I'm always drawn to the number 2006, can anyone tell me what this means?

  • Dear members,

    I am hoping for someone to be able to answer my question.

    Every single day I check the time at exactly 20:06 p.m. (and then often at 22:06 p.m. again), no matter where I am, in the car, on my cell, my computer, etc....

    I never wear a watch and I do not check the time regularly...

    The 20th of June also happens to be my birthday. I am always drawn to the number 2006 or 2206.

    Maybe I am just "conditioned" and it has become a habit to look at the clock at the same time, but maybe there is a meaning to it?

    I heard that the 0's in a number mean karmic debt... How about this combination with the 2 and the 6?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Jules ❤

  • Hi Jules

    Google numerology. I believe ur questions are answered through there.


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