Knocking at my door

  • Dear Blueyedervish,

    Thanks for trying to help me out with this, i have checked everywhere around my front door and porch area for any possible explaination as to why this is happening and i cant find any its unexplainable .We bought the house back in 99 from an old couple, it was a couple of weeks before christmas when we moved in , on xmas day there was knocking at the door i wasnt expecting anyone because we were going to have dinner at my mums house, when i opened the door it was an old man the previous owner of the house , he said i wished i never sold this house and he gave me some keys to the garage. If it is a spirit i wonder if it could be him , there is no way that i would know if he passed away or not .My grandmother has never been in the house as she a was very reclusive person she didnt like going out much , i feel that she would let me know if it was her she wouldnt keep me guessing . It makes sense with what your saying about it whatever it is being friendly with the dog not barking, i never thought of it in that way . Today i prayed to archangel Azrael who is the angel of death that helps lost souls find there way to the other side, i asked him to help who or whatever it is crossover and so far i havent heard a knock all day ,but still it doesnt mean that this has worked because some days the knocking can be more constant than others. Thanks again many Blessings 2u Lilac

  • Since i asked Archangel Azreal to help whatever it was causing the knocking move on i have heard no knocks since ,but i also followed Luvslife advice and asked them to contact me in another way and now i have this Bonnie Tyler song, making love out of nothing at all playing in my head over and over again,i am not a fan of Bonnie Tyler i dont even have this song on my ipod and havent heard it playing somewhere recently like the shops or anything its so bizarre.

  • somebody is obviously trying to get your attention. any dead relatives or friends?.

  • Dear kangeroninja

  • Kangerioninja sorry pressed submit post by mistake ,a dear friend of mine passed away two years ago and we lost touch before she died ,i have been grieving for her until this day there was a misunderstanding between us, and i have never forgiven myself for not trying to clear this up but i dont think that she would have anything to do with the song playing in my head ,

    maybe the knocking at the door which hasnt happened for a couple of weeks now.

  • lilacrose

    the old man...knocking just prior to christmas...was very happy there hence his statement"wish he'd never sold the house...the tune Making love out of nothing at all,thats what he's telling you...he started somewhat fresh ,newlywed?thats possibly your answer.he wanted you to know he built a loving existence with someone while he had nothing to give,but he gave her his all and made a heavenly home with his beloved.assuming he's passed.the connections come from this male.(My take ,only)meaning open your doors with a welcome must learn to forgive and release your regrets of what has occurred with your friend....she forgave you a long time the lyrics of the song.Odd that you should get Bonnie Tyler.Airsupply created this song.. the video is unusual in theme...interesting.

  • Dear Blueeyedervish,

    When i started hearing the song a couple of weeks ago at first i didnt take much notice of it probably because im busy all the time with my three kids ,after a few days of hearing it in my head throughout the day it started to get my attention, i cant remember air supplys version of this song, but i knew straight away that it was Bonnie Tylers version that i was hearing .Thankyou for letting me know that it was on youtube, i watched the video for the first time today it is very haunting, the only thing i can relate to whats in the video is the angels, i have been praying to archangels alot lately but i dont feel this has anything to do with as to why i am constantly hearing the song.

    The verses that i am constantly hearing are,

    And i dont know how to leave you ,and i'll never let you fall ,and i dont know how you do it

    making love out of nothing at all.

    But im never gonna make it without you,

    Do you really want to see me crawl

    And im never gonna make it like you do

    making love out of nothing at all.

    The other verses in the song are very heartfelt as well it is a beautiful song , I just wonder who it might be that is sending it to me? for some reason i dont feel that i was the old man.I downloaded it on my ipod today and have played it several times to see if it would stop it playing in my head all day and to let them know( if it is spirit) that i have taken notice and they have got my attention, well so far it hasnt worked i can hear it playing in my head as clear as day while i am typing this post to you. Thanks so much for you help i am so grateful.

    Love and whitelight Lilac

  • Hi ya,

    Well Ive had a similar experience, but only in the early hours, 3am ish.

    I jump out of bed, awakened by loud knocking at the front door.

    I sent my hubbie each time, but nothing!!!!

    It bothered me for a long time, as this happened twice.

    I have been told it was spirit trying to get my attention. More alarming was the old tale that is was a sign of a death.

    Havent had this dream since, but think they have changed tack!!!

    Was just getting petrol and saw a sign for a guided meditation class, wasnt sure what it was, but went anyway. What a fantastic experience. Dont know where they are leading me, going along and becoming more aware.

    Hope you figure out the hidden message!!!

    L&L Caz

  • Oh, I also had a kettle play tricks on me, turning off and on, on its own. Throw it out in the end, but was later told it was spirit having a bit of fun with me, trying to get my attention.

    Your not going mad!!! Im perfectly sane most of the time;)


  • DEAR lilacrose--just saw this thread today!

    #1--since you've been here and awakening--you are opening up to many things.

    #2--I don't really cotton to these ideas of "this many knocks a "good" or "bad" omen."

    #3--If no one has taught you this yet--allow me to pass down what I was taught:

    when receiving a knock (which IS someone or something trying to get your attention)

    it IS wise to not just open up the door or say "come in" til you know who it is---

    ASK! From your own safe focused space--& if it makes you feel better--make a quick connect

    with your own Guardians & Angels--

    ASK--"Who are you?"

    ASK: "Are you here for my HIGHEST GOOD?"

    ASK: "Why have you come?"

    ASK: "WHat do you have to communicate to me?"

    You're not going mad--you are opening up on many levels. The knocking continues because you haven't listened! The SONG continues in your head--because you are NOTCING the knocking & the song--but you haven't say down & focused & asked your higher self to hear & translate the message to you!

    So when you hear the messengers--no--don't just go opening yourself up and inviting just anyone in--without asking those questions. But if you still yourself and ask--then LISTEN--

    you will KNOW!

    LOVE & LIGHT to you my darlin'.

  • Dear Cazmayo,

    Thankyou so much for sharing your experiences with me , with the door knocking everyone in the house was hearing it and it was happening quite often but it wasnt very loud as in it didnt startel us or anything, my husband is the biggest sceptic when it comes to the paranormal and even he was even baffeld by it as there was no explanaition for it.

    My uncle also has a kettle that is doing weird things making clicking noises all the time ,he

    thinks that it is my Grandmother who has passed trying to make contact with him .He is also finding bread ties all over the house particularly in rooms such as bathroom, toilet and bedrooms places where no bread is kept .

    However i do not feel that it is my Grandmother who is doing the knocking or sending me the song. I have heard those wives tales about knocking being a sign of death if the knocks come in threes thankgod theyve only in twos so far and i havent heard any knocks for a couple of weeks now only Bonnie Tyler in my head over and over throughout the day i shouldnt complain because it is a beautiful song the lyrics are breathtaking . Thanks again for you insight Love and blessings 2u Lilac

  • Dear Rising,

    It is so nice to have you here ,yes this has been happening for a while knocking at the door now i have a continous song playing in my head and its a BONNIE not a BONJOVI song (LOL). I have asked them to give me a sign i thought maybe it could have been the old man who lived here previous who might have passed, i could totally understand why he would be knocking at the door because weve changed the locks, but then again would spirit worry about such things? I mean wouldnt they just come in if they wanted to? I dont think that he would be sending me the song as he didnt speak much english and had trouble communicaticing with us when we bought the house, but he did knock at the the door one day and say that he wished hed never sold this house so i do feel that he could still be deeply attatched to it.

    Thankyou for your advice i have been trying to connect with my higher self but honestly ive been focusing on other issues when ive been doing this , with being busy with kids and having a toddler under my feet all day i dont generally get time to do anything until there all tucked up in bed and by that time im usually exhuasted ,so i try and focus on what i can in the way of sending prayers and healing energy to others in need , but i will take time to send out your affirmations .





    I havent invited them in because i dont know who it is , but i dont feel scared of them either, in the human world i would never invite a complete stranger into my home so i am treating this in the same way . THANKYOU SO MUCH RISING FOR EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS OF LOVE LILAC

  • It's very good you don't feel scared. I think if it was a malevolant (eveil or "bad" energy) your higher self would be telling you that--even with all the busy-ness!

    Very wise.

    Ask these questions and be still.

    You will learn what you need to learn!


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