The Dark Monk or Similiar

  • Also, if he comes again. I'll stay and ask if there's message he would like to give me? Should I?


  • Hi Sekhmet,

    thanks, i'm happy you had better sleep and yes i do think it is a good idea to ask him to show you what he's trying to convey to you.

    I think i know but it is difficult to tell you on here because it concerns someone on here. (some of the envy that is.)

    I'm unaware if you know the person away from the site. They aren't even totally aware of how much energy they are putting your way so please don't feel it is in a nasty sense. 🙂

    If you ask him to remove the hood, you will instinctively know what it is he wants you to know.

    The hood is the secret and removing it will reveal the answer. Makes sense when you think about it. 🙂

    You won't always see a face, sometimes it is a symbol, sometimes an actual word.

    Don't be afraid to ask the meaning if you are unsure.

    Verdana 🙂

    ps. no it isn't an exception here in the UK or even in the USA. It's everywhere you look, you just need to find it.

  • Verdana what about black Tourmaline. I say that for more than one reason. I know you will know why I suggested it.

  • For your financial problems the tiger eye or citrine in the far left corner of your home helps to bring in abundance. Abundance doesn't have to mean a material thing either.

  • Hi,


    I'll try Tiger Eye in the far left corner of my home. I don't know why you suggested black Tourmaline. I guess I'll wait for an answer from Verdana or some else. Why didn't you just say why? 🙂

    Of, course about me knowing some one on here other than from here I don't know. Anything is possible.

    The envy thing started with my older sisters and brother. And has just unfortnately just kept going. My one older sister in particular. I'll just call her sister #3 for now.

    Every one have a great day.


  • Hi Sekhmet,

    to be honest i can't understand why LibrasLair didn't just give the info either.

    Surely all the help and helpers we need are welcome and info they can give. 🙂

    Anyway, Black Tourmaline is effective against negativity but so are many others.

    It also encourages intellectual thought and vitality. Is associated with the root chakra and Capricorn. I had to look this up which generally means it isn't necessary to for you to purchase it but then i don't believe we need the actual crystals anyway because the power of the crystal can be drawn upon from the universe.

    However, one would need to be as open minded as i am for best results and it all depends how much faith you have in spirit.

    Some people need the physical crystal to feel and touch as a kind of prop although just wearing or carrying a crystal produces the right effect because of your intention to rid yourself of any negativity.

    I don't know how sure Sekhmet is about the power which can be drawn on from the universe and spirit so if you feel the need to buy a crystal, please don't feel guilty because of that.

    Enjoy it for its beauty.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Verdana I didn't explain anymore about the black tourmaline because you were picking up on someone online who was envying. The first stone that came to mind for me since you said that was the black tourmaline. It helps prevent psychic attack and ill wishing and negative energies of all kinds. And it helps ground the person wearing it. Also it doesn't absorb negative energy so it won't need cleansing.

  • Thanks LibrasLair,

    the thing is, where there is a gifted person of any description, not just in the psychic world, there will always be someone envious of the gift we have.

    It doesn't always mean they want to cause any malice but it is a kind of negativity depending where the focus is. Just a simple emotion like frustration at not feeling as capable as someone else can create some negativity but we shouldn't feel guilt for what we can learn from the emotion. We just need to be aware of the energy we send out by thought.

    But, we are all human and it is difficult to get along well with everyone we meet, whether it be online or in life. The secret is to do the bit we can regardless of what others perceive us to be.

    Ignore what isn't relevant to the given situation or problem so staying focussed on what is important.

    Oh heck!

    Sorry, i'm off on one again! 🙂 i just can't help it, fingers tap away and before i know it there's an essay.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Ok. I went to, two differnt stores and did not find Black Tourmaline. I thinks its a good idea. I'll keep looking. What about placing it in the house?

  • SekhmetGoddess if you can't get one from a new age store in LV or a surrounding area here is a little store in Wimberley, Tx. that sends me stones if the price of gas is too high for me to drive down. They have new owners but they can just put a piece of the black tourmaline in an envelope and mail it to you. The stores name in Broken Arrow Rock Shop and the phone number is 512-847-2282. The stone will be less that a dollar but the shipping is what will cost you the most. They also have an e-mail address: One of the new owners is Tami and she is the only one I have met. I had the previous owner send me some before. And I am in Austin. The raw stones are very cheap. I have a friend who is studing with Eckankar and I sent him the stone that they call for pertaining to each month. I read some of the info that he wanted me to read and like you I don't believe exactly in their concept. Some of it is how I fell but other things he talks about doesn't fit my beliefs. Any stone you get in the raw or even their loose tumbled stones aren't very expensive. Some are only $.50 and some a couple of dollars or more depending on the value of the stones and where they come from. I love the Broken Arrow Rock Shop!

  • Hi SekhmetGoddess, My interpretation is that you are dealing with an evil spirit--demon. Biblically speaking, they will come when you are alone ie Jesus was tempted in the desert. They will also come when you are trying to do good to basically wage war.

    That being said, they do have some good. They do not deny the existence of God and they know the truth. The dark atmosphere that you described is real. It's their punishment until judgment day. St. Augustine describes this as their prison. They also have free will, so they can opt to change thru God's Mercy.

    The next occurence that you have w/one I would basically pray for them. Especially if they are threatening you. I would tell them that God's Mercy can extend to them and to pray for God's Mercy.

    I'm glad I read your post on this. It reminds me that on time of death to call upon Jesus. St. Thomas Aquinas states in the Summa Theologica that divine angels greatly outnumber evil ones.

    I had a dream in Apr. '05 that I won't forget because after I awoke I was filled w/the Holy Spirit. I was greeted by a monk in a dark brown robe but he never showed his face. He took me to three caskets in an open field. All three had canopys over them. Each had a wooden box filled w/rosaries on top. Each also had pews where people could kneel and pray. When he took me to the third casket their was a doll on top and he took the doll, hugged it, and said, "you are so beautiful." It was like a ragdoll w/no features on it's face. I have heard that if you dream of a saint or angel a lot of the time they will not reveal their face so as not to take away from the meaning of the dream. Anyway, my interpretation of this dream is to pray for man, woman and child. St. Anthony is a saint that I use to pray for me. I believe this was St. Anthony in my dream.

    One good thing that we possess is fear. I feel in your dream as a child that you are fearful of demons and what they can do. Demons (true demons) do not possess this fear. A little anxiety is good. You probably have met people that do things and do not have this fear or anxiety.

    Anyway, the battle goes on. I deal w/it everyday.

  • hI Sekhmet,

    is it possible that you couldn't find the black tourmaline because you don't need it?

    Remember you already owned a piece of what you needed to make you feel safe. Trust in that and you'll be fine.

    Verdana 🙂

    ps. even the devil was an angel once and he/she has tried to get back into heaven ever since.

    Maybe repentance is all he/she needs to learn. 🙂

  • OK, I'm confused. First its not, nor ever a dream. I'm completely awake. How else could I run out of the room?

    Second my impression of it. It is Male.

    Whether he is bringing a message or not, I don't know. I have not seen him in a while. However, some times I feel his presents. And I say a loud. O brother, you again? What do you want? Now that I'm not running his not talking or showing him self. He is still around. So, I believe the Tigers Eye along with me not running. But rather questioning him has changed the relationship. And yes a spirit whether good or bad thats been in almost my whole life, is a relationship whether desired or not. Whether I asked for it or not.. I'd rather make friends with him than be afraid of him any more. Maybe he'll tell me. Maybe he won't. Maybe he'll leave now.

    Either way I'll let you all know if he makes another debut. And if he says anything again. But Remember, I came here and asked how to rid myself of him. If he is finally on his way, good. 🙂

  • Hi, Yes, I thought you were talking about a dream. So, if you are seeing him that's quite different. If you want to talk and be friends, you are a lot braver than I.

    To get rid of him, again, I would pray out loud and mention God's mercy.. If it were I, I would have the area blessed.

    You may very well be a visionary. With visions of this sort, my interpretation would be that you can see visions among the "dark atmosphere"--as St. Augustine interprets them. Again, if you want to mingle w/them, that's up to you.

    I'm hoping that if you pray and have the area blessed you won't have to. I would talk w/a priest.

  • Hello,

    Please go to this link. It might help you...

  • A visionary probably. "Dark Atmoshere"? Well,that would be anywhere I go. So, if you want to know how I look, go to ANYTHING GOES- Whether to post a picture or not on, I would have to bless every where I go. Hum.

    I think we should give this spirit a name. Instead of him or it or spirit thing.

    I can't finish my thoughts right now. Because something came up. But, I wanted to still post what I had already wrote. Be back later.

  • SekhmetGoddess

    I think he is trying to tell you something and he definitely he has a message for you. He has focussed on you for a reason. He could be unhappy and he has been drawn to something positive in your spirit. I think if you see him again you need to ask him either in your mind or out loud what can I do for you?

    It may be as simple as he wants your reassurance If Dalia is right he may be a bad spirit BUT he could be seeking some forgiveness. I think you have to appreciate that he may actually be seeking some comfort or hope from you.

    Dont know if you read my post in the To post or not to post your Picture when I replied to you to say I am terrified of monks anyway... so he wouldnt come to someone like me because I would be absolutely petrified. You are facing him with dignity and courage he needs something from you. Maybe when he has it he will leave you alone.

    I truly think he may have been bad in another life which is why he wears the hood BUT I do think for some reason he visits you to get some sort of forgiveness or hope.

    It doesnt matter how many books we read on this subject nothing is ever sure. I think if you smile and stay calm as you have been doing and tolerant him he may get the comfort he needs fron you and disappear. Maybe in the world in which he dwells he cannot talk to anyone and is not accepted maybe none of them are so it must get pretty lonely for him. he may have only done something minor and he may not be all bad??.

    BUT he is drawn to you for a reason he feels a connection with you possibly even your empathy i think you are blessed and you clearly have some psychic ability.

    Just my thoughts

    I do think protection is a good idea though just in case his motives are sinister i still think he is asking for forgiveness. It must be scary for you but if he is drawn to you I think you can help him.

  • Hi again, Really like Nefratiti's post. I would pray for him. From what I've read about the dark atmosphere, it's terrible to be there. From what I've seen from my visions, those in Heaven pray without ceasing.

  • You know what?

    some of you people really make me wanna swear big style!!!


    the monk has come to help. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Sekhmet. You were beginning to understand the reason for him being there. Please trust your intuition now. More than anything else, if what you were doing before the recent posts made you feel safer and better about him then surely some of the weight/darkness has lifted?

    You have all the protection in the world you will ever need if you just ask for it and remember to send all negativity back to the ether from whence it came asking that it be turned into positive energy and used effectively for the healing of our earth.

    Once again i repeat, the negativity which surrounds you is from people, not spirit.

    As an empath you are like a magnet for whatever people you come into contact with to unburden themselves. It is this kind of energy you need protection from so that you will be strong enough to do your spiritual work and not deplete your own energy.

    It is common knowledge that empaths are naturally gifted healers and give much of their own energy to help others because they care. Comprende ?

    God is an energy. I don't know what your religious beliefs are but by all means please pray if it makes you feel better but in my experience, when you pray to be given all you need to be able to function well enough to do your work and still have sufficient energy to play, that is what works for you. It isn't selfish to ask for what you need.

    You can only do as much or give as much as you have.

    When good energy flows continuously and in abundance, you can do almost anything.

    To be sure of what is right for you, sit and be quiet and ask your guides to help you stay focussed on the posts which are relevant to your situation and trust.

    I'm aware that most of the posts include the religious beliefs of the poster and even my own posts have some of my own beliefs in there too. What's important is which is right for you. Once you've done that, don't allow anyone to confuse you. Including me.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Hi, What concerns me is the "taking of the eyes" that was stated by the monk, spirit, etc. The Bible states that "the light is in the eye." So, I interpret "taking of the eyes" as "taking of the light."

    This subject keeps bringing me back to what "free will" is. Free will can be argued by all the philosophers. Some will say what is free will if God already knows our destiny. It's true, he does. He created us. He created philosophy, biology, chemistry etc. To me what it comes down to is "our will" or "his will."

    "Taking of the eyes" is not "His will."

    On this particular subject, to me, "His will" would be to remind the "taker of the light" of God's mercy even for "him (dark monk.)"

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