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  • leonida and picadilly kim

    astrology can tell you a lot about someone's personality, at least tendencies to do something, and cosmic influence on a particular period. but it is still up to the individual to choose what to do. I can probably see cosmic influence on a cheater's action, but the cheating wouldn't happen if the cheater chose not to go for it. S

    imilarly, I can probably tell you a good news in the future (he commits himself to you for real) but if he doesn't choose to do so, it will not be a good news.

    So if you still want reading, after you read my explanation- try to provide more birth information, like birth time and location. Accuracy is important, narrow it down if you can't get exact. I'll try do your readings next week. this week I have some travelling to do.

    Leonida, in your case I will also need DOB.

  • Hello again leoscorpion,

    My date of birth is: February 5th, 1943,, Timmins, Ontario Canada,, 7:30 P.M.

    His date of birth is: May 6th 1946,,,,, Munich Germany,,,,, 3:25 P.M

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. Hope you enjoy your travels.


  • leonida I will try do it this week

    my trip was short it was raining.

    thanks for the info.

  • The hardest thing is when you are supposedly in a committed relationship, and then something new happens that stirs up old feelings or new feelings and he feels he can't talk about that. It's far better to admit there is something to discuss or work on or that it's time to try something (someone) else than to keep quiet about it and leave your committed partner hanging around without a clue, just noticing weird behavior. But the possibility that your committed partner may decide to move on--and the other partner needing whatever benefits to 'fall back on' in case it doesn't pan out--is what keeps the truth from coming out. And then it's too late--it has become deceitful and cheating behavior. Clear communication is so crucial when something goes wrong--and harder when others involved won't be upfront about their part in that, either.

  • Hello cuspglyph, I just read your message and I know what you are saying but.. Right from day one he came to tell me about her, he said they where only dancing partners, and practiically on an everyday basis he would call and tell me everything they did. & every where they went and of course it became more than dancing, He took her to places we went to one week then me the next,He said he wasnt married to itheir one us so why should I be upset , Well I had been going out with him for over a yr when she came into the picture. Of course I was upset. He was here 2 days ago and told me she had not called for a week he had a fight with her. So here he was asking me and planning a day out together and evening. He seemed to be uncomfortable and so I asked him if he thought she was through with him he said yes he thought she would not call him again as he had been rude and unkind to her the week before. I then asked him If I spend the day and the night with you today and she called tomorrow. would you go out with her to your dance club He said YES, with that info I took the picnic lunch out of the cooler and calmly told him I will not spend any more time with you I AM DONE You have hurt me enough now just LEAVE me alone. He has called at least 10 times since then, I am hurting and I am truly wanting to get on with my life.I am writing all of this just so I can vent . By the way she did call and forgave him and he told me they are going to the dance tonight. It is a place where we used to go and now I can,t even go there. I feel as if he has killed my spirit... .broken my heart and completely shattered my self esteem. I need a really good spiritual person to advise me, whoever you are I thank you from the bottom of my heart......Leonida

  • Leonida

    Sorry for the delay. Just when I thought I had time, work got busy LOL

    but here is what I can see in your case

    Freedom is a significant aspect in his life. The problem is he values freedom, but he doesn’t always admit it. So he enters one relationship after another, while not committing to any, because some of these are actually not ones he is happy to enter. He is attractive, maybe not physically, but very charming he won’t find it hard to attract women. Your sun sits in his house of romance, you just can’t resist him. That’s why you can hold on so long even if knowing he has another lover. This is the downside of this position, you are so captured by his charm, you see things through rose colored glasses. Like a love spell, once the spell is over, all that is left is tears.

    However, he does enjoy your company. Moon aspecting Venus makes it hard to ignore you. Feminine vibration is enhanced big time with this aspect. He may not commit himself to you or to all the women in his life, but he doesn’t go random like promiscuous people. There is something in these women that he is drawn to, and in your case, it’s your rather discipline and formal approach to love and life in general, a Capricornian quality. Earth element is dominant in your chart (even though your sun is in Aquarius) he sees you as a steady (friend or lover, whichever) and reliable to the teeth. But there is a downside to this, being steady and discipline you seem ‘less fun’ to him. So he thinks twice about spending the rest of his life with you, or even spending too much time with you. Venus aspecting Uranus is another reason why he is so erratic in romantic relationship. Freedom issue, again, and ‘same thing all the time = no fun’. Saturn aspecting his moon can give him rather serious approach to emotions, he can seem distant and uncaring to you, because he doesn’t show much. But if he keeps these feelings bottled up for a long time, he can fall into depression.

    Another problem in his chart is in communication and intellectual ability. Either he doesn’t listen much to what people say, or he may actually say something he doesn’t really mean. Not that he is stupid, he just have a very active mind. He can get bored quickly and abandon an issue or a dialogue if he thinks it’s not important. But what is not important to him, may be a very important to you. His purpose in Gemini shows the importance of improving communication and intellectual work, if only he cares to do this, he can save himself from hurt and hurting people.

    Your purpose in Leo shows you the need to learn leadership and creativity. This can be a good outlet, being playful and creative will make you ‘more fun’ in his eyes. Then again it still doesn’t guarantee he will stay with you, because the other lover can be ‘less boring’ too.

    Very interesting to see that both of you are destined to experience spiritually-enhancing encounters. This is probably why romantically it is a rough ride. Because the focus is not on romance. The interactions are meant to bring you two to a higher level of understanding yourselves. Whether you then become couples or not, can only be determined after you both achieve this. Remember it takes 2 in relationship, so if you do achieve it and he doesn’t, then it will still be a rough ride. You did the right thing by breaking up with him. Let him use this time-off to sort out what’s in his head and what’s in his heart. I won’t advise you to wait, because I don’t know how long it will take him to do this. But there must be other things or people that are important in your life. Maybe exploring spirituality? You will be surprised how much understanding of your higher self can help you resolve many problems. Just a thought. If I had a chart like yours, I would.

  • Once again, LeoScorpion does a beautifully thorough reading of what is involved within a relationship!! Listen carefully to what this's wise advice and can help keep things in perspective!

  • cuspglyph

    I am just reading a chart. Thanks so much for the praises. Leonida's chart is potent with spiritually-enhancing experiences. Some of these experiences might have been unbearable and heart breaking, but the spiritual does not focus on the same thing as the physical.

    I hope she finds the reading helpful.

    have a good weekend Ladies!

  • Hi Leonida,

    One thing that helped me greatly (and something I discovered recently) is the use of cards to understand personalities and needs. It's an ancient practice (divination) that can be self-empowering as far as knowing what drives you towards certain people and vice versa, and whether your needs are truly being met, etc. Robert Camp Destiny Cards is the site. It adds a new dimension to the usual "portrait" of ourselves. What you do is look up your birthdate and then his. You can find out what kind of a relationship you have with the "Cards" of your birthdates combined...Sharon Jeffers has a site called "Cards of Destiny" that covers this more fully. Good luck and have fun as well!!

  • Leoscorpion, What a wonderful reading you have given me You are truly a friend I have never met , just to take the time and energy that is required is such a treasured gift to me at this time. I don,t know if I will hear from him again but I loved him dearly many years ago we where an Item for almost 6yrs I left then due to his drinking and lack of commitment. He never married and I did ,it did not last for me. We had not seen each other for 35 yrs, I was delighted when he contacted me as I often thought of him, he really had never left my mind and heart., He told me he never married because I was the only one he would marry and I left him. That is how he puts it..! I am very spiritual as I feel earth is like school for the Creator and we are here to learn and perfect ourselves I am wondering if and when you have the time if you could elaborate further on how I can enhance my sprituallty further, as I believe it is what will get me thru this almost unbearable situation., and yes I still love him. At my age it is difficult to think of allowing myself to go anywhere near those kind of feelings with someone new. Yet it is also difficult to think that I might live an other 20 or more yrs without the feeling of giving and being loved. Again I thank you so much for your reading......... I do meditation, I write poetry and art.... Leonida

  • Hello cuspglyph, I see we are both Aquarius with some similar situations, sometimes life is just not a picnic Well I will try my best to deal with what has been thrown at me, and I wish you the best in the out come of your situation. I will also check out some of the sites you mentioned , but I must say leoscorpion has enlightened me with her reading and I can see she has been good to you too. Thank you for your info on the sites and your comments ..... Leonida

  • Leonida

    there are many ways to enhance your spiritual life. many people do not know this and they underestimate it. some of them do try, but give up. but if you truly want to improve your life on the physical, the best way is actually to undergo spiritual journey.

    if you don't mind, I can share you what I have learned. please leave me your e-mail address and I will contact you. like any path, spirituality requires discipline and devotion. but only in this path, that the fruit of your labor will manifest in both the physical and spiritual. the physical path is wide and inviting, full of fake promises. there is nothing fake in the spiritual.

    I understand what you feel. I know someone with almost the same placements like in your chart, and to say that she went through he ll, is an understatement. but she is now successful and well known author, spiritual teacher. and to make it a complete achievement, she has found a great husband that share many of her ups and downs. they met when she was undergoing this journey.

    do not give in to physical limitation and hardship. anyone of any age can undergo this journey and make it. you will see, how everything and everyone is interconnected. your effort in spiritual path, will bring you harvest in all kinds of areas in your life. I will share you what I learned from her and other wise people. All I am asking is your openness and flexibility.

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  • thanks for the info 🙂

    will contact you soon

    I don't know her personally , I just know her chart and she writes many personal stories in her books. since she is famous, very possible you know who she is 🙂

    talk to you soon

  • Hi picadilly Kim

    He doesn’t change his mind easily. Because he doesn’t jump into things, he generally takes many things into consideration. So once he makes up his mind, it will take a lot to change it. Venus conjunct Uranus, he is passionate and possibly possessive lover. He can hate as much as he loves, he can switch from one extreme to another easily. There is not much middle ground when it comes to love for him. It seems you have disappointed him somehow, and now all he wants is out.

    Sun conjunct Pluto adds intensity and intuitive nature to his personality. While Scorpio is dominant in your chart, I can imagine power struggle happens in your relationship quite often. It doesn’t have to bloodshed, but often none of you want to give in first, that someone else has to interfere. Fixed element is strong in both of your charts, another sign of frequent power struggle. Even now it is still apparent. He wants to leave, and he is clear about it, yet you want him to stay. Maybe your intention is good, but sometimes you just need to let go and stop exhausting yourself with things you can not control.

    His moon in Aqua, he needs a lot of space and freedom, even in relationship. Either you give him this, or he will break free. This is something he develops from his early years, maybe caused by childhood experience with a prominent female figure involved. In any case, he is breaking free now.

    Your marriage can only be saved if both of you want to work it out. You said it yourself that he doesn’t want to work it out. Let go of your grip and take a break. If he wants to stay, he will change his mind. But it will be his decision, not yours. You have Neptune conjunct Venus, it’s possible you see the world through rose-colored glasses when you are in love. Neptune’s illusion is great, you need to return to reality and take it as it is. The relationship itself might not be as great as you thought when it started, that’s why it doesn’t last. this placement can make it hard for you to see things as they are in reality.

    You have an army of planets in Scorpio including your Sun, all conjuncting each other. You have a good intellectual, intuitiveness and communication ability, You assertively go after what you want, and you can be impatient or short tempered when things get in the way. A lot of concentration in this sign can make people drawn to you so much that they will do anything to please you, or the other way around, you just can’t please them, they always avoid you or leave you. Whatever happens, don’t let it make you lose confidence and courage to achieve your dreams. Take everything as it is and keep improving yourself to the better.

    Hope this helps.

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