Pluto Transit Opposite Sun/Moon/Venus/Mars

  • I wanted to ask if anyone could offer some advice on how to deal with Pluto Oppositions?

    My current chart includes Pluto transitting my 2nd house (Capricorn) in Opposition to my Sun / Moon / Venus / Mars in my 8th house (Cancer) simultaneously, in addition to Uranus transitting my 5h house (00 Aries) in Opposition to my natal Uranus in my 10th house (Virgo). It has been trying, to say the least, but any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • You have more than just the oppositions going on with all those planets in Cancer. Right now transiting Saturn is at 0 deg Libra, transiting Uranus/Jupiter is at 0 deg Aries and transiting Pluto is at 3 deg Capricorn all forming a Cardinal t-square. If you are early degrees Cancer then it is hitting all those planets in Cancer forming a grand cross. The oppositions and squares will create tensions, frustrations and challenges; the opposition show opposing factors at work and those opposing factors are reconciled through awareness and understanding and if handled properly create balance from imbalance. Cardinal squares propel you into action and decisions.

    I have a natal Sun/Pluto opposition in the 4th/10th and I can tell you that my life has been about constant transformation and finding the right balance between career and home, but I also had transiting Pluto on my Asc/1st awhile back for a number of years. Pluto is also my chart ruler and I think yours also? Transiting Pluto (2nd) also hits my natal Mars at Cancer (8th) and I’ve had a rough time this past year, but I feel I’ve finally come to a resolution. It’s about finding balance and learning to let go of what no longer serves you, changing your thought patterns or the way you handle things, a catharsis. Painful and frustrating yes, but if you take a long and hard look at what your stresses are you will find the answers to move you forward.

  • Thank you for your thoughts, they were greatly appreciated. Wow, it took me some time to figure out how to reply to your post, since this is my first time using the site, but it worked. I went and attached a copy of my chart, just so you can view it, if you would like. Yes, you mentioned "painful and frustrating." Although I have not been verbal about my feelings to those around me, I would have to say I have never experienced such deep / intense / painful feelings... The oppositions began around January of this last year, and my main issue is that I cannot seem to make a decision. I feel compelled to go in two directions. I have never been indecisive. Usually, I will make up my mind, and that is it. Do you know how long the balance of these transits will take? Also, how can I make it easier on myself?

    Thank you, again, for your assistance!

  • This is my chart...sorry.

  • Hi jeannie,

    Yes, I can understand feeling a bit frozen, but consider that if you can’t make a decision then it might be because you don’t have a clear answer or that you are not ready to make a decision yet. I also never had a problem making any decisions (except over stupid little things). Last year my anxiety level was so high that I lost sleep and my health was affected. I was partly to blame for this because even though I vacillated over a decision I eventually chose to put myself in a situation that I knew I wouldn’t enjoy, and then other factors came into play that were beyond my control. This is all surrounding work and one of my co-workers suggested a way to handle it. I didn’t take his advice and struggled for a year, until finally one day (just last month) I was speaking with another co-worker and she said the same thing that co-worker #1 said to me. You know what? It was like a revelation. I wasn’t ready to accept that solution a year ago, but I was able to last month. By then, my attitude and outlook had changed and I was able to proceed.

    It is a growth process, on one hand you want to make a steady, responsible decision and on the other hand you want to say scr3w it! When the power planets are involved, they say the harder you fight the more painful it will be because you need to evolve in order to discover what you value most. Sorry, I know it’s not what you want to hear. Meanwhile, you might want to look into some meditation techniques or even talk it out with someone who can listen and be objective. It is a useful tool to process your thoughts and emotions even if you may not act on it right away. Pluto is the slowest moving planet and it will be there for quite a while, but the t-square configuration should start to disperse by the fall. Just know that this is the time for growth and any actions you take will move you forward to the answers that you seek.

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