The Dark Monk or Similiar

  • Has any one in there life seen the dark monk? Or anything else resembling him? Either while wake or dreaming. If so, did he speak to you? If so, in what format? And about what? If your willing to share.

    Thank You for your Post's in advance.....

  • Now, im not sure just what you mean by Dark Monk... but my husband has been haunted by a dark figure for many years... both in waking and sleeping hours. We've wondered if it is a demon of sorts, or perhaps just his own personification of his daily turmoils, but if this is like what you are asking about, we may be able to tell you something. ^^

  • He looks like a apparition wearing a black long hooded robe. Is that what he sees?

  • My 22 year old used to see what he refered to as the dark shadow and before his death he had gotten to the point of refering to it just as IT.He would describe It as a dark figure with a swirling cape.One which he never saw its face only the dark black shadow.It gave him a sensation that made all his hair stand up on his neck and just put him in a state of fear.

    He was seeing it and was terrified.He would talk about It being in his dreams and over a 4 year period of time started seeing It in his waking hours.When alone and It would show up he would call and talk to one of us scared to be alone.If he was in his vehicle he would call his brothers to come out and get him.

    Another member of our family seen and felt this same entity at my ex mils(she is extremely negative) home the night my son died.Its presence was so strong that it made her physically sick.She has never been back into that house.

    My son is native american and it was explained to us that perhaps he knew what this dark shadow meant in regards to his life on a physical level ending.They explained it as he may of remembered from his previous life.He had always had the gift of seeing the souls, its been a gift in our family that many of us have.

    I believe that in a sense it was manifested energy as the time got closer to his death and Its appearance was more constant..And yes he knew it was his time to pass over.

    I personally do not believe in evil.That it is a creation of our own minds.My son understands this now he is on the otherside, where he struggled in the physical world because of what he had learned through his culture.


  • The first time I saw this thing I was only 3 years old. I saw its face. And its face was revealed to me. It spoke to me and is a really thing. What ever it is.I am quite older now. A little shy to tell,but older. It spoke to me. It is a he. And he has nothing to do with your life, my life, past life or anyones life. He is a thing. I don't admit to it but I sleep with a light on always, he seems to dislike it. His not death his some thing else were not soppuse to see him, atleast that's what he thinks. I'm not sure why some can see him yet.,or why I was privileged or mard to see it and hear it. He is definately no good. I'm starting to believe I unknowly witnessed some type of black magic at the age of three and he got attached to me some how. He comes and goes probably to bother others with the gift of visions. Does any one know a ritual to put him to rest for good? His probably a demoned. I'm of French,German.and Italian ancestry. I do not believe this makes a difference. His a nuisance to me and others. If you go to monsters .com there is a pretty good likness there of him. That's why I know others have seen him. I'll try to import the photo so you can see him.

  • This is the best picture I can find of what he looks like.

  • No, I'm not afraid of this thing now for many, many years. I leave on the light because I'd prefer not to look upon it or have it talk to me. His foul! And he is his own entity entirely. He likes to intimidate those who truly have the gift of visions. I realized a long time ago he can not hurt me.

    Just show unexpectedly to annoy me. Now, I don't put up with him. I'd prefer never to have to see him again. He needs to return where he taught to be not here in this realm.

  • SekhmetGoddess,

    The picture you sent is similar to what my son would describe to me.Other then his had a larger hood which blocked the face view.Have you ever noticed a smell with its appearance? My boy talked about that as well.Many unknowns seem to come with a scent wether its real or created from within our mind.

    From the other side he now relates what this was in his life.He also understands it.He speaks of it as being different for each individual as well as it being a part of our being that can be manifested by oneself.He now refers to this not as a demon but as a side of his darker self. So I guess I am not sure if what our family experienced is the same as what you are seeing and feeling.

    Its been my experience that most need to find what works for themselves when banishing energies.I know many, like myself, who use combinations that affect all the senses.Myself I always start by cleanseing myself before moving on to address the unwanted issues and energies.To me an entity, is no different then a spirit or soul they are all energy,with different names.

    Another way to do this is through a small group meditation formed with in a protective circle using rituals which one is comfortable with and follows their spiritual belief.

    Myself in my explorations of spirituality I stepped into many realms from churches to many pagan aspects and even into the occult (black magic if you wish to call it that)for a time.I was trying to get an understanding of myself and the energies around me.Again I look at things through different eyes, to me the black magic or occult is just another type of energy, it is manifested in a different manner it is not all negative nor evil as people believe.

    I wonder if there was a life experience that happened when you were a child that actually reflects this entity in your mind.I am not refering to a black magic ritual. But to a life experience that was extremely negative that your young mind pulled forth this energy in connection to and therefore he comes to visit you.Either way there are rituals that can banish him from his repeat performances.I hope you find a positive productive way to remove him from your life.


  • Thanks mytwisted world.

    Is there any body else out there who has personal seen this thing?

  • first you need to understand, there are many negative energies.but there are positive, too.if you fear it, it becomes stonger. you need to find your strength. once you do that (you might need help of someone to assist you, who has the knowledge) he'll be casted away. my medicine is owl, ever since i was a child i saw things. and smell, well some smell almost like a match, or your hair being burnt. yet when i smell almost like a cherry pipe, or incense, i know i'm being warned of danger (just like when crow comes to visit, my native ancestors are always there to protect me, and my children). you can't run from it, it has all the time to wait. get knowledge, learn what you can. the more you understand the stronger you will be. the angels started a war amongst themselves all because god comanded that they are to obey man. annie

  • I have had two dreams of this spirit that I can remember. I remember these very well as they were not like normal dreams but like scary movies at the time and quite funny when I think of them now.

    The first was 14 years ago and I was being chased by a man who was throwing knifes at me. No matter how fast I ran or where I hid the knifes would find me and stab me in the back, so I gave up running and thought this man would get bored eventually given that I seemed to be immortal. However he didn’t and I was lying on the road in agony with him repeatedly stabbing me. People were gathering around me but no one could help, when I eventually look up and there standing at the end of the road is the spirit a bit like the grim reaper with a long hooded cloak waiting on me. I stood up and ran towards him and he wrapped his cloak around me then I woke up.

    The second dream I was wondering around this unknown area looking for somewhere to live, when I met this friend who invited me to a party in their house. I was a bit anxious as I believed the house was haunted but went along anyway.

    At the house I could hear someone chanting they were going to cut my head off, but no one else could hear it and they thought I was crazy.

    After some time I found it was the spirit of an old woman who was buried under the floor. Myself and all at the party tried to get rid of her by burning and burring her body in the back garden but she just laughed at us and we had to just accept her presence.

    We then locked up all the windows and doors so no other demons could get in, but were unsuccessful and soon the house was full of demons all wanting to cut our heads off. The last demon to arrive was the cloaked man, he was boasting about how powerful he was and said he was the prince of darkness. I got so sick of listening to him that I decided to stand up and give him a peace of my mind, but ended up beheaded and my head thrown out the back window lol I didn’t die but just seemed to be outside the house looking in and wondering what to do next.


  • I actually stumbled upon this post as I did a search for what seeing a dark monk like figure meant. I was telling my friend about what I saw and she told me that her mother has also seen this and it was the grim reaper. My Aunt died in Oct. I am not sure if this happened before her death. My mom died on January 29th and it was surely before her death. This happened to me in Oct, Nov or Dec. I will never forget this experience - trust me. I did forget the date.

    I had gone to my kitchen to get a can of soda. I crossed the den and was walking in the living room towards my room. I was most certainly awake. There was only a dim lamp on in the room. This was not a dream. In front of me was a brown hooded figure. A light chestnut colored robe. This is how vivid it was to me. It was just there. About an arm's length ahead of me. It had a rope type belt, also brown. I did not see any thing except his back. Noticed most clearly his rounded hood. He did not seem to know I was there - if he did, he was ignoring me. It seemed to glide very fast. Not quite touching the floor. It was about my height. A little shorter. I am 5'7. He was not bulky. Not a huge flowing robe. His robe was loose but form fitted enough that I would call him thin. I feel it was a him. I did not see anything in his arms but as it rounded the corner, I felt I could she a roundness where an arm was crossed in front of him. I saw only robe. No arm. He guilded quickly across the room. I mean fast. Sped and I do mean sped around the corner towards my daughter's room. Her door was mostly closed. I do not know if it entered the room or dissapeared before entering the room. When I turned the corner - I had to follow it. My daughter was in that room. It was gone. I thought maybe it was my son playing a joke. I knew this was stupid as he could not move like this, and why dressed so oddly. I was just grabbing at things in my mind. I made myself open the door and turn on the light. My heart was racing. Nothing there. Only my daughter sleeping.

    I have alwaysconsidered myself sensitive. I am a genealogist and have sensed deceased people guiding me in my searches. But this was not ancestors. I do not think it was evil or demonic. I just know I did not like seeing it. Have never actually seen anything before. I do not want to see him again.

  • Hi all,

    the grim reaper should never be feared. He should be welcomed.

    He represents the end of a cycle. It always means there will be loss of some kind but not necessarily death as we know it.

    It can be the loss of our own pride, greed, vanity etc.... He represents the ego.

    Those people who know the techniques of visualization in meditation should sit with him and ask why he's come. The answers come in many ways so it isn't possible to say here how the answer will be received but it always comes.

    Many people see the grim reaper several times in one lifetime.

    Always nearing the "death" of one experience leading us to the next. eg: marriage/divorce.

    leaving school and into work. Anything really which causes great upheaval in our lives and creates emotional turmoil.

    Yes, he is there to warn us of the forth-coming "death" but once we accept and welcome it, our whole world is changed, ultimately for the better and beyond all recognition but the transition is rarely an easy one.

    He's quite a nice guy really once you get to know him.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Hi,

    Interesting answers. I have not been back for a while my PC was having Tech. issues. But now I'm back. First of all, the first time I saw him I was three years old. Come on what three year old knows any thing about death or the grim reaper?

    No, need to ask him what he wants he always states clearly he is here for my eyes!

    His description is est: 6ft. tall Brawny in stature. Has gold eyes and carries a large silver tray. His robe is black.

    I really do not care to have a conversation with him ever! My reply has always been the same.

    NO! You may not have my eyes, turn and I run the other direction. He is awful. He is not a nice guy! He is an awful spirit. I don't believe he is the grim reaper or death.

    I'm not dreaming and I did not make him up in my mind. He is NOT a figment of my imagination. GEEZZ! Familiar or evil spirit are just that bad stinky evil spirits. And I never want to "SEE" him again! Does any one know how to get rid of him once and for all? For real.

  • Hi SekhmetGoddess,

    well the first word which sprung to mind after reading your post was ''envy.''

    As i stated in my earlier post he always represents the ego. Envy is very much a part of the ego.

    Even at three years of age there are people who would envy the innocence of a child.

    As for wanting your eyes, i believe it represents others in your life who envy your vision spiritually. I'm sorry you fear the reaper but in my experience if you don't accept the reasons for him beoing there he will keep coming back.

    The second word which came to mind was ''Tigers eye.''

    I believe if you look up the properties of tiger eye crystals ( please excuse if you already know this) i think you will discover the means to fend off the negative energy which comes with envy.

    He's simply trying to let you know what it is that others want from you. He does not have the power to physically take your eyes.

    Basically he is giving you a warning to protect yourself from negativity which surrounds you in this life from real people, not the spirits.

    If you truly don't want him to come back then please do what is necessary for your own protection via an energy field or if you feel the need for something tangible, try carrying a piece of tiger eye and/or keep a piece by your doorway/s.

    As a last resort, if you feel he is truly a bad spirit, show him a mirror. No good spirit likes to see their own image reflected back at them. A bad spirit will love the mirror. Vanity is not purity. 🙂

    Symbolically that goes for some people too. I stress ''some'' because it is natural to view oneself in a mirror for reassurance that one looks presentable. I'm sure you will recognize the difference.

    I sincerely hope this has helped you and i wish you success in your findings.

    Blessings in abundance,

    Verdana 😉

  • Verdana,

    Ok, I kinda understand what your saying. And at three years old there was and still is alot of envy revolving around me. And I don't even understand why. I didn't know that about tigers eye. Thank you. I use to wear a Tigers Eye ring. I never put a feeling of being a little bit safer when it was on till reading your response. I really never consider a dark scary looking spirit as spirit who could or would be trying to warn me, about envies people. I just didn't understand. So, I will try putting back on some Tigers Eye. I will plan a trip to a local store and pick up a few pieces to put around the door ways. All the doors? Or just the entry ways?

    Really your response to me. This time is first one that kinda is making sense to me now. So, I'll try to implementing your suggestions. I'm trying to be open minded, about how to resovle this.

    I've been drawn to Spotted Jasper. I didn't buy it. However, know I'm wondering why my mind has returned to it several times. Does it work it this situtation? Do you know what it is used for?

    I believe sometimes your drawn to some thing to Is this the case with the Spotted Jasper?

    Thank you


  • Hi SekhmetGoddess,

    i'm happy you are beginning to understand now. I was guided long ago that there are no bad spirits, but there are bad people and when a spirit comes through and creates fear in you, it is a warning to be aware of the negativity surrounding you and make the necessary adjustments.

    Some of the people might not even be aware of their envy, it is simply that you are spiritually gifted and their spirit can see that but the eyes may not be open so they are drawn to you spiritually but they might not like the feelings you wreak within them. They are to be forgiven for their ignorance and sent on their way with blessings so the karma remains good and pure and none of it can come back to you as negative energy. 🙂

    Now. Leave a piece of the crystal by your main doorways. If you feel the need, place small pieces on window ledges though personally i think this might be a bit obsessive.

    By jasper, i'm assuming you mean the red brecciated jasper which has patterns on it.

    That's the one i feel you need right now.

    Metaphysical properties = protection.

    Used by the shamen as a supreme nurturer. Balances and stabilizes.

    Can also assist safe astral travel and good for dowsing.

    Associated with the root chakra and solar plexus.

    Corresponds to Leo.

    To open the mind to new ideas, gaze into the patterns on the stone and allow the imagination to open the mind for creativity.

    There is a spotted Dalmation jasper which is useful to enhance relationships/partnerships but for it to be effective you would need the partner to be open to carrying a piece too.

    If you'd like more info on this one i'll post the details for you but right now i feel you need to deal with the negativity issues.

    It's not easy accepting change and certainly not when others cannot accept we need to move in a different direction or have grown out of old habits. Incidentally, tigers eye helps to rid ourselves of those old habits and ways of thinking to allow in the new ideas on the way to enlightenment.

    Thanks for your response, it helps me also to know that what i'm doing here is useful and helpful. We all doubt occasionally and when we receive a positive and open minded response, we get sufficient boost to carry on knowing we do good. 🙂

    Good luck with your quest,

    Verdana 🙂

  • Hi Verdana,

    And every one else. I believe the Jasper I was drawn to was the Dalmation one, it was white or light grey with darker spots. Does the partner have to be a love relationship? Can it be a business partner or close friend? I'm wearing the Tiger Eye necklace. I just put it on tonight.

    There are other questions I have but not under this topic they would not apply.

    I'm going to start another topic called just chat. OK? Sound good to you? See you there.



  • Hi SekhmetGoddess,

    the dalmation jasper stone is for harmony in all relationships but particularly for drawing soulmates closer together. Bearing in mind that a soulmate doesn't always become a life time partner. It could be your mother, brother, sister or even just a close friend who you have a strong bond with. I think that is where there is much confusion in the world because many of us consider a soulmate as being the one we will marry or live with for the rest of our lives.

    Having said all that, i think your idea of a ''chat'' discussion thread is fabulous. It's hard to find the time to look at all the titled ones so i personally tend to go the ones i'm most drawn to.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Hi Verdana,

    Thanks for the advise. I like your spin on things. Is it because your from the UK? Or are you just an exception there? I am an expection here. Well, I am sleeping a little better the first night I wore the Tigers Eye I slept for 8 hours. Last night only 6.5hrs. but I had money worries. I put a piece of crystal by the front door. I even wear the Tigers Eye over all else. Even to sleep.

    Sekhmet 🙂

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