Could anyone tell me who my spirit guide is?

  • My date of birth is May 2,1993 also i would like to know if my spirit guide has any messages for me i will really appreciate whoever helps me.

  • SoSeductive777,

    your spirit guide is someone who dominates your emotions.

    i would like to know if my spirit guide has any messages for me: be simply there, get in harmony with your world.

    And remember one thing: if you ask why about misery,

    it can be answered, but if you ask why about joy, it

    cannot be answered -- because misery is unnatural, so

    it has a cause, and joy is just a natural outflow, it

    has no cause. If you go to the doctor and you ask 'I am

    feeling healthy -- why?' he cannot answer you, he

    cannot explain why. He cannot send you for an X-ray, a

    cardiogram, and other checks, because health cannot be

    checked in any way; there is no machine that can say

    that you are healthy and can show the cause. You are

    healthy because you are alive, you are healthy because

    you SHOULD be healthy; health is natural. But if you go

    to the doctor, and you are ill, he can show you why you

    are ill: maybe it is tuberculosis or cancer or

    something else. Causes can be found -- causes can be

    found for that which is unnatural. Joy is just natural;

    never ask why. Never ask why about love, about joy,

    about beauty, about God, about life.

  • im kinda confused about everything you just said

  • soseductive777,if you really want to get in touch with your spirit guide take some time to yourself,relax and just think. dont be afraid to speak to your spirit guide and ask questions,you just might get feedback. you may not actually hear voices or anything but you might get feelings or maybe see certain signs or maybe even have visions. i am invisioning a beautiful woman with blonde hair,perhaps this could be the form that your spirit guide takes or is it you i am seeing?.

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