Hanswolf: another request for insight

  • Hello again Hans, I got some input from you last year about the direction my life would take..... at the time, your advice was the opposite of the way things appeared to be going, but it turns out you were right.... You don't know how opposite it was at the time my love life was looking grand my work life dismal, but you predicted I would have a turnaround in both areas and were right. I have moved forward at work and since broken up with the man in question.... Here's the new question I like someone new I've "known" him (at work from a distance) for over 5 years, until recently , a friendship just sprang up then he got a promotion and left, but not before telling me he wanted to come up and visit me on weekends and help me with my math and get to know eachother, I developed a little crush on him as we got closer and wonder what (if any) potential you see with this fella and what advice can you offeron the best course of action. I know you are busy and thank you in advanced for your imput and time.

  • Sexygem,

    so it depends on the way you look at it. Now you have complete freedom.

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