Help! Need advise on career and love. Out of job as of 7/30/10.

  • My birth date is 02/11/1978. I am currently in a temp job which ends (or should I say ends for me) on 7/30/10. I have sent out my resume, but have not heard anything back yet. This leaves me a week to find a job and I am scared. I would like to know:

    • What are my strengths and weaknesses in a job?

    -What factors are holding me back from progressing and what can I do to bring about a better change?

    • What guidance or advice can you give me now on how to handle this current issues in my career?

    • What is the best step or course of action to take right now to ensure smooth working relations and environment?

    • What more can I offer or what aspect of me needs to be drawn out so that I can have more opportunities to shine, instead of shy away?

    • Will I get one of the jobs I have applied for soon?

    In my relationship. I am with a man who I love very much, but he is not easy to read and runs hot and cold. His date of birth is 09/20/1972. I know all the horoscopes say that we don't go together, but I see he loves me and I love him, but because of the hot and cold I wonder if we are going to last. I wanted to know:

    • How am I as a partner?

    • What am I good at with him and what are my weak points with him?

    • What is the current status of our relationship and what can I do now to avoid any sort of falling out in the near future?

    • Is any form of evaluation necessary right now?

    • Are there any underlying issues which should be addressed right away?

    • What are the best steps or course of action to take right now to strengthen the relationship I have with him?

    • what more can I offer or what aspect of me need to be expressed more for the good of thee relationship?

    • Is he cheating? Or is he in the near future? Or is this just in my head?

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!

  • I'll do my best to answer some of your career questions, domini!

    Your strengths in a job are your incredible energy and enthusiasm. You have the ability to inspire people with your outgoing, generally cheerful nature. You are also adaptable to varying situations. Your main weakness that is holding you back is that you often have trouble finishing projects you've started--you sometimes lose interest and move on to other things, which causes you to be seen as unreliable. You need to choose a career where you can interact with other people, without following strict, regimented routines. You have the gift of being able to learn new things relatively easily. Be confident in your abilities and follow through on projects you start. I'm not sure what job you have now, but you would make a great tour guide (although I don't know if you would enjoy that type of thing) with your skills with people and love of knowledge. You would do well in sales or as a writer also. I see you getting at least one of the jobs you have applied for. If you can tell me what you do as a career, I can tell you more. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Junemoon26,

    You are dead on. I love being around people and I do learn things very quickly.

    I was working as a Customer Service Rep for a pharmaceutical company and I have been a claims rep for an auto insurance company. I am currently not working and I am trying to find a job. I want a job (in Product Complaint Department) for the company I worked for, but the boss there is mad at my sister, who was the one that use to work for her, but took my job away from me to become permanent at the company. She was suppose to talk to her old boss for me, but never did. Her being my sister and doing this to me makes it an even harder situation for me. Anything you see and could tell me would help a great deal! Thank you in advance.

  • It sounds like your sister could be jealous of you--and it was not nice of her to lie to you about "talking" to her old boss. Why is the boss there mad at her now? How did she take your job? Would she do anything to prevent you being re-hired? Also, if you can give me her date of birth, I can better see the dynamic between the two of you. Sorry to ask so many questions, but I want to best understand the situation to help! 🙂

  • Juenmoon26,

    My sister use to work in the Product Complaint Department and I use to work in Customer Service Department. Both positions were temp jobs, but the Customer Service job was going to go permanent.

    Her old boss is mad at her because she never told her she was going for my position and had to hear it from the temp agency. I don't think my sister would do anything for me not to be re-hired, but since we are sister's we cannot work together in the same department. The deal was for my sister to apply for my job to become permanent and me apply for her job as a temp, but more money. They gave her my job, but she never talked to her boss about me or that she was applying for another job. When the job came up for perm, she applied and they hired her because she has been doing the job longer than me, but that left me out in the cold. So I was hoping her old boss would hire me, but since she is mad at my sister for leaving her and going behind her back (after my job) I don't think she wants anything to do with me. This all left me out in the cold and my sister with a permanent job (which was supposed to be mine). Now she is saying that it's not her fault that I am left without a job. When it is 100% her fault! Her birth day is 12/21/1971. She told me that she would not take the job if I was left without one, but she took the job. I sent my resume to her old boss, but her old boss said she is not sure if she is going to hire anyone.

  • Hello Domini,

    i will assist you with a reading. You are feeling very insecure at this time and may be clinging to your man a bit stronger than normal for you, making you think that he will leave you in your time of need. I don't believe he will do so, however I would tell you that he will not be the only love of your life as I get a man named Tim coming in here and he has lighter hair and a wonderful sexy smile, he seems to be an aquirius which will spark your love fire and be a great love match for you.He is near which means you will meet him within three months.

    Your job is ending however I feel in a week after this job ends you will be called for another job near where you live or in the surrounding area. This job will last at least two months, in the meantime, you need to apply for a grant and go to school as I feel you are artistic and like beautiful things. Interior decorating or working in a shop that sells good to them. Do u paint or sculpt? You may also want to consider the medical field and get into an area where you would be talking to people (diffrent) each day as you like the spice of life that way. Children would be a good area for you to work with, perhaps children with cancer. Or a cordinator of some type would suite you well.

    I wish you luck dear and will send out prayer for you also. Chin up and don't let life control you , grab ahold of it and you will see grand results.

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