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  • Welcome to the Love & Relationships forums. This is the place to share your thoughts on all things romantic and to ask your burning questions. Has divination helped you create stronger relationships? Have you experienced synchronicity in the realm of love?

  • i can see noone talking about love here. does it mean love doesn't exist?

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  • Hopefully it just means that people are merely searching for love but have not yet found it ... much like they could be searching for this forum, but do not yet realize that it's out there!

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  • Hi All!

    I have never written into a forum before so please forgive me my mistakes. I have finally found what I think will be a lasting relationship with a Gemini man, I am a Pisces woman. I have one question though that no man I know seems to be able to answer to my satisfaction. Do all men look at porn whether online or in mags.? If so WHY!! Especially when they say all is well in the bedroom and the other areas of the relationship. This was also kept a secret from me, after we had talked many times about my feelings of exploitation of women, and my willingness to look with him at tasteful sites.

    Any insight would be helpful, thanks, Willow

  • Hi Willow! Well, I'm not a man, but it's been my experience that not all men look at pornography. It is also my experience that most men do. I myself, and other women I know also enjoy a peek now and then. Now, of course, the matter of exploitation is an important one. But rest assured, there exist sexually explicit material that is not exploitative. I gather that you already know this, tho. Maybe the reason your guy kept it secret is because he was simply afraid you might react badly....sometimes it can feel like if a guy wants to look at porn, it means that the real lady next to him in bed might not live up to some kind of expectation as to looks or performance. This may be a concern of his. And for some folks (male or female) porn is just a fantasy, and sometimes (myself included) they want to keep it to themselves. If porn is replacing real interaction with a real person, however, that's a problem. It sounds like the two of you are talking about it...that's great! It might take him some time to come around to the idea of sharing the viewing with you...just stay positive and as open as you can.

  • Hi Marycarnival!

    Thank-you for replying to my question, you are right I think, there are some things people like or need to keep to themselves. I think I have a very open mind and yet it bothered me. He and I are both reasonably attractive people who have no problems in the bedroom, and we love each other deeply. I am very inventive and diverse ie: role playing, dressing up, anything I can do to keep our love lives interesting and fun for us both. Having said that, I know I do have some trust issues and insecurities periodically. You have helped me greatly to understand that there are some things that I too am embarrased at first to bring about for fear of rejection, or disaproval.

    I just needed another persons viewpoint to help me put it in perspective. You did that for me, so with patience and an open mind, and communication, I hope this will become something we can eventially share or not but I have to accept that that's o.k. too. This is a great forum to interact with others in private, and my first experience was a positive one! Thanks for making it so! I'd give you a hug if I could. Thanks for caring enough to take the time to help me. May good things come your way!!! Willow

  • welcome to the community

  • Hey Willow,

    I'm glad my comments were helpful--you're right, sometimes we just need a different perspctive! I hope everything is going well with you, and I return the virtual hug!

  • Until a year ago, I believed love to be a concept created by Halmark to sell cards.

  • Be careful! Both my ex-husbands are Gemini's. They are true twins in that there is two separate beings you are in relationship with. I became so intuned with my 2nd's twin change, that I could ask the same question I posed to him 10 minutes before and not only would he react as if never hearing it before, he'd answer a completely different way. His twins were both basic bad boys. The Worse of the two would just tell you what you wanted to hear rather than give a truthfful response!

  • Hello all ,a new member here and ready to jump in and chat with u all, I just broke up with someone who was in my life way to long in my opinion and although it hurts I still feel relieved. This guy is not the person for me and I just hope to move on and find someone I am more compatiable with. I am 37 do u all think it is too late to start over? I have never been married either and the town I stay is just not my cup of tea to top things off so do u all feel that I should consider moving too? I have been thinking about this too and I am up for the challenge if it ever present itself!!! Thanks...

  • I entered into a relationship with a Saggitarious and I'm a Leo so I thought our relationship was compatiable. It was a long distance relationship and we saw each other very often in the beginning up until about 6mo ago when she informed me that she just needed some time and gave me the it's not you it's me thing and maybe some day it might work out, but by that time i'd fallen deep in love with her, after that I'd have to be the one to initiate any type of communication with her. She'd never call just to say hi or anything like she used to and anytime i'd send her floweres of anything I'd never get a resonse from her or a simple thank you. Instead I'd call her and of course it would go to her vm and it would be days for her to call me back. Emails too. I did a past karma reading on her and it came back that she in past lives abused her power at the expense of others and witch-craft. From the start She was always very intrested in my money and even though she denied it she would still bring it up all the time. I know she has cheated on me on several occassions but she also denies that. How could i have prevented this all from happening? I read my Tarot cards everyday and they have been saying for the past 6mo that I'm being decived by someone close to me. I get the Tower Card alot. Many thanks. Namaste.

  • I'm still in love with a Taurus/Gemini Cusp (May 19th,1984) male who left me for his ex-girlfriend (She's a Scorpio) that treated him poorly in the past. I haven't been able to sleep. I miss him so much. It was a long distance/on again-off again type of relationship with him. I wonder if really cared or cares about me. I've been trying so hard not to think about him,but I do. Will he come back to me? :*(

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