Knocking at my door

  • I have lived in my house for the past ten years and in the last six months or so there has been knocking on my front door often and when i go to answer it nobody is ever there. The knocks come in sequences of twos, everybody else in the house heres them as well, i have a window near my front door so i can virtually see straightaway if anybody is actually at the door and there is no way by the time i get to the window if it was kids mucking around they could get away that quick . I was wondering if anyone could help me as to why this is happening . Thanks Lilac

  • oooh strange, i like a good mystery 🙂 I hope you find out who it is.

    Maybe someone on the forum can help you.

    Maybe you should keep watch by the window and see if you can catch em, without them knowing,

    If you think its kids messing around they can be pretty quick if they want to get away fast enough without being caught.

    Hope you find out whos knocking at your door!

    Lots of love


  • Dear RebeccaAnn,

    I know that its not kids as i have a dog who barks everytime someone, a cat or dog comes into my yard, but he doesnt bark at the knocking.I must add as well that i have been looking out the window near the front when the knocks have occured and there was definitely no one there , im at a loss to explain it ,at first i thought it was just me going crazy but everyone else is hearing it as well. Im just wondering why its happening ?,is there a message behind it ?.Ive had people say ask whoever is causing the knocks to come in, but im not sure on doing that .Im not afraid when it is happening during the day, but at night its a different story my husband is a shift worker so i am home alone with the kids at night and it does freak me out abit .Thanks so much for your help many blessings 2u Lilac

  • Oh well thought someone might be able to help not to bother

  • Hi Lilacrose,

    I have heard of spirits using knocking as a way of communicating. I have also heard that 3 knocks can be a bad omen.


  • Good Luck, interesting do you feel that it's a negative energy?

  • Dear luvslife ,

    I to have heard about the three knocks being a bad omen and foretelling of a death , i dont feel that this is the case as mainly the knocks come in twos, i dont even answer the door anymore unless my dog is barking thats how constant it can be some days .My dog is outside in the back yard and never barks at the knocks unless its someone is actually there ,i thought animals would be sensitive to spirit? If it is a spirit i have lived here for the past ten years why would this start happening now and not before ?

    Thanks for your help im really grateful many blessings 2u Lilac

  • Dear poetic 555,

    I honestly dont feel that its negative whatever it is ,in the day it can become annoying at night i have gotten a little freaked out by it, i guess because everything is quieter at night and im here on my own it can be a little bit daunting .

    Thanks for your help many blessings 2u Lilac

  • Sounds interesting, i would try asking them to come in? Just a thought LOL maybe they will send another message in a different way, im sure whatever it is isnt out to hurt you!! If its been going on for a long time, they have not got your attention, let them know that your attention is now got, and maybe they will send some other message to you. maybe ask them to not Knock at the door but find some thing else to send a message to you, if you do not ask maybe they will not stop!

    Lots of love

    and blessings to you


  • Lilacrose,

    I think that this may be a question for Blmoon or Soapmaker. I haven't seen either post for a while. I think a spirit might be trying to get your attention for something. Have you ever asked what it wants or if it wants to tell you something?


  • Dear RebbeccaAnn,

    I will take your advice on letting them know that they have got my attention and ask them to contact me in another way, but im not sure on inviting them in i dont want to open a pandoras box ,if i knew for sure who it was maybe then i would . Thanks for your insight love and blessings Lilac

  • Dear luvslife,

    Next time i hear the knocks i will ask them what it is they want , I would be really grateful to get advice from blmoon or soapmaker but i understand that they are both very busy always in demand on the forums . If t is a spirit trying to make contact , i hope that its someone i know

    Thanks again for your help love and blessings Lilac

  • i have an idea that this might be a spirit that knowse your scared of being alone so is letting you know that your house is safe. could this be possible?

  • Dear Kageroninja,

    I hope that you are right that would be a good omen, i must say that ive always felt safe here ,i have great neighbours who would help me out if i needed them to, its only when the knocks happen at night that i feel abit uneasy even though i know that there is noone actually out there lurking about or anything . Thanks for your insight many blessings 2u Lilac

  • Lilacrose,

    I don't know why this just came to me. Are there any trees or bushes around that area of your house?


  • Dear luvslife,

    Yes there is a tree not far from the front door ,its a fairly tall tree i dont know what sort of tree it is.

  • Lilacrose,

    Just brainstorming here…my first suggestion would be to check the tree to make sure that a branch isn’t knocking up against the house and making the noise. Secondly, (if it is not the tree) I agree with you that you should not invite the spirit into your house because I believe that not all spirits are good and you could invite an evil presence into your home. Thirdly, you could also tell the spirit the next time you hear the knocking that it is not welcome at your home and to please leave. Has anyone in your family passed away recently?


  • Dear luvslife,

    Its defenetly not the tree as its about 3 metres from the front door but when i open it i can see the tree head on .My nanna was the last family member that i had pass away in january last year .

  • sounds like someone has passed that you might not be aware of.if after you have exhausted every other possible cause (a branch,an object against the door,something against the frame,a vent,ect,anything reasonably plausible that may explain it) then you need to start making calls or check the obits,etc because someone is signalling you...on the other hand..(.and all of this is simply my take on your situation,therefore not valid advice or info...) you claimed your grandmother passed within a guess is she is telling you something that has not been dealt with perhaps concerning the house?(was it her home)or estate..something hidden?Attic?Whatever it is,as long as your dogs have not been alerted,assume this is a friendly guest/spirit and have no fear in allowing your intuition guide you.

  • I will take your advice on letting them know that they have got my attention and ask them to contact me in another way, but im not sure on inviting them in i dont want to open a pandoras box ,if i knew for sure who it was maybe then i would . Thanks for your insight love and blessings Lilac


    Thats Okay, hope things get sorted 🙂

    Bee X

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