The Dark Monk or Similiar

  • Hi,

    the bible has many contradictions, and there are several bibles in the world. All written for specific religions. People are raised in the religion their family ascribe to.

    Freewill is our choice as to whether we believe what others want us to believe or whether we believe in ourselves and our own ability to tap into something far greater than any books ever printed or written. Our intuition.

    Books are there for our assistance as are our friends and family, but it is ultimately up to us to choose the '' path'' which is right for us. The ''knowing'' comes from within.

    With respect and kind regards,

    Verdana 🙂

  • Hi, I believe the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God. That is why I draw a lot of answers from it. What do you tap into if your child suddenly gets taken from you (killed.) How do you explain suffering. My intuition believes in a higher benevolent being--God. God in three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    My beliefs are no lesser than yours. Please do not feel like I am preaching to you because that is not my intent. I haven't read over all of your posts on this particular subject. Intuition is a gift from God but, in my opinion, not greater than God. An aspect of God but not one in Being as His Son and Holy Spirit.

    Actually, I enjoy reading your posts. I am hoping that the reader will draw their own conclusions to my posts, anyway. I came to my conclusions through my own experiences, that is true.

    If your intuition draws you closer to the Truth, that's great. Me, I can not rely solely on intuition. In other words, my intuition told me that Barack Obama would win the election. But Jane Doe's intuition tole her McCain would.

  • Sekmet Goddess

    i have read both Verdanas and Dalia's recent posts.

    Verdama I am not trying to confuse Sekmet at all. It may well be that he has a message for her but also it could be that he is sad or scared and he needs her.

    I am sorry that the recent posts have made you want to swear. We are only offering our thoughts. Who is to say who is right or wrong?

    Also I am sure Sekmet will follow her heart I hope I havent confused her. That was certainly not my intention but we do all see things differently.

    Spirits do not just appear to tell us somehting sometimes they need something from us.

    Isnt this the whole point of this forum so that we can all get advice and share thoughts of others?.

    As Dalia says her/his beliefs are no less than yours to dismiss our advice and thoughts in favour of yours is not very fair. in our own way we are all trying to help Sekmet deal with it.

  • Verdana

    apologies I meant to call you Verdana earlier not Verdama so sorry about that!! (Typing error so sorry!)

  • Sekhmet Goddess

    whatever we all say I guess we just want to help in our own way even me in my blunt Taurean way.

    Truly I feel your dilemma and u know what if the monk comes to you that in itself is truly special.

    Be happy and have faith no doubt his message he brings to you or whatever he needs from you will become clear in time.

    Verdana no disrespect to you I promise I have read some of your posts and I do find them very insightful and interesting but I guess we all have our own way of looking at things.

    I honestly do not think any of us can judge what is the right or wrong way of looking at things. I respect your judgement. My view seems to be different to yours but please dont dismiss it. I feel bad now that Sekhmet may feel she has bad advice from me and Dalia but who truly knows. We are trying to help after all. Its just our thoughts after all.

    I think this is a bad spirit who seeks some kind of support just my view. You say it makes u want to swear!!!! Its only my view I may be way off the mark but I may not. Hey lets share our differing thoughts in a safe and friendly environment, We wont agree on everything!!

    I actually have a close friend who saw a bad spirit several times - my friend was pretty scared but one night she looked the woman in the eye and then smiled then she said look I dont know what you want i am not ever sure I can even give it you but please leave me as I am upset and I an scared and I really do not want to see you any more. But if it helps I do have a good heart and I wish u peace etc.. and forgiveness for whatever you may have done..............the spirit vanished and it never came back

    well ..... just a story.. but a true one and my friend NEVER believed in spirits or any kind of an after life..

    Love to you all anyway


  • Hi all,

    please know that no offence was taken Nefertiti as indeed there was no iintention on my behalf to belittle the value of your post and those of everyone else on here.

    Yes i do see where you are coming from with some spirit needing help but i do feel very strongly in this case that the monk represented the sadness and the needs of SekhmetGoddess herself. I stand by my previous comments that the fear was within her and the spirit needed to convey this so she would be aware of it and be able to confront it.

    Dalia, i'm sorry if my post about the bible and God upset you in any way. I too have been there in the belief of a God and the Holy Spirit. I still do to a certain extent but my own belief has grown beyond god as a being, ''he'' for example.

    I suppose we all need something we can relate to. If we need to think of God as a person, then i'm not one to judge, but when we think of god as a superior energy, it puts things in a better perspective for me. That way we can't blame God and the holy spirit for our own faults and mistakes. We have personal responsibility for our actions, words and thoughts.

    We create our own energy and attract likewise. Focus on negativity and that is what we receive.

    Focus on the positive and that is what we receive and for what we receive may we be truly thankful. Amen.

    Blessings to all,

    Verdana 🙂

  • Hey Verdana...

    well how relieved am I to get your post as I do not wish to offend either! I think you have some interesting insights I really do. I enjoy reading your responses and Dalia's and others I have met on this forum. I guess we are all different. Since I was a little girl I have only ever been able to see God as a wise elderly man probably a bit naive but well that is how I see him!.

    I do value your opinion please do not mistake that. Hey healthy debate is good isnt it?? I dont think we even need to enter into the realms of offending anyone in this forum. (hopefully!!) I love it and I have only been a member for a couple of weeks. I hope we can all have a great debate but with no offence taken. I have strong views about stuff but I know that they may not always be right!! I am a stubborn Taurean so forgive me for any obstinacy!! Just my horns I was born with I guess!! I need to listen more yeah I know!!

    Verdana no offence meant by me I promise. It was just the way I see things and I could be way off!!

    I think probably the most amazing thing is that we can all have our say and express ouselves but we will NOT take offence.

    Just about to go to bed but felt bad about my post. I would not want to hurt or upset you. Really I am a kind and good hearted person.I guess we all get fired up about stuff but u know what its brilliant to be able to share these things with people who understand!


  • Hi,

    Well, ok.

    Wow I really don't know what to write exactly.

    Well, here it goes any way. In Any thing goes-Just Chat. I mentioned I study all 12 major religions of the world. Yet, I am a spiritualist. And a empathic Gemini. So, I usually can understand and learn from mostly any point of view.

    I have implemented the spiritual cures as verdana advised and its helped me feel comfortable enough to sleep.

    As far as the reason for the visits. Like Dalia stated the only thing this Dark Monk ever said to me is 'I want your eyes'.

    So, I would be interested in the Bible book, chapter, and verse. How ever, since I am knowlegable about how so many books have been corrupted by one means or another. As, Verdana metioned. I always attempt to find the original language, text and translation ect...

    So, ya thats been a big issue was this Dark Monk stating he wanted my eyes. Thats the only thing ever said to me. Like I said in my recent post This Dark Monk has no longer manifasted himself to me recently. Though my interpretation is his comes around in the wee hours of the morning and just stays there and stares at me. He no longer manifestes himself or saying anything , he just watches me now. Which is better than us looking at each other or him telling me he is here for my eyes.

    Thanks for every ones input. Peace. 😉

  • Hi Sekhmet, I have a cross-reference Bible with translation from Hebrew. If your interested in looking up certain words found in the Bible I suggest that you get one with a Concordance. A cross-reference Bible will show you where any passage is mentioned more than once in the Old and New Testament. There are 1,000's of cross-references in the Bible. I don't know exactly what is contradicted. Although the Bible is Judeo-Christian based. Jesus did come to change some of the "old law." Maybe that's what the contradiction theory is.

    Anyway, the scripture I was referring to is: Matthew 6--Ver.22-23

    also referenced in Luke 11--Ver 34 and 36.

    God is referred to throughout the Bible as the Light, so there are a lot of references to the Light.

    I found this passage in the Old Testament talking about not only darkness but feeling the darkness: Exodus Chapt. 10 Vers. 20-29---vers 21 is about feeling the darkness.

    What is interesting is this was the final plaque and the Jewish people were released.

  • P.s> Sorry, there was 1 plague left. But, Pharaoh wanted to release them after this.

  • Hi Dalia,

    I just read your post and have not read my Bible yet. But, how do you believe those scriptures would relate to me?

    As far as training of the bible I am self taught. As, I am self taught in other religions as well.

    I am solitary. Alone for the most part in my prayers/rituals. I see how others teach and there so off base, I just study alone. With only my one kinmen redeemer. Who is the Alpha and the Omaga. And perhaps an Angel or two. I already possess a Concordance. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • Hi, I guess there are several ways to interpret this whole incident. You could interpret what the monk said symbolically as well as literally. I basically wanted you to read this scripture and draw your own conclusions as to it's meaning. For me, what our eyes take in is a message to our mind and soul. If the dark monk wants your eyes, he may want your eyes and soul.

    Reading your post called to mind those two verses. I am not a Bible scholar, don't belong to a study group. I am like you, I study alone. I will ask someone that I trust what their take is on that scripture. Basically, I think those verses relate to everyone.

    Like I said previously, I'm concerned about this vision of yours. I think this entity needs to know of God's Mercy. Psalm 118 is what the Catholic church uses on Easter morning. I wish that you would say it aloud where you are at.

  • Hi,

    I have seen this dark monk twice in my dreams...and I am old! 😉 so it's had plenty of time to reappear! The first time, in a dream, it opened the back door to my house and came in. The hood was pulled over its/his face and it didn't make eye contact, but went to a desk belonging to my husband's mother, and started looking for what I understood to be family secrets. The dream woke me up and I woke up my husband to talk to him. The next morning, my husband discussed it with his clinical training group, and he decided to go visit his father, with whom he had been estranged. They had a wonderful visit and his Dad died of a heart attack within a week. So, I think that dream was a warning for him.

    The second time the figure appeared in a dream was when I was in therapy. In the dream. I was in a huge cathedral, and smelled incense. He was up front, maybe a priest? but the hood wasn't pulled as far over his face. He looked at me with red coal burning eyes. I ran out and I think I was naked. I remember later in the dream I got ' whipped' with some kind of tape, like the kind that is inside a cassette tape. I'm not a Catholic nor do I worship in anything like this cathedral image. I worked on interpreting the dream and it seemed to be about accepting myself for who I am (my 'naked' self) and not beating myself up for who I am (the recording tape, the memories?)

    I agree with you that it is a form of energy that is in us, maybe a connection to knowing that has been securely guarded in the past except by those who have been initiated into that sacred belief? But by being honest and accepting and kind to ourselves, we can move beyond self-doubt and work to align ourselves with our true essence...the good, the lovely and the openness of not grasping at things. Well, that's my opinion. It's great that we are seekers. It's hard work and sometimes brutal to admit what we do for our own selfish ends, but that's how we learn!

  • I don't like to see myself in the mirror either-- my father thinks its poor self esteem but I feel freer to be myself better when I forget my image and sound! And as a child I was afraid of the dark monk in Christmas Carol as Ghost of Xmas Future! outgrew the fear!

  • yes indeed i have. when i was trying to deveop myself many moons ago i asked someone to guide me to show me the way. i was directed into a park and met a dark monk this meaning a monk with a cowl and he would not show his face. i felt frightened even though i also felt very calm. he told me or i felt he told me all would be well. i was going through a bit of a crisis in my life at the time and needed guidance. he told me others would come to help me and not to worry i was on the right path. since then i have been intrigued my monks but feel safe and feel it was my was a guiding spirit to help me along my much needed opening path. wow i forgot all about that until i read your message. maybe its a reminder for me too. since you mentioned it and i now recall it was my first real encounter with the bygone spirit world. is he the first contact ? i don`t know but i thank you for making me recall this and i bless you for bringing it to my attention. at the time i felt my life was in such a turmoil and i worried over my kids and he seemed to ease my mind. thank you again you have made me recollect some of my earlier experiences.

    love and light to you and all you know.

  • Hi,

    Any one have any thing new to talk about This Dark Monk?

    Any Monk sitings lately?

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi, I've only had one dream similar to the dark monk. Monks in my faith are cloistered, secluded. So, if someone sees one w/his head down, I'm more apt to believe that this is a non-threatening presence. I've heard that if your having a (good) spiritual encounter that there is always a message. The fact that the head is down means not to take away from God. I tend to believe this because how many have actually encountered angels face to face. That isn't exactly their mission, so to speak.

    But, a spirit could mimick a monk but truly be an evil presence. This is my interp.

  • Hi,


    But this Dark monk no longer bothers me. and if I were to see him tonight. I would simply speak with him. No more fear, I'm at easy. If he comes, he comes and if not that's OK to.

    In the Tarot you know the colour Black means all things possible, infinite energy of life. Before consciousness has constructed any boundaries. In Tarot it further states when we fear blackness or darkness we fear the deep unconscious source of life itself.

    So, I am no longer worried or concerned. Maybe just writing about it and sharing and reading others experiences and the wonderful thoughtful advise was all that was needed. For me. To sleep peacefully.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi, That's good that you don't fear night or darkness--I don't either. You may not see him but do know of his presence. I'm glad this experience has turned positive. This was a good post because of ALL experiences w/this figure. There's a lot who have experienced this. Just the fact alone is extremely interesting. I can relate somewhat to what Verdana said about the spirit wanting you to know what you were surrounded w/ as far as envy, I think it was. I know that spirits will present themselves in childhood. My guess has always been to let you know of their presence. But maybe, as she said, to let you know the "goings on" around you. The thought of speaking to it, as in a conversation, is very interesting. Don't see it happening. Keep us posted.

  • Well,

    It was that I was trying to say, that the monk no longer bothers me. and a lot of people associate the colour black with evil. And that isn't so. That's where I had some misunderstanding. A lot of spiritual beliefs say that black is neither good or bad. It is your intent So, now if I look at it with a different EYES the intent the Black rob he wears is thought of as infinite energy of life, nothing with being associated with evil.

    And Verdana said it may be a positive message. Maybe because when it started I so young and some of my family would tease me and say "She see the boogie man ." 😞 I never thought it could be a positive message. 🙂 So, see getting feed back, it aloud me to look at this issue through others EYES.

    Does that make sense?

    Peace and Unity

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