Why are Geminies Noisy?

  • I have a problem. Long ago there was some dating mess happening when I was stuck in love with two men at the same time. The situation turned as bad as possible but now is under control. And it has been so for a long time. Many things have changed since then. I made a mistake to keep a journal of emails at the time. Now some noisy twin got a hold of the old journal and tries to make uncalled judgments on what happened. I do not understand who gives him or her the right to get involved in something that is none of his or her business. It is simply ridiculous. Any ideas on how to get this nasty person to stop? Why do they think I owe them an explanation? And their view is soo narrow and are completely incompetent to analyze the situation. They analyze the facts they cannot possibly understand. They need explanation at every word and every phrase because they are so off from reality. They are too old to even remember what love is. And they have no psychic qualities to envision what really happened at the time. And they don't even know that I never met any of the two men online. It was a typo in one of the documents they have. A typo that made me understand that they are none of the men in my story and that they never even spoke to any of the men in my story. Therefore they know nothing, but they act like they know everything. It is just natural that they should STOP mumbling but they don't. They also think the contact with one of the men was just minimum and under a month. Well that is not true at all. As a matter of fact it was on and off for 5-6 months. One of the men did come back every time I walked away. It was like a push and pull game. And the relationship with one of the men did not go well because of my refusal to have intimate relations with that man. Unfortunately I used seduction to try to keep him interested. I did not want to cheat so I chose to be in this relationship with no sex but everything else. It seemed like a good compromise at the time. I still believe that one of the men I met was indeed my soulmate but I decided to leave it to destiny. My feelings now are that even though I love this man I still believe he is not worthy of the love I have for him. I used to ask a lot of why's but now I simply do not do that anymore. I do believe in destiny, but I find it almost impossible to believe that this man will ever admit to his mistakes or that he will ever change to be with me. I do believe he loves me but he loves me in a way that is not enough for me. I am always upfront with my feelings for him but he never does the same for me. It is like he is ashamed to be in love. He says he has been hurt in love before but I sense this is just an excuse. Love is something that just happens you can't plan for it. So he is either in love or he is not. If he is in love he should show it, not hide it..

    I m hoping now that if I make this honest full confession they will stop nagging me with things that are not true.

  • Wow you are all over the place!!!

    Please stick to one topic.

    Anyways........ I'll have to say one thing, you seem to be mad at this Gemini cause he found something you left for people to find. When you write an online journal, unless you make the entries private, expect people to find it. The you must expect people to have an opinion on it.

    You shouldn't chastize people for their opinions. Either weigh them out if they're good or ignore them if they're bad.

    You just seem to be mad that someone found your little secret out. It seems you did something wrong cause your here blasting this Gemini and trying to take him down a peg or 2 to make yourself feel better (or right?). Sorry I'll defend my fellow Gemini and give you a bit of advice. Gemini's love gossip, but we also like to know all the facts as well.

    About the guy at the end of you story....... some people don't like to show their feelings of love so openly. How you show them and how he shows them can be completely different. If you love him sooo much you should already see the ways he shows his love. If you can't..... he may not be the man for you.

    Also Love (being in love) isn't as clear cut as you think it is.

  • Sorry- I have not been clear. This "journal" was not meant for anyone else to read. There is no "secret" to find out. It is like you steal someone's journal and you think you know everything about them. It is like you have some snapshots and you think you know the movie. If you Gemini want to know the facts then why you make assumptions when you do not have all the facts?

  • I still do not understand the problem...Just tell this Gemini the facts and be done with it. I agree with the first post, if you don't want people to make assumptions about your life, don't right stuff down that you don't want to have to explain later.

  • Well this Gemini is totally confused!!!! Tell the facts. Let them make up their own mind. Respect their decision whether to believe you or not. Stop getting into a flap. What's done is done. Remember people can only give you advice...whether you take it or not is up to you. Nobody is actually bothered whether you listen or not....the reason advice is given is to give you a viewpoint to think about different to your own, a viewpoint that comes from personal experience or close observation. I actually cringed as I read your post - a Libra I know fairly well spends a lot of her time seducing men that she declares she loves only to part company with them a short time later....she is open with her seduction and its embarrassing to watch as the men she "loves" only are interested in one thing or is that her aim, to seduce? I'm not suggesting you're like that girl,and I'm not making assumptions about her life either...so perhaps the gemini making you so mad has made some fairly accurate observations?? !! I'm making no assumptions....and to be honest, I'm not actually interested.

  • Uninvited comments...or advice about someone you do not even know.. - that is the problem. If you would know this girl better you would have understood that she actually has some sex-appeal that makes her attracted to all men NOT only for Sex as you suggest. She had too many relationships to know that. But I understand this can be frustrating from someone that gets no attention like rnrchick!! How some women can get all the men and she can't do that? The quick separation comes only because our lady is PICKY.. Not because she is DUMPED as you suggest! Many of these men quickly become just "friends with benefits" as she looses interest in them.

  • Sorry- spelling correction:

    I meant makes her "attractive" to NOT "attracted"

  • You see librasUnited - you're making assumptions too!

    I don't get frustrated by my Libra friend .....

    she's just not as good at seduction as me and can't hold on to them long enough! Funny how its always the men running away from her....just an observation (not an assumption!)

  • HighPriestess.....Geminis may be noisy and nosy ....be straight with your gemini "friend" - say its none of their business and leave it at that. Turn a deaf ear to their mutterings. OR tell them the facts as you see it, let them make up their own mind,respect their opinion.Turn a deaf ear to their mutterings. End of problem. Live your life as you see fit.

  • I agree with rnrchick.

    Basically what I was trying to say in my first post, give the gemini all the facts and if he stil wants to nit pick leave him be or don't listen.

    My Fiance is a Libra, so don't think I'm bashing Libra's. Just they can be very indesisive, as what the OP seems to be to a great extent. I really don't agree with her methods on trying to keep the guys though.

  • I'm a Gemini and if you want yours to stop- Ice them out, we'll get it. We analyze- they probably think your in denial and/or is being unfair in someway to these men and they're just bringing things out in the open cuz we hate secrets.

  • Hear! Hear! Spoken like a true Gem! We tend to see things faster and more realistically then anyone else. It tends to upset people. But, in the end they always come around, right?

  • Hi, I didn't really read the whole post. This Gemini you are talking about must care for you. I haven't really known one on an intimate level. I know they don't mind expressing their feelings and they shouldn't. Thank God for Gemini's--that's what I say. And the truth be told, usually, in my life, they have been right. I don't really think this one means any harm--do you.

  • Can somebody tell me If Geminis are faithfull and divoded and not cheat in a relationship ?? Cozz amself a Archer but on my sagitaurius site here I read that saggys are acommitted But that is the opposite .. I Love My gemmy very much and I show her my affection and interrest , and tread her as my queen .....

    and now I read that a Gem can easely fall in Love of two men ... ???? That is sick and sure for a Gemini the sign ..which everything must be perfect and planned in time .. Does a gemini realy Knows what is LOVE ..???

  • Hi,

    Gems do know what love is. They can appear flippant cause they are generally happy-go-lucky. Gems love a flirt, cause they are good communicators, But I for one still always go home from that party with the man I came with. (pardon the pun). My favourite song for Gems is , "Don't fence me in."

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