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  • I have so enjoyed reading the many postings presented here, I really need another, or many other opinions as it pertains to my son. Born 4/14/1991. Here is the problem, he has fallen under the spell of a person, who has promised him the world, the best job my son could dream of. The only problem is I feel all of it is a lie. So far, he has been nothing but a driver/personal bodyguard. He has not been paid for one minute of his time for more then a month. The man, 26, has served a wee bit of time in prison. I have no problem with that issue, we all make mistakes. My son knows that he is not always told the truth, he has caught him in a few lies already. I met him for the first time last night, I had such a bad feeling from just getting a hug, that I came home a did a personal cleansing to remove negative energy.

    My son was blessed with many psychic gifts, he can see auras, has visions, premonitions and can at will, surround himself with white light from our Holy Creator.

    When I speak with him about this issue, I am told that I just don't understand and that I am jugding the man based on his past misdeeds. My son is ignoring his instincts and costing me a small fortune.

    Please Help. Any and all advice, would be appreciated. A reading would be wonderful if anyone has the time. I am at my wits end.

    Brighest Blessings,Kath

  • 8 of cups:perhaps your son is just exhausted and desperate. hes giving this man the benifit of a doubt. the wheel of furtune:could represent what your son is hoping for. he has "promised him the world" as you say. the 8 of swords:he is blinded and this man is having some kind of hold on him. i think the best thing for you to do is trust your instincts. even though your son is gifted hes still like any other kid AND MAY JUST BE SEEING WHAT HE WANTS TO SEE RATHER THAN WHAT HE SHOULD SEE.(sorry for the caps i clicked on caps lock by mistake)try talking with him and get him to understand where you are coming from. if he still turns deaf ears to your pleas confront that man around him.. let him know that if he is up to no good hes in trouble and that your not messing around.

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  • To notshy2bme, To answer the question, why is he working for free. Allegedly he is in training, LOL, that is why he has yet to be paid. Initially, this man wanted my son to pay $75 per day for "training". This guys idea of traing is driving him all over town and steping in when the guy acts like a fool when he's drunk. My son is working off the "training fee", that is why he is working for free. The guy is 26 and a wanna be whose record label is just getting off the ground, he claims to be a sound engineer.

    Abouts the drugs, I believe you are on the mark with that, not my son using but the other guy dealing to help support his "lifestyle".

  • Hi, I too get a little uneasy feeling about this, I hope I'm wrong, but I can't help but feel that driving this person around and needing a bodyguard? could it be he may be "dealing" the drugs, if this could be the case, and please believe I so want it not to be, but, if it is, your Son would be dragged innocently into this if his "boss" got caught, after all you say he has already been to prison, and I like you believe in giving people second chances, but this whole situation really does sound very suspicious...

    I sincerely hope your Son comes to start to really question this persons motives and to realise what could happen...

    I'm a mother of a Son and 3 daughters and I feel for you so much, we just can't help but worry so much about them...also, just realised my son shares same birth date, but he was born in 1978...

    I truly wish you the best outcome in this leogirl728,


  • call me irrational but i still believe this man needs to have "the fear" put in him. im not saying to beat him or threaten him but to let him know that your suspicious and that if something bad happens to your son because of him hes going to pay.

  • Hi Kath

    I feel for you as your son's number scope is is highly secured by the number 2, which is so easy to please others, soft touch call it what you like, he has a heart of gold and to be frank loves the challenge and it is a form of excitement that he is experiencing with this job. I agree with you relating to his so called boss as he is a rouge and before long will be paying society a visit once more.

    I can see your son leaving but not until he realises that a there is no money in it and his boss will let him go. Yes I see your son very disappointed but this is a karmic lesson that he will learn. Not to let people walk over him. Your son has always loved a challenge, outgoing and over all a great young man. For you, let him go and learn for himself.

    Later it will go like this " MUM WAS RIGHT"

    I hope this is some help, please stop worrying as this is not going to help you.

    Take Care for now Helen 49

  • To:notshy2bme, HealingWays, kageroninja and Helen49,

    Thank You so much for taking the time to offer advice and insight with my problem.

    Today while reading the last posting, my son was on the phone, actually being "let go", because he refused to devote 24/7 to his boss. The guy was upset that my son spent my birthday with me and told him that his personal life conflicted with his committment. Initially my son as very upset, but after talking it over woth me, he realized he was being used. This guy actually attempted to break a mother-son bond.

    My son talks to me about everything going on in his life. He confirmed that the guy was dealing drugs, shoplifting and a myriad of other illegal activities. The guy even stole my son's wallet.

    For now this guy is out of our lives.

    Thank You,


  • I am so pleased for you and your son. Karma has a way to handling people like that terrible person "What comes around goes around, and yes he will end up back inside and it wont be before long" This I feel very strong.

    Well take care and tell your son to study or take a course on a topic that has been on his mind for a while, this will set him up, financially and travel will be there for him also.

    Helen NZ

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  • I am SO thrilled to hear this Kath, such a wonderful outcome for you both!! you are truly blessed with the relationship with you and you Son....many many blessing to you both!!

    I just pray his next "employee" will find out what a "bad lot" that chap really is and escape being dragged down with him too...

    this has made my day!, love and joy to you,


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