A little help please!

  • I wrote the flowers from my ex a dream and got great feedback from it. But just in case no one notices I want to re post part of the topic.

    I could really use a CLEAR reading right now because I don't want my HEART getting in the way. Reading myself is something the HARDEST thing!! lol

    Here's a copy plus more of the other post!

    Yes I do still have some contact with him though not that much.

    Interestingly enough however his mother has been calling me a ton lately! I mean over 8 hours in the last week including a 4 and hour one the other night! Its unusual!

    She keeps on saying I should make sure the house is clean, hows my job, get rid of my husband, Brians wife is driving her crazy, she don't think they'll work out, yada, yada yada

    Its the same stuff (make sure you clean, get a good job...I've done all...its like sh wants me to PROVE that what I am stating is a fact!) that she used to tell me all the time that bugged him but I suffered from depression and did not act the way I should have or could have. I now realize what I should have done. I still love him, I've told her that. I just wonder what is going on? I am wonder what or who is possibly behind all of these calls. Something is going on and it doesn't have a negative feel even though she tells me oh he wouldn't go backwards and we wouldn't get together. I am almost wondering if there is some type of reverse psychology going on? I don't know! I am terribly confused however! Tarot readings have him coming back and such I just don't want to think positive to be let down, clear thinking from others right now is needed desperately.

    Some birthdays for ya!

    Mine Oct 23

    Brians May 2

    My current husband Chris Nov 8

    Brians mom Wilma Oct 13

    Brians wife Debbie Aug 8

    Someone please help me! My brain and my heart can't take it anymore!

    Thanks a bunch

    Dazed & Confused, heartbroken, loved, in love & probably crazy for it all!!


  • PS

    Tarot readings seem to show positive things.

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