KushiKamiKiba..........Need your wonderful insight Please!!!

  • Hey KushiKamiKiba!!

    I need your insight on this guy that I met! He is a Cancer, BD July 7, 1973, My BD March 18, 1960. We met and I felt like I was "supposed" to meet him!! Things just clicked! I am married, (not happily by any stretch!!), and this Cancer guy met my husband as well. We danced, and had a great time all week, he called me several times after I got home, and he talked making plans to see me again, etc. One night my husband came up to me while I was on the phone with him, and it seemed to bother my Cancer guy!! My instincts tell me that I am supposed to be with the Cancer guy, and we had this uncanny connection, (soulmate??) but I haven't heard from him for awhile now.

    My question is, do we see each other again, and if so, When, and also, do we eventually get married??

    Thank you so much for your time, and your great gift that you share with everyone on here!!!


  • Lildolphin7

    Hey hey

    well from the looks of things i get the strangest feeling he disappeared because of a lack of confidence, it looks to me either he didnt feel good enough for you or he didnt want to face any conflict with your husband. In a way he fought his emotions and in the end his logic won. You were left to choose but halfway through he left and so now there is an imbalance and lack of direction. There is a chance of returning however what made him leave in the first place might not be gone and so commitment issues will be there. When he'll be back i would say is around 2 months

  • WOW! Thank you so much! I suspected that he stopped calling because of my husband coming up to me while on the phone with him (husband didn't know who I was talking to anyway) because my Cancer guy seemed to be very interested in me, etc., and had made plans to see me in July, and talked of what he was doing in 2 years, etc. (right now he lives about 18 hours away) But he travels my way occasionally.

    You said probably 2 months he could be back!? Can you tell if we are together as a couple in the future? Possibly married, etc.??

    Thank you again for your wonderful talent and gift that you share with all of us!!


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