minute. And well he got my number, called me the next day and we met on Sunday. And we ended up dating for 4 years. šŸ™‚ Well, that was my first and the last bold move till now... It's been years and i thought I'd never do something like this again :)) But here I am...

    I am almost 33, btw. And a virgo. Guess that explains? ahah That guy at the cafe could be younger than me, though he doesn't look that young. Btw, I realised that I accidentally got a picture of him, just a glimpse of his face, while I was taking my cousin's pic. Wish, I had had a full view.

    What do you think about another spread? I am really tempted to but I don't know... Or should I go for cartomancy?

  • Hey MsSunny! Hope you and your family have been well!

    Well, just wanted to let you know that I went to that cafe today. Yes. With my best friend. He didn't show up. Feel a little silly now but we spent a great day, near the sea, chatting... that was nice. . I still think he got my number wrong but my friend thinks he will call. I am totally hopeless now. Well I did my best, pushed the limits. I'd hate getting obsessed over someone I don't know at all... but just couldn't help it. Last night I was gonna open another tarot spread but gave up... didn't want to jinx it, you know. I went to the cinema and saw Inception instead, lol.

    So that's it... I really want to believe like my friend that he'll call sooner or later but there's nothing I can do about it now. I guess I'm done.

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  • Hey, sounds like you had a good day. you must live on the other side of the world, it's only 8:30 on Sunday morning here. I live in California, so I am Pacific Coast Time.

    Like watergirl said.. it's best to let go of your expectation on when he will call.

    when you have a wish, it's good to let go of who, when , and where, and let the magic do it's work.

  • Hey watergirl, thank you for the advice, hope you keep it yourself too šŸ™‚

    MsSunny, yes I live in Istanbul, Turkey. So that's already evening here, 8:30 pm. But I've been to California, it was lovely. Well, so I'm letting it go... since there's hardly any chance that I might run into him in this huge city, it all depends on his call. Again thank you for your support for the past few days. You're awesome! Right, watergirl? šŸ˜„

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