Desparate for relationship forecast between a Pisces female/Scorpio male

  • I am desparate for help!!!!!! Can anyone do a reading for me regarding my relationship? I have had relationship up and downs for over 4 years with this man and he's driving me nuts. Everytime I walk away he ends up coming back and we start right back up. He's secretive about things he has no reason to be secretive about. About 2 months he called me and told me he loved me (we had never said that before), said he wanted to be with me and then after 6 weeks just pulled away. I got mad and we had a HUGE fight (the first that ever happend) and then I thought we had cleared up our differences. 12 days ago things were fine and then last week he tells me that I'm too "clingy" and that we tried it and it just didn't work between us. So I said I understood that we were finished. A couple minutes later he asks me if I truly believe that we are finished and says that I know more than he does cause he can't say that we are truly done. WHAT GIVES????? My birthdate is 3/13/56 and his is 11/7/69. Thanks!

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