In a friend-zone with a capricorn

  • i'm interested in a capricorn woman. we get along quite well: similar interests, talk to each other quite often, she listens to me, i listen to her, been out in a group several times, been out on a handful of friendly dates by ourselves.

    i'm in the friend zone. i was wondering if any of these signs suggests that she may have stronger feelings for me.

    1. sends me links to love songs

    2. tells me that she misses me when i tell her same. maybe she's just being polite?

    3. "casually" suggests that i have dinner with her out, or see some movie with her, or generally hang out with her.

    to me, these are signs that she may. but every time i try to ask her out "properly" (so that i can find out if she does have more feelings for me), she has excused herself. basically, if she asks me, i go. but when i ask her, she's excused herself.

    this suggests that i definitely AM in the friend zone. i am confused. and would like to move on. (stupidly, i passed up on a chance with another girl simply because i felt that i had to be loyal to my feelings with this capricorn girl.)

    i don't want to miss any chance with this capricorn girl. but i also don't want to ruin the friendship by forcing my feelings on her.

    any advice from a capricorn woman will be appreciated. thanks.


  • Every individual is different yet I'll give it a shot! I am a capricorn female and I have a lot of male friends, or should I say I only have male friends. Reading your story reminded me of my guy-friend, he would tell me everyday that he missed me and expect the same answer from me..and even though I never missed him but out of courtesy I forced myself into saying that I missed him too, even though i never did :(. Capricorn girls are really sweet, they can't imagine hurting anyone(most of them). If i send love-songs to someone it doesn't mean nothing more than sharing my favorite tunes with them! I do casually suggest my guy-friends to have dinner/movie etc but its just a 'friendly' SUGGESTION and nothing more. But again....this is me.....and what you described is Her. yet I can assure you one thing. Capricorns don't like clingy men, we are very possessive about our loved ones but we hardly express it, because expressing our love for someone (according to us) renders us weak, and caps are anything but Weaklings! Don't even think of forcing your feelings on her, cuz you can't force anything on her. We hate being pushed and respect people who give us our space. If you ask for my opinion, I would say stay close to her and just be her friend. show her that no matter what you would always be there for her. be her best friend and hopefully you'll get urself promoted to more than a friend status in the near future. "if she asks me, i go. but when i ask her, she's excused herself" . we love testing men, to know how gentle-manly they are 🙂 That's really nice of you to go out with her everytime, but when she asks you out, again pretend as if you're really busy and you took out some time specially for her.It would make her feel important and earn you GOLD points 😄 anyways, i can go on and on about capricorns i.e. i guess i should stop here! hope it helps..good luck! plz ignore the typos

  • good points and thanks. especially that one about saying "i miss you" so politely, "i miss you, too." but i doubt that politeness was the only reason at some point in the past. she's "suggested" (it seems capricorns don't like saying things plainly) the same to me.

    other than with this post, i doubt i've been clingy. she know's that i've tried to chase after her. and she knows that i've taken her suggestive "no"s to mean "no"s. i've kept my relationship with her as friends. for example: i chear her up with encouragements (and nothing more) when she tells me she's had a bad day.

    whats confusing me is that, she'll then say or do something that may suggest otherwise. for example, she asks me join her and some of her friends to a club. i couldn't go to it. and she showed her disappointment about it very much later on. so i try to aks her out to dinner to "make up" for my absence. just for her to suggestively say no again. wtf ??? at the very least, i'm scratching my head constantly. at the worst, i'm pretty much cut-up.

    by the way, talking to her properly is not an option at this point. i can't even get her outside a group for that to happen.

    insights required. or i'll be keeping this relationship as "friends" only.

  • oh! btw, she actually is a good friend to have. i dont wanna lose that friendship.

    (a surf this afternoon then some longboard lager tonight may help.)

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