The Dark Monk or Similiar

  • Hi

    Every body,

    My Dark Monk/Knight has returned about a week and half ago. I know I said I would confront him, but I have not. ( Just Call me Chicken Little.) He is just watching me now and wondering around my room. I am going to come up with the courage to confront him. Wish me Luck and Pray.

    I have not gotten a paranormal investigator here yet. Some one told me about one on Meet Up.Com. Since the one I contacted has not kept appointed times,etc....

    I have been ill since 07/28/2009 with a Flu. I am now on an Antibiotic and I am recovering so.... I'll have the ambition and energy to contact a new paranormal investigator.

    Also, some thing odd took place this week. A childhood friend called and asked about my sister. Which normally would have been fine, except this sister died 2.5 years before I was born. I informed my friend of that. She has now been drinking Vodka for 2 days since she thought she was speaking to a flesh and blood person. Only to find out 30-38 years later she was probably speaking to one of the spirits that always stay with to me. So.... ah what do you think of all that? And does that tie in, in any way with my Dark Monk/ Knight at all?

  • Hi everybody.

    Please understand that human beings are divine beings with possabilities to become much closer to The Creator than any angel can.

    These experiences of darkness that you have explained. When we feel confronted by anything, whatever it is, the right thing is to stay calm and surrender to The Light, The Creator, The Allmighty or whatever you want to call it. Surrender to the light, to the allmighty and dont be afraid.

    There are beings that seek to inhabit us, to take over us. Like parasites on our souls, even on our own concience, our own state of mind. To inhabit our bodily parts and our soul, just so that they can feel how it is to be like us.

    We must not be afraid of these. They are lower than us. Fear is as said before strengthening these parasites, as they nurture on animal feelings. Fear and lust are animal feelings that we must master. That is why it is said in the Bible: When The Light created man, He said to man: "You must be master over the animals and the plants, because you are my children." This does not only mean that we must tace care of the world that has been given us, it also mean that we must master the animal feelings.

    When confronted by these entities and these strong feelings (fear), please just surrender your selves, your souls, to The Light. In that way you will be protected from these parasites.

    This is what I have learned. Please excuse me if I have said anything that has offended you.

  • No not offended at all.

    Peace and Unity

  • "Capinera" (Man in Black) is what the Italians call it. The Italians believed that witches can call upon them to do their work. I think the belief goes past roman times, maybe as late as the Greeks.

  • Wow, interesting. I am OK, with him now and have been for the last several years.


  • Hey guys iv found this thread very interesting as I feel I have experiencedone shadows and dark hooded figures to.

    However it has been on and off throughout life to.

    I do still feel fear and I know that it's about understanding it and acknowledgin it that helps to transform it and for it to be less.

    I love crystals so I will be trying to get some more tigers Eye and jasper as well. I think crystals have really helped me and my intuition has grown a lot. People can be negative and draining and I think that's why we see shadows and darkness and echoes of insecurities of other people. Aswel as our own. It does take a lot of effort but at the same time I think it's kind of intestresting, even if it scares me or I wouldn't still be exploring this world. Despite it is strange and dynamic, the physical world is just as much strange and empty at times without the other worldly stuff happening. It can be lonely and hard to but I guess that's where order and chaos comes in. I don't like the idea of possession though but I have heard that it happens. Otherwise they're wouldn't be all these stupid scary movies.

    which I hate a lot, however still have a lot to teach us. Thank you for this post it's been a good read.

  • Interesting thread, I've only seen a dark monk once suspended in the corner of my friends (x friend's) bedroom, no face just a hooded cloak, a dark foreboding figure in the psychic realm. Above me to my right was the caduceus bright white in comparison and I knew I was protected.

    Turns out this guy was heavily into the dark arts for the purpose of manipulation of women and was skilled at hypnotherapy, a yr later he was self harming, tried to commit suicide and went into psychosis, his father died of bone cancer.

    Although he was quite developed and could see auras etc the strangest thing is when I pointed it out to him he got paranoid and frightened (say what??) yet he wasn't frightened to seduce women underhandedly, or practice the dark arts, I'll never understand. Another healer had told him he was attracting the wrong forces also.

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