The Dark Monk or Similiar

  • Yes, SekhmetGoddess, what you say makes sense. I think it is REALLY helpful to hear other people's experience and their interpretation of these symbols. Thanks for posting!

    Light and life to you!

  • Hi, Do you think negative, bad people draw evil spirits and if they do, what happens to the spirits. I am thinking about a group of people for example. Do you go along (w/evil) and follow or do you lead in a different direction. Especially, if the person is in a position of power. This can be from government to work. Maybe part of the solution is confronting the source of evil. Maybe it's being different from the rest. Have you ever felt lead astray. And if this happens you never want to experience it again--right. These are my own thoughts. I see a lot of people follow along individuals (because of position) and basically turn into them. They don't seem to carry their own beliefs and thoughts. To me, part of "goodness" is not necessarily following but rather leading.

  • Hi


    I do understand. Been there done that. So, now I'm just taking in everything, asseccing it keeping what I relate to and agee with and the other I disregard. So, no I'm not just following I'm reading others points of view. It is all worhty to read.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi, I wasn't talking about you. Wasn't talking about posts. Talking about an aspect of evil, negativity that I see in the world. On the spiritual plane, don't know what exactly attracts bad spirits. On the spiritual plane, bad spirits as in separate entities. Had a conversation w/a friend who said that evil doesn't exist. I guess the problem I have is if evil doesn't exist, why does he lock his door at night and have a gun. Just personal thoughts.

  • OK, LOL.

    Well, I do agree there's good and bad. Thus ying and yang. Isn't there always opposites? Etc,Etc... opposites attract?

    Well who ever your friend is sorry to say one day, may have a rude a waking. But you know better. So, always be on your guard.

    And whether this spirit is good or bad until it speaks to me again if ever, I really will not know that for sure until then.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi, Last week I was talking to this friend about this post. He said that the dark monk wasn't of God and as far as it speaking to anyone was a lot of bunk. I told him that a lot of people have seen this figure whether in dreams or person. He blew it off. Yesterday he said, you know, I see things but I don't interpret it as spirits just images. He said he was sitting by his computer and he saw this figure. He said it was the right combination of light and darkness. He saw the face, eyes and mouth. He described the cloak that the figure was wearing. I told him that he'd better be careful because sometimes this figure prefigures death. He said his ex-wife died last Fri. I'll have to ask what day he saw it but I believe it was yesterday. I'll have to ask if it was am or pm. He said he told it to say something, don't just stand there. He said the lips were moving but nothing came out. I didn't press him for anymore. He said that he didn't feel threatened by it. He's above-board, meaning he's all there. You know, I still and always will say that when you see this figure to pray.

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    All I can say it ever said to me was , 'I want your eyes." Nothing since. I said no you may can't have my eyes.

    That's it.

    After seeing and reading so many others post of a similar or same spirit. I'm not concerned any more.

    Your friends sounds full of himself. And if not wise and careful the thing he ostracize will happen to him. So .............

    You know it takes a special type of soul to see and hear spirits. He may not hear because he does not posse the ability to hear. Why try to summons this spirit? He comes when he wants to and only when he wants to. Though I have never tried to summons him. Maybe he can be summonsed. But for what?

    I do not care to summons him at this point. Ah, NO! I'm just getting used to me being OK with him.

    My roomie says where ever I go, spirits follow. Like spook central. Like a spirit in the house we call Sally. If she thinks you mean me harm she will tell you to get out of my house. My roomie has seen and heard her. I have only heard her. My roomie gives her coffee in the morning when she appears.

    Whatda think of that?

    I have several distinct spirit around me always and then there are ones who pop in random like.

    Some people are afraid of the house I live in. Because of all the weird paranormal stuff that happens here. But, actually if I leave for a vacation all active stops they just pack and go with me where I go. LOL

    So, I have decided to get in touch with a paranormal company to check it out. I'll let you know when they finally come to visit.

    Peace and Unity

  • Ooh yes I have when I was 8 yrs old and right before I was baptized. My opinion that this is a shape shifter, I was lucky enough to not have it attach itself to my energy. My experience was when I was just falling asleep, I awoke out of the blue and sat up in my bed and there stood a dark cloaked figure. Now mind you I could not see a face and it was holding a pole in one hand that had a octogon shape glass on the top of it. and mind you I was young and thought this could have been my brother playing a prank. Well, I soon reallized other wise and reached out to try to say something and nothing was comeing out and that was the last thing I remembered until I awoke the next day. It kinda remind's me of one of the tarot cards. Yes I agree you do have to very careful! Live, Love,Laugh Alway's.... Life is too short not too....

    Devine Evanescence

  • Hi Sekhmet, Cool. Will be waiting to hear what happens. If you get on TV let us know.

  • SkehmetGoddess --- WOW - I started reading this forum and COULD NOT PUT IT AWAY! All I can say is have more patience than I will ever know! I am very impressed!

    Love and peace.....

  • I do agree Verdana, Because from experience I had a negative dark shadow "energy", and every time I would think about it or pay it attention or fear it, It's power's would get stronger & if I would just simply wish it away from where it came from, "Beheth" and not to fear it and ask for guidance from my spirit guides, I would not see it come around or be afraid no more!!!!

  • spelling correction please exscuse worlds worst speller........ lol........

    I had a neg. dark shadow-energy around me.

  • I believe I "saw" such a thing about 15 years ago. I was traveling for work, alone, and had a weekend to kill. I decided to stay at the River's Edge Inn in Big Sur, California. I had dinner at the Inn's restaurant then went to my room (this was a lodge-type setting and each room had it's own door and little porch) and I went to bed. At some point I woke up nauseous and in a sweat (I figured it was food poisoning from dinner). I was lying on my side and I can't say that I so much saw a figure, but felt with complete certainty that it was standing at the bedside beside me. A large, dark, featureless mass of blackness. I can't explain it but I simply knew it was there. I was feeling horrible and feverish and was scared to death by everything that was going on. I finally resolved though that I simply had to confront it (like forcing yourself awake from a bad dream) and I said to myself, "God be with me" and turned over to face....nothing.

    I was relieved (although spent the rest of the night quite sick). I was happy to finally fall asleep and despite the rough night I woke early the next morning anxious to get out of there. The events of the night before seemed more and more ridiculous in the light of day as I prepared to go. Then I opened the door of my room, and there, barely two feet away, sat a black crow on the railing. He made no move to leave and just sat there looking at me. I slammed the door shut for a few moments, psyched myself to just make a run for it, but when I opened the door again the crow had gone.

    That was a charming Inn, and a gorgeous location, but I will never, ever stay there again. I still get goosebumps just telling the story here. I thought perhaps there might be some Native American spritual connection with the area, or the river near the Inn, that might explain the figure, and maybe how the crow tied in with things, but I really would have had no idea how to research it.

  • Dear Jenever7,

    It is a known fact that "water" is a conductor for paranormal experiences and energy's. I know this for a fact because I am more prone to experience these thing's but the fact that I live right in front of a pond doesn't help!!!!!! And last year we had a real bad storm and tornado come thru and quarter size hale busted a truss on my roof, which led to rain damage into my house! Ever since there has been this dark energy in my house of a very tall man that is tied to the property some how!

  • My son, who is 18, has been seeing visions, not of a dark figure, but of one in white. Usually appears during a conflict, for example he almost got into a fight, when he had a vision of people in hooded white robes, and he would hear the message, "Your actions will determine your fate".

    The first few times it frightened him. I explained he should not be afraid that it's probably his guardian angel. Has anyone ever had this type of experience? All advice would be appreciated.Thanks

  • Sekhmet,

    Yes, I have, when I was 18. If I may suggest, this has to do with your personal belief in protection. Visualize this being reaching out for you and being stopped by Archangel Michael's sword. That's all you have to do.

    They have already intervened on your behalf.

    Rest well! You are safe!



  • Hi,

    I longer fear my Monk he is my Dark Monk/Knight. And I no longer fear him but embrace him as a protector.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hello all,

    Last month I seen a man apear at the foot of my bed one night while watching t.v.. He was aprox. 6'6" , bald, very broad shoulder's, and was looking down and had is back turned to me at the foot of my bed. Now this was no normal man but this man was huge and had grey wing's, like that of an angel and which was strange is he was looking down the whole time! Later on that night I had a vivid dream about the same man with wings. Does anyone thank that this is was an angel? Or what would your opinion be ?

  • Hi Devine, From my experience with things of this nature: First, how did you feel, were you at peace or calm when you saw him. Did he make you fearful. In other words, what's your interp. Second: Heavenly visions will often times not look directly at you. My interp is that is not their purpose. They don't want to take away from the reason that they are sent. God being the sender. Also, benevolent beings will often times appear above us (but not always.) I think it was a benevolent being sent for protection. So, is there anything specific that you can think of that's going on to where you need to be protected (and actually know it.) You may not know. But you are.

  • Dalia,

    Now that I think of it, I remebered earlier that day asking for protection from arch angel micheal from a negative energy "spirit" in my home! That would explain alot of it, No I don't remember being scared when I saw him. The wings were beautiful, it was so sureal looking I just can't believe how protective looking he was!

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